Chavismo in Wonderland

July 20, 2010

Chavismo lives in a wonderful world where everything works and everything is beautiful. At least that must be what his assistants tell the President based on his speeches. During the last week, we have heard him say that by now there are only 600 homeless kids left in the country, which is not only very far from the truth, but is still above his promise that he would resign if in five years there were any homeless kids left in the country. Deadline is past and there are far more than in 1998, but Chavez no longer goes to the streets and see the people. He is afraid, but he lives in wonderland. (According to chiguire, he will wait until they grow older)

We were also told that soon malnutrition will be eliminated in Venezuela, while all indicators say precisely the opposite. According to the most serious studies on Chavez’ first year in power, the only improvement was a temporary increase in purchasing power of the power, since decimated by inflation, but quality of life, including malnutrition has deteriorated. But Chavez does not read studies, he gets his own pad of paper out, scribbles numbers and draws some bars and that is the answer to the problem. He also asks his Ministers who tell him all is wonderful in Venezuela.

Like the Minister of Health, who when confronted with the possibility of dramatic increases in several illnesses, like dengue fever, malaria and encephalitis, denied emphatically this was the case. When told that this came from the data of the Government’s own epidemiological bulletin, she did what any Chavista would do to eliminate the problem: She postponed the publication of the bulletin and quickly the rosy country gained its luster as all of these endemic diseases were done away with and the country returned to the wonderful state of Chavismo. The Bulletin will supposedly be published soon after a three year hiatus that gave peace to all Venezuelans, but we suspect we may never see it.

And Daniel has told us about Chavez remarkable statement than in a few years food will be shipped out of the La Guaira port to the world. Daniel notes the physical impossibility of this even if the food was produced due to the infrastructure, but Chavez does not yet seem to understand that the Pudreval affair is due to his Government importing all sorts of foodstuffs from everywhere in the world in such large amounts that ports could not handle it, mostly Puerto Cabello and Maracaibo, but certainly never Maracaibo. If such simple facts can not be grasped by the Dictator, what hope is there for him to understand monetary liquidity or God forbid, how the economy creates employment. That is the advantage of living in Chavez fantasyland.

And since Chavez found a well trained and educated revolutionary on seismic matters, hey, why not appoint him as Minister of Transportation and insure Funvisis will deteriorate and the transport Ministry will not function, no? But I was certainly surprised when the newly appointed Minister complained about the destabilizing plan executed via the subway system. There were two such destabilizing events. In the first one, power went off early on a Monday, stopping the trains. After half an hour, there were no announcements, no help. Imagine packed trains with little air, in the dark, claustrophobic. After almost an hour, the passengers decided to save themselves, windows were broken, doors were forced open. To Complete the sabotage, National Guardsmen were ready waiting for the passengers, repression and threats followed.

I was so glad that a well educated man was in charge of the subway so he could clearly identify the effort by the opposition to destabilize the Chavez Government via the subway system. It shows that the Chavista wonderland is only above the surface, not below. Which must be the reason why hoodlums have taken to go to the subway and rob wagons full of passengers of all their belongings in the middle of the ride. It’s only fair, democratize crime, take it everywhere it belongs or there are belongings that can be carried easily. Below and above the surface to make this a single Bolivarian wonderland.

And how about the Minister of Education boasting that 80% of school kids go to public schools. Isn’t that wonderful? Except that some person that wants to get a higher degree in this intellectual wasteland just happened to be studying the problem and she comes up with a whole different number. And it ain’t 80%…

It is 78% in “initial” education, 83% in primary school, the only period in which the Minister’s word are correct and 72% in Secondary School from 1st.  to 3th. grade and 70% in Secondary School from 4th. to 6th. grade. Not pretty, even if the Minister does not understand the numbers of the system she presides over.

And it is a wonderfully free country, one in which a corrupt, militaristic, guerrilla supporter like Rodriguez Chacin can come out and say that the number one problem in the country is the exhumation of Simon Bolivar’s body. Farc in Venezuela? Nah!!! 30% inflation? Nah!!! 18,000 homicides a year? Nah!!! 120,000 Tons of food wasted? Nah!!! US$ 3.5 billion stolen in the banking system? Nah!!!

This is Chavismo in Wonderland, the number one problem here is the exhumation of Simon Bolivar’s body. We just forgot why it was why we wanted to do it. But things are so peachy, that it is indeed the only real problem in our beleaguered land…

12 Responses to “Chavismo in Wonderland”

  1. Roberto N Says:

    Esteban is also claiming 20% owned at one time by Luis Teofilo Nunez (QEPD 2007), which gives him 45,8%. Even so, 55% is needed to make a change to the Board.

    How he can claim those shares is unclear to me, but that what the Fat Man said.

    In any event, as GWEH points out, there is no rule of law. So it comes down to how the actors perceive their parts in the “play”.

  2. Roger Says:

    I think Chavez calls it Foreverland!

  3. GWEH Says:

    Island: ignorance and BS on part of Chavez? You forget where you are. There is no rule of law in Venezuela. What you quote is also BS. Some people think they are in Fantasyland instead of Chavezland.

  4. loroferoz Says:

    It is already difficult to gauge the knowledge a person might or might not have of a certain matter. Particularly if the person is a public official and has maybe an interest in being portrayed as aloof.

    It gets weird when the person or persons in question throw away the tried ways of knowing about the world because they do not satisfy their expectations.

    But it gets surreal when the persons in question have a set of previous fantastic beliefs, some lies they have used before. Then, they might choose to actually believe their own truck wholeheartedly in spite of all evidence. Then, sane persons give up, and pin it down on “madness”.

