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National Assembly sets new record with Pudreval case

July 21, 2010

(The order is to do the impossible to cover up the Pudreval case)

The Venezuelan National Assembly reached a new record yesterday when it rejected for the eighth time the request to investigate the case of the rotten food imported by PDVSA, known by now as the Pudreval case.

Many reasons for this, they were busy abusing Cardinal Urosa, they were investigating funding to little known groups by the CIA and condemning the Chilean Senate attempt to violate the country’s sovereignty.

Thus, the Assembly has no time for investigating Pudreval, which also sets a record in that it contains crimes at all stages of the importation of the food, from commissions to the buyers, to the Cuban intermediaries, to the local sellers, to the lease of the containers to the resale of the rotten food. Add human rights violations for selling rotten food to the population and wasting money in importing unnecesary food and you have the biggest multi-billion corruption case in the country’s history.

Pity the Assembly has no time for it. Revolutions have priorities, breaking records is just a side benefit of it.

Saving the Troutland in Chavezlandia

July 21, 2010

We interrupt this program to report on a gigantic step towards the feeding and agricultural independence of the land of Simon Bolivar. The glorious Venezuelan Armed Forces and the equally celestial Minister of Agriculture executed this week the expropriation decree of the trout farm Valle Rey in Merida.

This patriotic step was taken in order to insure the agro-feeding-self-sufficiency-control sovereignty of the Nation. Instead of breeding trouts at will, this farm will be reactivated and transformed into a unit of socialist production of a trout farm which will have a social use that will promote the endogenous development of the area and will consist in the adaptation of a Trout Farm.

The rainbow trout bred in Merida is not indigenous to Merida or the country, it comes from North America and Europe, but was introduced in the country in 1937, via a very suspicious present by the US Embassy in Caracas. Since the CIA did not exist at the time, the CIPCC has been charged with finding the “handler” of the trouts, even if he must be in his nineties, and determine whether the “people” should continue eating this variety of fish, or whether the farm should breed pigs for cochino frito or given the terrain, breed goats for Goat hallacas.

July 19th. will forever be known as the day when the country got rid of  its Troutdependence.