Saving the Troutland in Chavezlandia

July 21, 2010

We interrupt this program to report on a gigantic step towards the feeding and agricultural independence of the land of Simon Bolivar. The glorious Venezuelan Armed Forces and the equally celestial Minister of Agriculture executed this week the expropriation decree of the trout farm Valle Rey in Merida.

This patriotic step was taken in order to insure the agro-feeding-self-sufficiency-control sovereignty of the Nation. Instead of breeding trouts at will, this farm will be reactivated and transformed into a unit of socialist production of a trout farm which will have a social use that will promote the endogenous development of the area and will consist in the adaptation of a Trout Farm.

The rainbow trout bred in Merida is not indigenous to Merida or the country, it comes from North America and Europe, but was introduced in the country in 1937, via a very suspicious present by the US Embassy in Caracas. Since the CIA did not exist at the time, the CIPCC has been charged with finding the “handler” of the trouts, even if he must be in his nineties, and determine whether the “people” should continue eating this variety of fish, or whether the farm should breed pigs for cochino frito or given the terrain, breed goats for Goat hallacas.

July 19th. will forever be known as the day when the country got rid of  its Troutdependence.

10 Responses to “Saving the Troutland in Chavezlandia”

  1. Mamarracho Says:

    I´d rather not have trouts in Venezuelan rivers and lakes. They are responsible for the extinction of many populations, and species as well, of freshwater invertebrates, and small vertebrates in the Páramo wetlands. Almost all Páramo wetlands have been stripped of their original biodiversity through the triple curse of pesticides, cow dung, and trout. Sure I have enjoyed a few trout in my jaunts to the Andes but they are an invasive and damaging species. In any case, given the context of the destruction of Venezuelan private enterprise by the regime it is difficult to find any solace in this development.

  2. GB Says:

    Yankee food? Next will be the expropriation of hotdog carts.

  3. Bridge Says:

    Is it only this one trout farm or are other trout farms also “recuperated for the people” ??? Thinking about the trout farms in estado Trujillo ….

  4. moses Says:

    This was a nice, although modest trout farm + restaurant + samall tourist shop located in Valle de La Culata, near Merida-

    If you read the Tal Cual link, the reason for the expropiation it makes no sense …

  5. Speed Gibson Says:

    too funny……just curious….what flavor shit is it Hugo keeps feeding you people that you keep coming back for more? Rum? Mango? Scotch? ya know this really isnt that hard of a problem to solve….ka pow !

  6. Roger Says:

    I stayed at a farm outside of Merida that raised trout in the early 90’s. That has been done in the US for years. What did surprise me were the six foot tall orchids in the farm house courtyard garden! I think this is more about there not being enough money flowing from above. For one Chavez did not do two hours on trout being yankie food and who ever heard of arepa con trout?

  7. Daniel Says:

    Uribe with OEA, senators republicans, Human Right Watch with Globovision and all, EEUU with Globovision, bad news about economy and PDVAL that concern all the venezuelians…

    Nightmare scenario for Chavez….

  8. John Doe Says:

    Another tricky step from chavismo, keep advancing by way of demoralizing the people.. with such stupidity…. it only means that their days are numbered… thats for sure. by the way…. Globovision is next.. Mario Silva will be leading “Alo Ciudadano”… and might also lead “Buenas Noches” with Carla Angola..

    The moronic government is blowing the whole system without knowing that they are blowing themselves away… Mr President your red carpet has already started to fold…

  9. Robert Says:


    my fondest memories of Merida were the lovely trout dinners and the beauty of the process

  10. A_Antonio Says:

    Sad and grotesque, like very step to the regime.

    Look a beautiful place; I do not want to see it in few months.

    Remember me el Hato “El Piñero”, in route to Wasteland.

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