Public Service for Tal Cual readers

July 13, 2010

For those that read Jaime Requena’s article “Once millones de dolores” in last Monday’s Tal Cual, the article he is referring to is HERE and the eleven million dollar claim is in the comments of that post.

2 Responses to “Public Service for Tal Cual readers”

  1. Roger Says:

    It is very hard not to be mediocre if you not funded! Beyond the thought of funding those that are not with the program, hiring foreign “consultants” gets one a commission and perhaps more. Venezuela’s technology “partners” Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Vietnam, India and such don’t have problems with that. Also, sometimes its hard to tell the difference between R and D and reverse engineering.

  2. A_Antonio Says:

    IVIC, INTEVEP and others scientific organizations in the drain because mediocrity.

    There are some ones still in these organizations (INTEVEP exist anymore?) that have some hope to maintain their values waiting some better days, but they will surprised more sooner than later, that they can not contribute with the organizations neither the country and they, will be excluded like those referring in these post.

    Are some one who remember the prestige of INTEVEP??

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