Hugo Chavez plays two century CSI with Simon Bolivar’s remains

July 17, 2010

After expelling the Bodies exhibit from Venezuela a couple of years ago, Hugo Chavez held his own grotesque and unnecessary version, opening the casket of Simon Bolivar so that his Government could play two century CSI and determine if Bolivar was murdered with arsenic or just died of tuberculosis. Of course, arsenic was given for TB at the time, so that the whole thing may prove nothing in the end and Bolivar’s remains will stay trapped in the same  labyrinth they have been since his death.

The whole scene looked like a combination of of Close Encounters and Rosemary’s baby, with all sorts of people that should not be there present, from the Minister of the Interior to Chavez himself, who said he had been there (we did not see it) and cried when he saw this “live” body (His words, not mine)

A foreign scientist was imported, not Cuban, but Spanish, who knows for what reason since accprding to the official version, Venezuelan science is booming, but we still dont trust our own I guess. Ask Pudreval, where Cubans made (make?) all decisions.

After opening the casket a very well built Venezuelan flag was removed, it looked brand new to me in the video.

Reportedly some bones were broken, after the skeleton managed to stay in the same place for such a long time, no internal displacements, despite being moved to Venezuela, etc.

Chavez told us all sorts of pseudo scientific facts, like the body will be put in a plexiglas case with gold screws, which would “preserve” the body in the vacuum. He never said how the vacuum would be created, how the plexiglas would hold it or what gold screws had anything to do with it.

Thus, another Chavez whim has used resources, time and effort, when the living in Venezuela get little attention. Ministers up and around at early hours of the evening helping Hugo stage his show, instead of working to straighten out the dozens of very severe problems in the country. It is all show, smoke and mirrors for Chavez, who brought the remains of Bolivar’s lover Manuelita Saenz next to him in Caracas two weeks ago and who narrated the opening of the casket last night as he watched the video, as if it were a ball game.

We now await to see if we will break relations with Colombia over the results, or if the Venezuelan Prosecutor will symbolically charge any historic figure with murder over this matter. If not, another excuse will be invented to create another crisis with our neighbors.

42 Responses to “Hugo Chavez plays two century CSI with Simon Bolivar’s remains”

  1. Kepler Says:

    I think Deananash is unfortunately 85% right

  2. deananash Says:

    loroferoz, I hope you read this, because I think that this is one of the keys that the oppo keeps missing. You said that “increased poverty, danger and hunger DO put your two feet on the Earth.”

    Here’s the thing, the CORE of Chavez supporters, they’ve had NOTHING, all along, through whichever constitution you want to talk about. That fact, combined with their TOTAL lack of education, makes them salivate at the thought of the “rich being brought down to their level.”

    To them – remember, they have nothing – if EVERYONE has nothing, then the country will be better. At the least, fairer.

    Now you and I know that this is ridiculous, but that is the way that they think.

    So the destruction of productive tools, productive properties and the like means nothing to them other than good news.

    Oh yeah, and above all, they love CLOWNS. That’s why they elected one.

  3. Ira Says:

    How nuts can this guy get!?

    I’ll assume they’re going to do some DNA testing, but what happens if they don’t like the results?

    Let’s face it folks:

    Chances are, this isn’t even Bolivar at all.

  4. moctavio Says:

    Entiendo ahora que durante el Gobierno de Caldera fueron exhumados, lo cual explicaria mucho.

  5. CARLOS Says:


    Recuerda que ya a SB ha sido exhumado varias veces en el pasado, desde que en santa marta hubo un terremoto hasta que llego a venezuela, creo que han sido 4 veces, puede ser que ya no le hayan puesto ropa en una de esas exhumaciones, hasta que lo han podido robar, recuerda que SB tubo muchos enemigos, los cuales en el terremoto de santa marta echaron tierra en el hueco o tal vez lo quisieron enterrar desnudo. Pero es buena tu interrogate. Al ver el video la bandera a mi parecer estaba nuevecita, no se cuando pudo ser la ultima vez que abriron el ataud para meterla. Pero puede ser un nuevo invento del Comandante-Presidente. Recuerda que:
    En Revolucion … lo extraordinario se hace cotidiano

  6. loroferoz Says:


    I am not saying or even implying that the Chavez’s audience now is made of rationalists, or thoroughly rational. Hugo Chavez, politician, and chavismo, the political movement, would never have been born if that were the case.

    What I am saying is that they have been forced to focus on their all-too-real problems.

    They might eat it up if something completely unexpected happens that changes the situation.

