How strategic planning is done in the Chavez revolution

July 19, 2010

The conclusion seemed to be he wants to increase pensions by about a factor of five for everyone, never asked if there is money for it. Not really clear, he may be comparing his salary or something like that. What he did not say is that the pensions are minimum salary and the social security “fund” does not exist.

35 Responses to “How strategic planning is done in the Chavez revolution”

  1. GWEH Says:

    Roy, in Venezuela today, witchhunts are everyday life. The best way to avoid trouble is staying clean. The actors in Globo made mistakes that led to less than graceful exit.

  2. GWEH Says:

    whether there is legal basis or not, the fact jr. was saving those vehicles for later sets them up. You saw the show that followed… it gave the regime the excuse they needed.

  3. GWEH Says:

    the old man did not know… he wanted to kill his son

  4. Roy Says:

    On the charges against Guillermo Zuloaga and son, can anyone tell me exactly what Venezuelan law is anti-“hoarding”? How is it written and when was it enacted?

    So far as I know, hoarding is a concept that only becomes pertinent in various emergency situations when “lifeboat ethics” come into play.

    Seriously, is there any real legal basis for this, or are they just inventing these “charges”?

  5. Kepler Says:

    Was the old man so surprised? As far as I understand, the guy was hoarding the cars in his dad’s villa. The man must have seen the cars.

    No es sorpresa, parece que todo el mundo tiene rabo de paja en Venezuela.

  6. GWEH Says:

    hoarding. The old man was very pissed that his son took an incredibly stupid risk to earn a few extra bucks. The regime’s credibility is so poor nobody believed it. Just like nobody believed paracachitos (ask generals that did time like ex-DGIM Poggioli if true)

  7. GWEH Says:

    Globo folded when what’s his name left. They were going to lose the channel and/or station one way or the other. I think they tried to appease at the last minute and now probably regret doing so… I would have rather gone out in more style.

  8. GWEH Says:

    you guys talk like there’s still rule of law in venezuela…”see you in court” yeah right c’mon I understand fighting till end.

  9. ErneX Says:

    moctavio you forgot that Chavez can sue them for whatever reason and win regardless… they will investigate on the other shareholders and accuse them of whatever BS they can come up with

  10. GWEH Says:

    Oliver Stone is today’s Chavez’s biggest bitch. Way to go Ollie… all in the name of coke.

  11. GWEH Says:

    Oliver Stone received $20 million for the film. There you have it.

  12. GWEH Says:

    Robert, Venezuelan military and civilian radars do not currently provide complete coverage of the country’s airspace. They have been buying Chinese military radars since 2005 and by year-end should have at least 15 units in-country. These are very good mobile military-civilian air traffic management radars that can detect just about anything up to low-observables. Regarding your question, they know what’s going on because they are protecting most of those flights.

    The US government has very good radar coverage of the area with radars all over the place. I don’t have the latest list but it’s not secret. Expect radars in Colombia, Honduras, Curacao and elsewhere. The USG (defense dept.) used to publish the radar tracks of suspicious air and sea traffic departing venezuela. There are so many tracks that the plots become thick swaths. USG does not publish this info anymore.

    If you want more info on the radars search for “JYL-1 radar” … there should be plenty on the Venezuelan engagement. Checkout sites like Janes or Airpower Australia for good info on these radars.

  13. moctavio Says:

    Thats is not true. A single company owns the Globovision license and there are three shareholders, one of which was Mezerhane’s company. The by laws dont give a right to the shareholders to elect a Director, 55% of the shareholders select them.

  14. ErneX Says:

    Chavez just said they are going to control 48% of Globovision, they already have the shares supposedly, people are saying the next step is taking this to courts so they can put whatever people they want on the board of directors…

  15. loroferoz Says:

    I don’t think Yulibeisi or Jonny are that impressed by his math skills. Were they impressed by math skills at all, our situation in that respect would be much better.

    I think it’s about control and subjugation and disrespect on a grand scale. And making his ministers the butt of his jokes.

    He could break wind and his ministers would be all attentive and praise his good digestion for that matter.

    But his intended audience would see him doing that and would realize that he is showing Diosdado and Giordani and Jaua and assorted Grandes of his kingdom that they are worthless and less than nothing. Just like when he is rebuking them publicly.

    The Yubileisis and Jonnys would be accomplices on this little joke and maybe laugh a bit. Not making the connection that those worthless, incompetent nincompoops were put there by him and have use, which is not necessarily providing government services, for which he is making them scandalously rich.

    He also shows THEM, the aforementioned that they are nothing without him.

    I, personally, can only relate to the things the big F-tard does through sheer derision and comparison to slapstick comedy, and I am sorry if I come across as rude. I am not one of the doormats sitting there, or one of the retards seeing the whole affair on TV, and yet I am commenting it.

  16. Kepler Says:


    He cannot even add. But most of his followers are worse than that.
    So I am afraid at least some think “whoa”…he is definitely thinking so.
    He behaves very often like a 6-7 year old…prick, but I am afraid there are quite some who still fall for that: Yulibeisi Pacheco and Jonny William Junior Pérez.
    That’s my bet: absolutely blind, almost as ignorant as most people in the Middle Ages in Europe. And the rest? Focas mientras les paguen.

  17. loroferoz Says:

    Even among the top engineers and scientists, very few persons would have the patience and the time to waste to follow a showing-off jerk calling out calculations when he is supposing to be delivering some sort of speech or presentation. What did he show, that he can add and multiply? That’s great, whoa! Now he can learn economics, so the numbers he juggles are not pure garbage, and it will not be garbage in and out.

    In a professional presentation, calculations are not made during presentations, and most of the details are just outlined, so the audience can focus on the ideas, and maybe later do their own calculations. Exceptions are made when you are doing calculations on a napkin. But that is not oral presentation, you do not boast of precision and they see what you do.

