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Does Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS even know where Playa Pantaleta is?

July 26, 2010

(En español aqui)

When Bruni noted in her blog Cuentos Intrascendentes, that to her the beach in which the FARC guerrilla “couple” was photographed, as presented by the Colombian Government at the OAS meeting,  enjoying a beer, was Playa Los Angeles in Vargas, I took a 10 second glance at the pictures and knew that it certainly was.

Contrast that with Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS Roy Chaderton, he of the oligarchic look, the polite manners, the educated style, even if he looked a little bit drunk or high, Chaderton, who is more traveled than me, having sucked off Venezuela’s diplomatic tit for some forty years, suggested that the FARC guerrillero was not in Venezuela, but in Santa Marta, Colombia, where I have never been. In classic liar attitude, which Chavismo has accustomed us to, he even dared and very daringly suggested that the beer was not even Polar, but some Colombian brew or another.

Well Roy, it is clear that you don’t even know where Playa Pantaleta (Panty Beach) or Playa Los Angeles is. Maybe you have been next door to both, at Club Camuri Grande, an oligarchic enclave,, but it is likely you never bothered to look to the right (Pantaleta) or to the left (Los Angeles). You are an oligarch for all times, the IVth. the Vth. and if we don’t stop you, you are likely to try to sneak yourself into the VIth.. But I will try to be there reminding everyone of the Esbirros and collaborators of the Vth.

But take a look Roy at the pictures of the guerrillero, Carlos Marin Guarin, as presented by Hoyos, we will look at his girlfriend later:

anyone that has ever been close to Playa Los Angeles knows that this is looking West from it. In fact, you can see the building right outside Puerto Azul whose name is Aguja Azul. Take a look at the map Roy:

See Roy, that square on the bottom right? That is where the guerrillero, Carlos Marin Guarin, is standing, that is Playa Los Angeles. The building you can see in the distance is the one called Aguja Azul, next to Puerto Azul, which I have encircled on the left. Aguja Azul is the one right north of the circle, which is hard to see in the google map. (Yes Roy, encircled in a circle, that is the way it works!)

In fact, if we look at the “guerrillera” or at the Guerrillero’s girlfriend, that I don’t know the precise details. This picture was taken by having Carlos turn around, face East, rather than West:

you can see the wall that separates you, Roy, at Camuri, from the people, at Playa Los Angeles. In fact, if you look on the left upper side of the picture:

That Roy, you should recognize, that is the structure under which boats are kept at Club Camuri Grande which I have indicated with a triangle in the map, where I am sure you have been, but those “palitos” to calm your nerves before the OAS meeting did not help.

By the way, Roy, if you are wondering where Playa Pantaleta is, (That name should intrigue any man worth his salt!), it’s on the other side behind the boats, past Camuri. On the right of the map, beyond the river.

Take a look next time you come to Venezuela, something you seldom do these days, you don’t like to mix with the “parvenu“.

But in any case, it took me a minute (or less) to figure all this out Roy, so much for “intelligence”, Cuban or otherwise. The robolution seems to have very little of it.

As for you Roy, well, you certainly look rather silly, just being benign…

(Note and picture added:

Many people have noted that I circled the wrong building and they are correct, I changed the text to reflect that, but here is the correct building:

The correct building es Aguja Azul the one above to the rght, which is almost vertical and leaves a shadow)

Jose Serra throws Chavez’ hat (or spat?) into the Brazilian Presidential race

July 26, 2010

(If those pictures had been taken here, we would have scenery like this)

When Brazilian Presidential candidate Jose Serra decided to make Hugo Chavez a campaign issue, coming out and saying that even the trees in the Amazon jungle knows that the FARC seeks refuge in Venezuela, he may have begun the end of this chapter for Hugo. Because Serra is still ahead in the polls and neither Lula nor candidate Dilma Rousseff want this to become a campaign issue, like it did in Mexico and Colombia.In fact, this is not the first time Serra invokes Chavez or Iran to note the sympathy of Lula’s PT party.

Thus, I can imagine today Hugo Chavez is getting calls from Lula asking to quickly restore relations with Colombia and do something to show there is no FARC in Venezuela. And even without the calls, the thought that Brazil may go to the other side and become another country to antagonize, should be sufficient to give Hugo nightmares.

And it makes you wonder about Uribe’s intentions when he began his accusations. While people have given the whole Uribe-Santos rift or not rift a lot of thought, I ahve not written about it, because I know these guys can be simply Machiavellic and there can be no simple interpretation to what has happened. To me, Uribe and Santos had a plan, much like they did when they “welcomed” Hugo into rescuing Ingrid Betancourt. Once he wad drawn in, they played him like a fiddle and we all know how bad Hugo ended up looking in that affair.

I mean, as I write, Santos is in Argentina of all places, perhaps pushing his version of Trapping Hugo V2.0.

The same is happening here, whether the Brazilian elections are part of it or not. In the end, the video by Spanish reporters shows Venezuelan military telling them how many guerrilla camps are there and where they are and it is not just two camps, it’s like “here, here, here, here and here too”. So, Serra is right, even the trees and the soldiers in the Llanos know there are FARC guerrillas in Venezuela.

Thus, I predict that events will accelerate in the next few days to bring the whole Venezuelan invasion circus to an end, so that Rousseff can extricate herself from this issue before Serra milks it to death.And Chavez will be left with no issue and still losing popularity and not having his last Uribe jump in the polls.

Oh yeah! And Cardinal Urosa will be going tomorrow to the National Assembly. Will Chavez feel surrounded for once?