    But otherwise, increased poverty, danger and hunger DO put your two feet on the Earth.

  7. island canuck Says:

    “Coming soon; “ Men never land on the moon; the whole thing was fake””

    That’s a m_astera’s theory, not Chavez. 🙂

  8. A_Antonio Says:

    There is a point in El Universal web, an ignorant minister says that the Venezuelan flag found in Bolivar coffin was made in England, and that is the real profanation !!!.

    Never mind that in the time of independence England was enemy of Spain and an English legion battle in the side of Bolivar’s army.

    As always, grotesque ignorance, what scientific found made?.

    Some one more literate in History, know more details?

  9. John Doe Says:

    Don’t care much about Bolivar’s bones neither Manuelita´s sand or whatever…. With due respect Chavez can blow away the coffin or use it to set a fire on the beach… it is total irrelevant; that’s my very honest patriotic view on the case, as it now stands, following this subject is being caught in Chavez smoking courting… Ta raaaa!!! Ladies and gents, next show; “The Vatican”

    Coming soon; “ Men never land on the moon; the whole thing was fake”; “Miranda´s ashes were found in Petare” ; “ Paez is still alive; I have seen him”; and “Christopher Columbus sodomized Manuelita; as appeared in the tv´s show Cheaters; now on DVD” ….

    So lets be aware of the coming shows…. And be one step ahead…!!!!

  10. island canuck Says:

    Mute point now with the Cardinal.
    He has declined to appear.

    He took the high road.
    Good for him.

  11. Kolya Says:

    As Miguel Octavio pointed out, back then arsenic was sometimes used to treat tuberculosis. And not only tuberculosis. It sounds crazy now, but it was used as a tonic for various other conditions. So it would not be surprising if Bolivar’s bones (if they are indeed his) contain a significant amount of arsenic.

    Excerpt from Time magazine.

    “President Chávez and I do share the belief that tuberculosis was not the cause of Bolívar’s death,” says the man who originally presented the arsenic hypothesis, Dr. Paul Auwaerter, an infectious diseases expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. “However, our explanations for how he did die couldn’t be more different.” Auwaerter, reached in Switzerland on Friday, said Bolívar most likely ingested too much arsenic, either from the Andes waters or from doses given by physicians who at the time considered the poison to be a tonic. (One of Bolívar’s contemporaries, the “mad” British King George III, may also have died from arsenicosis.)

  12. Roberto N Says:

    In addition to the lack of clothes, anyone notice the flag had 7 stars and not 8?

    THat flag looked intact, also.

    Now, does anyone know if the casket had previously been opened in the past? If so, it could account for the 7 star flag and the lack of clothes or other material.

    THe sword? Chavez has it. It was said that the sword remained in Colombia and that the FARC had stolen it. THen it was rumored that the FARC returned it to Chavez. Or not. WHo knows when you have these clowns running things!

  13. island canuck Says:


    Anyone think that the Cardenal will appear in the AN tomorrow (Tues) at 11 AM??

    If he does he will make the focas there appear very foolish.
    I think it is a grave error on the part of the clowns in the AN to have him show up & give him a chance to speak.

    It’s a no win situation for them.

    If they allow this intelligent educated man to speak he’ll tell the truth which they don’t want their believers to hear.

    If they shout him down & accuse him of ridiculous plots all he has to do is stand there & become a martyr.

    He wins either way.

  14. A_Antonio Says:

    Be rational and vote to Chavez, mutually exclude one to the other. It is an anthropology law.

  15. Kepler Says:

    Bruni is right.

  16. deananash Says:

    I agree with Bruni, just another way for Chavez to eat up another month…

    loroferoz, I am deananash, not deana (although we most often agree). I believe that the mistake in your reasoning is that you assume that Chavez’s audience is RATIONAL. I don’t. They aren’t. They “see” what they want to see. [Note: that’s why they’re in love with Chavez in the first place.]

  17. RWG Says:

    The whole process looks very rehearsed. From lifting the flag to folding it, to finding the remains in place. They knew ahead of time what to expect.

    Why the gas masks? Bolivar stopped rotting a century ago. Any insects or worms are also long dead. Do they not want to be recognized as grave robbers?

    And where are clothes, swords, or other accoutrement of Bolivar?

    The flag will go to Fidel Castro along with the Bolivar’s knife that Chavez gave to Castro years ago.

