Does Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS even know where Playa Pantaleta is?

July 26, 2010

(En español aqui)

When Bruni noted in her blog Cuentos Intrascendentes, that to her the beach in which the FARC guerrilla “couple” was photographed, as presented by the Colombian Government at the OAS meeting,  enjoying a beer, was Playa Los Angeles in Vargas, I took a 10 second glance at the pictures and knew that it certainly was.

Contrast that with Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS Roy Chaderton, he of the oligarchic look, the polite manners, the educated style, even if he looked a little bit drunk or high, Chaderton, who is more traveled than me, having sucked off Venezuela’s diplomatic tit for some forty years, suggested that the FARC guerrillero was not in Venezuela, but in Santa Marta, Colombia, where I have never been. In classic liar attitude, which Chavismo has accustomed us to, he even dared and very daringly suggested that the beer was not even Polar, but some Colombian brew or another.

Well Roy, it is clear that you don’t even know where Playa Pantaleta (Panty Beach) or Playa Los Angeles is. Maybe you have been next door to both, at Club Camuri Grande, an oligarchic enclave,, but it is likely you never bothered to look to the right (Pantaleta) or to the left (Los Angeles). You are an oligarch for all times, the IVth. the Vth. and if we don’t stop you, you are likely to try to sneak yourself into the VIth.. But I will try to be there reminding everyone of the Esbirros and collaborators of the Vth.

But take a look Roy at the pictures of the guerrillero, Carlos Marin Guarin, as presented by Hoyos, we will look at his girlfriend later:

anyone that has ever been close to Playa Los Angeles knows that this is looking West from it. In fact, you can see the building right outside Puerto Azul whose name is Aguja Azul. Take a look at the map Roy:

See Roy, that square on the bottom right? That is where the guerrillero, Carlos Marin Guarin, is standing, that is Playa Los Angeles. The building you can see in the distance is the one called Aguja Azul, next to Puerto Azul, which I have encircled on the left. Aguja Azul is the one right north of the circle, which is hard to see in the google map. (Yes Roy, encircled in a circle, that is the way it works!)

In fact, if we look at the “guerrillera” or at the Guerrillero’s girlfriend, that I don’t know the precise details. This picture was taken by having Carlos turn around, face East, rather than West:

you can see the wall that separates you, Roy, at Camuri, from the people, at Playa Los Angeles. In fact, if you look on the left upper side of the picture:

That Roy, you should recognize, that is the structure under which boats are kept at Club Camuri Grande which I have indicated with a triangle in the map, where I am sure you have been, but those “palitos” to calm your nerves before the OAS meeting did not help.

By the way, Roy, if you are wondering where Playa Pantaleta is, (That name should intrigue any man worth his salt!), it’s on the other side behind the boats, past Camuri. On the right of the map, beyond the river.

Take a look next time you come to Venezuela, something you seldom do these days, you don’t like to mix with the “parvenu“.

But in any case, it took me a minute (or less) to figure all this out Roy, so much for “intelligence”, Cuban or otherwise. The robolution seems to have very little of it.

As for you Roy, well, you certainly look rather silly, just being benign…

(Note and picture added:

Many people have noted that I circled the wrong building and they are correct, I changed the text to reflect that, but here is the correct building:

The correct building es Aguja Azul the one above to the rght, which is almost vertical and leaves a shadow)

19 Responses to “Does Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS even know where Playa Pantaleta is?”

  1. Gringo Says:

    Has anyone heard of this news from a source different fromStrategy Page?

    Venezuela Calls For War
    July 28, 2010: Venezuela is trying to gather international support for a proposal to give leftist rebels in Colombia international recognition and legalize rebel bases in Venezuela. The leftist rebels are currently considered international terrorists. This proposal is pitched as part of a peace deal with Colombia……

    Which would be a recycling of what Thugo tried several years ago. “No son terroristas. Son guerrilleros.” Nothing new there.

    The rest of the article contains information that Devil’s readers are aware of. Though the following news is something I had not been aware of:
    July 14, 2010: Ecuador, reacting to Colombian evidence of drug gangs and leftist rebels establishing bases just across the border in Ecuador, announced that it had found and destroyed sixty such bases.
    Did Ecuador actually do this- which would be a decided change of policy- or is this just a fiction with the goal of pretending to placate Colombia?

    BTW, you can order Devil’s Excrement for your Kindle.

  2. bruni Says:

    according to N24, Hoyos (the Colombian Ambassador) said that the pictures were from 2006.

  3. moctavio Says:

    Marypuchy, send them to me at:

    Bruni will get them.

    The Colombian Government said Venezuela, Chaderton said Santa Marta, Colombia.

