National Assembly sets new record with Pudreval case

July 21, 2010

(The order is to do the impossible to cover up the Pudreval case)

The Venezuelan National Assembly reached a new record yesterday when it rejected for the eighth time the request to investigate the case of the rotten food imported by PDVSA, known by now as the Pudreval case.

Many reasons for this, they were busy abusing Cardinal Urosa, they were investigating funding to little known groups by the CIA and condemning the Chilean Senate attempt to violate the country’s sovereignty.

Thus, the Assembly has no time for investigating Pudreval, which also sets a record in that it contains crimes at all stages of the importation of the food, from commissions to the buyers, to the Cuban intermediaries, to the local sellers, to the lease of the containers to the resale of the rotten food. Add human rights violations for selling rotten food to the population and wasting money in importing unnecesary food and you have the biggest multi-billion corruption case in the country’s history.

Pity the Assembly has no time for it. Revolutions have priorities, breaking records is just a side benefit of it.

2 Responses to “National Assembly sets new record with Pudreval case”

  1. A_Antonio Says:

    I anticipate the “customary signal” from National Assembly to the accusations of Colombian representative in OEA, about the presence of Colombia guerrilla in Venezuela.

    They say all is a lie and an attack from international community against Chavez, they will repulse the accusations, meanwhile they will take good care of Chavez friends in Venezuela.

    No investigation needed.

  2. RWG Says:

    This shows that the September elections are critical for Venezuela. The National Assembly is as rotten as Chavez and must be replaced. Vote these people out of office. Vote for any non-Chavista.

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