    All this does mean that Hugo Chavez does not care in the least about his audience. This belongs in comedy land. He can break wind on “cadena” and his ministers have to eat it up, together with anyone watching him. He is showing everyone watching that they are flunkies and worse.

  18. Kepler Says:


    Hugo keeps talking about – don’t laugh – the importance of having a good command on mathematics.
    I have the impression he wishes he could have some grasp on that field beyond that of a 7-year old boy.
    I have used that Unesco graph from The Economist several times. If average Venezuelans did so badly even in 1998, we can safely say a big minority – the hardcore 30% mostly – doesn’t see the whole “calculation” as a ridiculous thing. They can’t even follow up. Not all of them are insane. Some are simply incredibly ignorant.

  19. loroferoz Says:

    This scene could fit in which of the following films?


    b) Dr. Strangelove

    c) Top Secret

    d) Brazil

    e) All of the above

    How come Venezuelan became so powerless and abject?

    In just about any milieu I can think of, doing improvised calculations in front of an audience is a sure way to either lose the audience or get actually kicked out by them. But this must be a routine! it must be, and we must laugh at the end.

    Picture what the press and public opinion would have done to George W. Bush for something like this.

    And speaking of W, Oliver Stone might as well think we are some semi-retarded, “simple brown people” who are actually comfy with Hugo, given that we accept things like these and worse.

  20. Juan Cristobal Says:

    I’m speechless. He’s not even half-done making his “calculation”, he’s already looking to make a graph showing it off as some kind of accomplishment.

    The man is insane, and so are his followers.

  21. Moraima Says:

    Well Island Canuck, if they probably find money for the day as part of the 50% of people employed informally, it is no surprise that they live day by day, and even not know how they are going to find money to buy the food for the night.

    I wouldn’t say is relaxed, I would say is the only thing they can do and is what you probably would do if you didn’t have any qualifications or skills to find a decent job. When you are in survival mode things look really different than what we perceive by reading a blog comfortably in our offices or homes.

    The good news is even this people are starting to realize that their survival is being threatened even more by the corruption and inefficiency of this government.

  22. island canuck Says:

    “…i just dont understand how Venezuelans put up with this.”

    Venezuelans for the most part live day to day.

    It affects their lives in everything they do.

    The thought is I’ll just get through today & worry about impending things tomorrow.

    In many ways it’s a relaxed way to live. No stress 🙂

    Why worry about something that may happen in the future?

    For someone who has lived here as long as I have it can be very frustrating sometimes.

  23. Daniel Says:

    I love the fact that he just keeps giving money to people.. but doesn’t realize that there is only a certain amount of cash available to give out…. giving to USA poor is dumb, giving to cuba is worse, giving to bolivia is just as crazy.. i cant believe they dont care about infrustructure, and the fact that the country is in one of the best part of the hemisphere and can produce way more agriculture than most places in the world, it needs to IMPORT food!! doesnt make any logical sense, and i just dont understand how Venezuelans put up with this.

  24. Kepler Says:

    I am absolutely sure Chávez was “counting loud” to impress half of Venezuela’s population. And you know what? He accomplished it: he impressed if not half, at least a third of Venezuela’s population.

    Last time Venezuelan pupils took part in open maths tests:

    USB/UCV engineering graduates are not average.

  25. juan Says:

    The reason there are no more children in the street, is that the government counted the children in 1998 and they found out that they are no longer children because they grew up

  26. torres Says:

    Un promedio confunde mas la cosa?! lol

  27. Anon Says:

    Did he say that a million divided by 10 is 114K?

  28. island canuck Says:

    This is just about as funny a video as I’ve seen.

    Ranks right up there with the famous video of the civil defense trying to arm a cannon to repel the yanquis.

    What a clown.

    Does this not embarrass the few people left with a bit of an education?

  29. A_Antonio Says:

    Children in the streets.

    Only to check as I am have some time abroad,

    Chavez says today that there are almost no children with hungry or living in the streets, he says only 600 to 700.

    Are some one can tell what do you see right now?.

    Because, from Chavez words, I assume that there are not people or mothers in the streets with their children in their arm begging outside supermarkets or drugstores.

    I assume that they are not children in the transits light, coming to clean your car glasses, or children in the streets sniffing glues.

    I am anxiously waiting for your good news.

  30. Robert Says:

    And for th e increase………bien hecho! My wife is retired from PDVSA, just before the strike, and could use an increase like that. The increase is easily funded by suspension of psuv campaign expenses, suspend oil to Cuba, suspend suitcases to other countries, suspend heating oil to USA, etc. etc . etc………….

  31. Robert Says:

    Completely off topic…………if Chavez airspace controls claims to know a Dutch helicopter breached Venezuela airspace, hows does Venezuela not see the potentially thousands of outbound drug flights per year?

  32. Roy Says:

    I am speechless! How do you fight back at someone who is already doing such a good job of it for you?

  33. loroferoz Says:

    How about making the Bolivar a currency that is worthwhile to have instead of a hot potato you want to pass on?

    So pensions (and salaries and savings and all that by which ordinary mortals measure our wealth and our monetary means) will NOT BE DEGRADED by a factor of five every few years.

    By the way, this could be asked of every Venezuelan government from 1969 onwards (and probably of the one AFTER). The red fatso is JUST the most spectacular and latest Venezuelan failure.

    Seeing this happen again and again in so many languages and in so many currencies makes one think that national governments are just not trustworthy with ANYTHING that can be printed and issued. With exceptions few and far between.

  34. Speed Gibson Says:

    you all must be so proud…….

  35. syd Says:

    idiot savant.

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