  4. Marypuchy Says:

    I showed this blog’s post photos to a few of my chavista friends here in Caribe Caraballeda and one immediately reconized the building and radio antena in the background of the photo of Carlos Marin (narco -trafficar) as Puerto Azul/Naiguata. That building is in the panoromic view from Playa Los Angeles looking west towards the Naiguata municipal baseball stadium…………… No doubt!

    Again, I ask, when did the Colombian officials claim this photo was taken?

  5. Marypuchy Says:


    Post me an email address and I will try my best to send you the photos I have on my cell phone…. the problem is that it challanges my computer skills but I will do my best to send them.

    What is soooooo ironic to me is that you suggest, ”no journalist has done that yet” is that Playa Los Angeles is almost within a stones throw (literalmente) from a satilite school of the Simon Bolivar University’s network……….. It is my understanding that this satilite school specializes in journalisim studies!……….. I may be wrong…………… but I don’t think so.

  6. bruni Says:

    Marypuchy, I want those pictures!!! When I had the idea that this could be Playa Los Angeles I wanted someone to go dow there and take pictures. I wonder why no journalist has done that yet…

  7. Fabio Bertozzi Says:

    Maybe this is also a good place for Anthony Bourdain to drink a beer and taste teh sancocho.

  8. Fabio Bertozzi Says:

    I think about Marypuchy’s comment that after all this tragedy of having narco guerrilla in the country (maybe some of these murders leaving in our same block) the sancocho soup near the pic place tastes good. This is the way of being of thousands of venezuelans and it explains how we have reached this bad and tragic situation in the country…

  9. Marypuchy Says:

    I was at Playa los Angeles today and drank a Solera Azul at the very spot where these photos were taken………………

    I took with my cell phone several pics that are with the exact same backgrounds. It is 100% the location that Miguel states in this post.

    The roofs of the boat sheds are now painted blue now.

    Did Colombia give a date as to when those photos were taken?

    I recommend the san cocho soup at Restaurante El Cormorant in Naiguata. Very tasty!

  10. moses Says:

    The lack of crowds means that the pictures were taken in a weekday….

    You can estimate by the length of the shadows that both pictures were taken near noon

  11. Roy Says:


    For those outside, I am including this link that has a picture of the Solera Light bottle.

    I can’t read the label on the bottle, but the blue bottles and the color and shape of the labels is pretty definitive to me.

    If it isn’t Solera Light, can someone tell me which beer, Colombian, Venezuelan, or otherwise, looks the same as that?

  12. concerned Says:

    I’ve seen those bottles through blurred vision many times, so I knew immediately that it was a Solera Azul.

  13. Roy Says:


    Your case about the location is made. Chaderton was grasping at straws, which is what drowning men do.

    However, those beers are NOT Polar. They are Solera Light which is sold in a distinctive blue bottle with a silver band on the stem.

    Of course, in one sense, they are Polar, since this brand belongs to and is produced and marketed by Impresas Polar… in Venezuela, but NOT in Colombia.

    Not that this is terribly important, but I did want to set the record straight.

  14. Me Says:

    Venezuela has become the departure point for 41 percent of all cocaine shipments to Europe, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime said in a June 23 report. In the Caribbean, U.S. officials have reported a rise in suspected drug flights leaving Venezuela and dropping U.S.-bound shipments in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Honduras.

  15. PEROLITO Says:

    LOL! Chaderton is one of the most PATHETIC characters of the Chavista repertoir! Simply disgusting is the word that comes to mind when I see this old fairy. Within the circles of the “Cancilleria” no one talks about Chaderton “Copeyano” past or the fact that he has flagrantly used our nation’s funds to pay “compromising” services during the many stops this aristocrat-wannabe does in Amsterdam and many other European capitals.

    Many of his “pupils” attempt to follow his “example” and suck dry the embassies and consulates’ budget under the disguise of “social expenses”. Having worked in one of this places I know “como se bate el cobre” in the Chavista diplomatic world where most of the people heading diplomatic missions are either old-school rascals with a taste for the good life and with a “high-roller” complex or naive pseudo commies with no education and not a clue on how to conduct foreign policy. In the U.S we have the creme-de-la-creme: los de Houston, San Francisco, Boston y la joyitas de New York y Miami. Si esos muros hablaran…

  16. ErneX Says:

    Hey, Chávez is already sending spies to US soil, here we can see Carlos Escarrá doing some advanced spionage over the imperialist country:

  17. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by tatiana paez, Miguel Octavio, charles paez monzon, Miguel Santos, Miguel Octavio and others. Miguel Octavio said: Does Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS even know where Playa Pantaleta is? […]

  18. ErneX Says:

    Chaderton does suck and not precisely tits if you know what I mean 🙂

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