Maybe the Chavista Twitter detector is not that sophisticated

July 22, 2010

Last week when reporting the detention of two Twitteros I expressed my concern that the most worrisome aspect of this threat to free speech by the Chávez Government was the fact that it showed the Chavista Government had sophisticated tools for finding those that express themselves via the Tweeter social network. In particular, the two  people detained hail from Ciudad Bolívar and they were quickly found by the investigative police CIPCC and their homes were raided.

Well, maybe I assigned too much intelligence to the Government, as yesterday a very upset Carmen Nares, one of the two people detained,  went to the Venezuelan National Assembly to raise hell as to not only the fact that she was detained despite being innocent, but also over the abuses committed during the raid to her home when disk drives, telephones and computers were taken and have yet to be returned. But the worst part is that Ms. Nares, an elementary school teacher who says she is innocent, happens to be a card carrying member of Chávez PSUV party!!!

Thus, Deputy Wilmer Iglesias presented her case to the Assembly,  denouncing the deficient judicial system we have and a “national panorama that attempts agaisnt the rights of the citizens to exercize their defense”

Wonder where Deputy Iglesias has been the last few years.

When Ms. Nares was jailed the Head of the investigative police openly threatened all users of social networks in Venezuela when he said that “anyone that spreads any malicious rumor via any media, be it emails, SMS, Twitter, facebook is committing a crime and will have to respond”

Unfortunately he meant the opposition and not the rank and file like Ms. Nares who clearly said that one of the reasons she said nothing publicly at the time is that she is an elementary school teacher still under contract in Ciudad Bolivar, another clear violation of the law which says nobody can be under contract for more than three months, but the revolution is not very good atwith  the details, or the big picture for that matter…

7 Responses to “Maybe the Chavista Twitter detector is not that sophisticated”

  1. […] thing is not new, I have reported about this fact and this evidence a few times, here, here and here, but just want to add to the clear evidence that the Venezuelan Government under Hugo Chavez, has […]

  2. GWEH Says:

    RWG, they riddled Elena with bullet… my stupid Colombian uncle moved to Maracaiblo and became chavista… what a fool.

  3. Gianni Says:

    Indeed I don’t know what is better for Venezuela and Venezuelan people.
    A war is a tragedy, and without a war (WW2) we in Italy couldn’t get ridden of Mussolini dictatorship and start again. I say this, while my family paid some lives for this, furthermore the economic destruction.

    I’m sure that in case of a war with Colombia the Venezuelan Army isn’t efficient as Chavez claims and will dissolve as snow exposed to trpical sun, and soon all people will see that the “king goes naked”! Just some Cubans and red ideologist will fight and all other high ranks will be in a hurry for escape to Cuba, Nicaragua and other places with baggage full of real cash…

    Some innocent people will die, some land will be damaged, but I don’t know if this hard pill will be worst as other 15 years of Chavez’s dictatorship with full Cuban-like economy and political rights, because that is his target!

    To die for dengue, malaria, Chagas’ disease or lack in sanitary assistance isn’t better than to die for a war!

  4. A_Antonio Says:

    What will think the 2 millions of Colombian that lives in Venezuela?

    I presume that the frontier will be close.

    What will think about the hard time to come with the close of diplomatic relationships and the frontier?

    Will they vote to Chavez?

  5. A_Antonio Says:

    “Legal” detentions are goods if they spread to be afraid to use technology to be critic to Chavez. Who is detained it is not important.

    Chavez breaks diplomatic relations with the government of Colombia. It is enough to have relation with Colombian Guerrilla, the real friends of Regime.

  6. RWG Says:

    From Is Chavez reading this?

    Ceausescu ruled Romania from 1965 until he and Elena were captured and shot by firing squad on Christmas Day in 1989 after fleeing mass protests in Bucharest, in what was the only bloody overturn of a Communist regime in the eastern bloc.

    Romanians watched the mini-trial and the execution live on public television, cheering the “death of the dictator” who once was acclaimed as the “most beloved son” of the Communist Party. His lavish lifestyle contrasted grossly with the empty store shelves, rationalised food supplies, scarce water and electricity that Romanians had to face every day, living in fear of the powerful secret police, the Securitate.


    • Patricia Says:

      Thanks for the link, Kepler.That was more or less what I remembered: the nbmeur of homicides went from 4550 in 1998 to something like14000-17000 in 2010. If we talk about homicides per 100.000, we went from 19 to 48 And all that after 18 governmental plans to fight crime. These guys are geniuses when it comes to propaganda, because that’s the only thing the chavismo passes with flying colors

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