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Good News, Venezuelan Style, under the “New Normal” of Chavismo

July 13, 2010

(Worse than saying that everything is going badly, is to lie on National TV saying that everything is going fine)

In the absence of good news from our beleaguered country, one has to dig below the surface to find out how the good in good news can be redefined by the revolution and/or its detractors:

–How about Rodrigo “single-digit” Cabezas, who earned his name with his predictions on Venezuela’s inflation while he was Minister of Finance, calling twice for inflation below 10%, both times coming out in the high 20%+ range. Cabezas meets with the press to deride those that are predicting 50% inflation, assuring us that it will be between 26%-30%.

What an accomplishment Rodrigo! But first, it has to get there. It is true that demand has collapsed due to the Government spending much less than expected, but it is also true that prices have yet to catch up with the devaluation and many are still repressed.

Not content with these great news, the highest inflation in the Hemisphere, Cabezas then gloats that “the people will not feel this inflation” and he praised the Venezuelan economy compared to that of Europe or that “fragile” recovery in the US economy.

Sure Rodrigo, Venezuela’s contraction is very solid as it has now lasted over six quarters of negative growth in a row, the worst record…who knows? Probably in the world, since the financial crisis began.

But to Mr. Cabezas and the revolution, this is all good news. Sure…

–And in the all important matter of the September elections, which we are told there is nothing to worry about by oppo leaders, there is the good news that even Smartmatic is threatening to pull out.

According to El Nacional, Smartmatic complained about not being paid and is saying it will not participate if it does not get paid before the elections. The company also complained against Chavez’ party PSUV, which “wants control over the electronic voting”.

I guess it must be good news if the voting machine company is worried. No?

And Lara’s formerly Chavista Governor Henri Falc√≥n, now a member of PPT is also complaining about some 92,000 voters magically “moved” in key areas for his party.

To me worrying about the elections is good news, everyone is so sure that there will not be any slight of hand and that o know who will end up with MUD in their face, but somehow I am not sure which way the MUD will fly.

–And on the really good news part, Minister of Electric Power or whatever the name of that Ministry is or may be, Ali Rodriguez announced that the Electrical crisis is over!

Wonderful news! Except that…

Planta Centro, which was going to be ready in February is still barely running at 10% of full capacity, Sidor is still running 40-50%, there was a black out yesterday and surges today, the Aluminum companies are shut down and have no power to run their smelters, rationing at shopping centers continues.

It’s call the “New Normal“, under Chavez’ revolution, good is what used to be bad, normal is what used to be emergency, you get the picture, it is the New Revolutionary Normal. Always look for innovation under the revolution.

There you have it! Good news at last!

Public Service for Tal Cual readers

July 13, 2010

For those that read Jaime Requena’s article “Once millones de dolores” in last Monday’s Tal Cual, the article he is referring to is HERE and the eleven million dollar claim is in the comments of that post.