    Though everyone is liable to sound weird and maybe surreal, and I can mention several instances where the Venezuelan opposition arrived there,
    it is the privilege of totalitarian mindsets like Hugo to go the whole hog and begin moving around nonexistent resources while hand-waving away real trouble.

    I for one did not feel insulted in being called “disociado” by fanatics. Yes, I could have been deceived (and self-deceived) in the past like most people. Almost no sweat. Not being the sort to entertain utopian or voluntarist beliefs, I knew that whatever wrong impression I had would be corrected by experience.

    ALAS! I knew that sometime in the future I would get to see the genuine face of dissociation complete with a wart on the forehead, going on hour-length monologues about a high-fantasy land he governs.

  5. Roy Says:

    Island Canuck,

    The fact that it is bulls__t won’t stop him. As a purely practical matter, considering his standing in the polls, he HAS to kill Globovision. Note, that he is also moving against Vale, a TV channel run by the Church. He has no legal standing to do this either, but that will not stop him.

    The Opposition campaigns are going to have to be conducted via Facebook, Twitter, street appearances, and door-to-door visits. And, he may even eliminate the first two. Hell, he even has the possibility to eliminate public rallies, if he thinks he must. But by doing all of this, he is going make the result of the election, and therefore his government ILLEGITIMATE in the eyes of the public and those of the world. That perception changes the equations internally, and externally.

    The Opposition is going to have to utilize EVERY independent institution Venezuela has left, from the Church and business associations, right down to Garden Clubs and Bowling Leagues.

  6. A_Antonio Says:

    Datum for Chavilandia, CEPAL The Economical Commission for Latin-America and Caribe Sea, projects a average of economic grow for Latin-America of 5,2 % in 2010, but for Venezuela they project a decrease of 3 %, a difference of more 8 %.

    Sure XXI socialism is working pretty well.

  7. island canuck Says:

    For all of you reading today’s headlines about Chavez’ comments yesterday about taking over Globovision & putting a director on their board please read:

    This is, again, all bullsh*t or ignorance on the part of Chavez or whoever is advising him. As MO stated in the other thread the shares that were with Banco Federal only represent 20% of the shares & it requires 55% of the shareholders to vote in a director.

    Here’s the statement in Spanish:

    1. La única concesionaria del canal de televisión GLOBOVISION es la empresa “Corpomedios GV Inversiones, C.A.”, tal como se evidencia de oficio No. 002056 suscrito por el Director General de CONATEL. Ninguna persona natural es concesionaria en el caso del canal GLOBOVISIÓN.

    2. Los accionistas de la concesionaria (Corpomedios GV Inversiones, C.A.) son 3 personas jurídicas, una de las cuales es Sindicato Ávila, cuyo único accionista es Nelson Mezerhane. Esta empresa, la cual fue intervenida por estar presuntamente relacionada al Banco Federal, posee veinte por ciento (20%) de las acciones de Corpomedios.

    3. De conformidad con los estatutos sociales de la empresa (artículos 15 y 18), los accionistas de forma individual NO tienen derecho a designar miembros de la Junta Directiva de Corpomedios. Los miembros de la Junta Directiva son designados por la Asamblea de Accionistas, con el voto de más del cincuenta y cinco por ciento (55%) del capital social.

    4. En caso que Sindicato Avila, accionista de Corpomedios, designe nuevos representantes, los mismos tendrán en la Asamblea de Accionistas de Corpomedios, los mismos derechos que tienen los accionistas según los estatutos sociales de la empresa.

    Más allá de las personas que puedan estar sentadas en su Junta Directiva, la línea editorial de GLOBOVISIÓN no tiene porcentaje de acciones.
    La línea editorial de GLOBOVISIÓN ni se expropia ni se interviene.

  8. A_Antonio Says:

    Another subject,

    The news today confirm my suspects about all persecution against Globovision owners was only to justify put out of air Globovision by the control of the shares. Just to be different that in the case RCTV.

    He also says as excuse (without any shame), that the control of the shares and the looking for the control of Globovision is capitalism.

    This expression is from who called himself like a communist. This is the more clear example that Chavez ideology is only totalitarian, nor socialism, nor communism, not any rational ideology for the good of the country.

    For a post about this, I recommend to use the cartoon of EDO in Globovision’s web page today.

  9. concerned Says:

    Maybe Chavez was counting the spoiled food in the port which was relocated as an export. Or was he including the cocaine and marijuana as an export? If you could capture and contain the words from his mouth, you could possibly export bullshit, but that market is flooded and would lose money on transportation costs.

  10. A_Antonio Says:

    Congratulations, that is the kind of post or ideas that I wish to write.

    Wait for the next meeting of UN’s Objectives of the Millennium, the meeting that review the objectives for finish poverty in the planet.

    UN reserves to Chavez their first award ever, as Liar of the Millennium.

  11. framethedebate Says:

    We also made a small wager as to when the Fatman will extend his friendship North Korea’s way. After all, he must have a closet full of Bolivars swords still left to hand out.

  12. framethedebate Says:

    I spoke with a friend from Caracas today and she had some interesting insight into what will lead to the undoing of Chavismo. To wit, it will not be the devastation or destruction to the country has been managed. Rather, it will be his ongoing ties to the FARC. She explained that a large group of persons that support him are very much against such alliances and will break ranks if he continues such ties. Without going into detail about why all other problems and ills would not convince followers to reverse course, She gave a very rational explaination as to why the public sides with the Colombians on this one. If she’s right, the opposition might want to get friendlier with Santos in a hurry.

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