  18. OA2 Says:

    Can someone who knows this stuff please respond to DR’s comment? It IS weird that Bolivar is naked. It didn’t occur to me, but now that you mention it…

  19. JAU Says:

    People have been saying that Chavez is a witchdoctor, that he is surrounded by Cuban babalaos, paleros, santeros et al. If this is right or wrong, who cares, but this bizarre show about Bolivar bones is surely adding to his legend as a witchdoctor. Ignorant people are fearful of this type of urban legends… De que vuelan vuelan!!!

    About the guerrilla in Venezuela. I think that if Colombia releases hard evidence about the existence of this camps, they are giving themselves the green light to attack them as they attacked the Reyes camp in Ecuador. That scares Chavez because the only way the Venezuelan military goes into Colombia is if you put cases and cases of 18 year old scotch at the other side of the border…

  20. bruni Says:

    I don’t understand all this talk about Vudu and Paleros. Do you guys really believe that?

    The whole thing is just a HUGE diversion from day to day life. Chávez has to invent something new.

    It has happened before in Venezuela. Remember the Avila opening up, the tigre mariposo , the sadico gozon, etc. every single time there are hardships, there is some urban legend coming out. Below is an old post, that I wrote in 2007, before the vote for the Reforma, just when the goverment was having food shortage problems and a few months after closing RCTV. As Miguel often says, a blog is a good way to remember.

    The difference now is that Venezuela has been living in a continous urban legend for 11 years, so it is more difficult to find a good diversion story….so Ch needed more than a legend and stated this ultimate show.

    Here’s the old post, it was about some lions that escaped from El Pinar in Sept 2007.

  21. moctavio Says:

    BTW if they build a new mausoleum for 2012, it will be finished for 2014

  22. Roger Says:

    From what I read the voodoo Princess and her Chiguire are just as important as Bolivar. Thought I think Andres Belleo is one of the great minds like Voltaire who thought shrugged off were right in the end.
    From her statue, Lionza is sina ropa, perhaps that’s why Bolivar has none too?
    Regardless of what the government or opposition say, all Venezuelans want the economic downward spiral that has been going on since the 1970’s to stop! Voting, praying, marching, protesting, nothing has worked!

  23. Eric Says:

    Kolya, of course everybody’s known about it for years, but this is the first time a government is taking actual concrete steps to bring that knowledge, fully documented, before the competent international authorities.

    We’ve been waiting for years for someone to do this. Uribe hasn’t because he didn’t want to stir up the wasp’s nest and worsen relations with Venezuela (trade issues, etc). But now, by bringing this before the OAS, the road is open to getting Venezuela declared a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and this can go right up to the International Criminal Court.

    This is no joke, and Chavez knows it. Sooner or later he’s going to have to make a decision: go into complete Iran or DPRK isolation mode, essentially saying “I don’t care what anybody says, we’re going to do what we want here”, in which case he might not even be able to travel out of the country without facing arrest, or somehow try to wiggle his way out. I for one don’t see any wiggle room, si prospera esta medida. He’s getting into a straightjacket, and he knows it. Sanctions, freezing of accounts, international pariah status, all kinds of nasty stuff await him as he goes down this road. About time, I’d say!

  24. megaescualidus Says:

    Chavez’s brain (the moll on his forehead – la berruga) will be pickled, mummified and stuffed…

  25. A_Antonio Says:

    Sad, grotesque.

    No body can approve to see any familiar remains open to all public, what about Bolivar, father of the country?.

    I bet Chavez kept to himself some part of it.

  26. Kolya Says:

    Eric, I hope you are correct that prove of FARC camps in Venezuela will be a huge and possibly decisive blow against Chavez, but I’m afraid that HalfEmpty is right. Most people sort of took it for granted that there are FARC guerrillas in Venezuela, so it is not a major surprise. The surprise is in discovering how much detail the Colombians know about it. An embarrasment, perhaps, but not a major crisis. Chavez will huff and puff as usual and then things will calm down. By the way, I would be delighted to be wrong. I would be delighted if this becomes the key to Chavez’s undoing.

  27. Alexander Says:





  28. DR Says:

    just a quick question: doesn’t it seem improbable to anyone else that bolivar was buried naked? shouldn’t his bones be inside some clothes? a military uniform? something?

  29. concerned Says:

    Does anyone believe that after the “exhibition” of the remains, Chavez will allow the results to return with anything other than arsenic poisoning? What a clown show with the analysis probably being performed by the CNE.

  30. Alexander Says:

    Un rito PALO MAYOMBE y VUDU, (palero) read bellow!!

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  31. HalfEmpty Says:

    But this week the greatest threat to his pretensions to President-for-life has finally materialized. The Colombians have been building a dossier on how the Venezuelan government and Armed Forces has been actively supporting the FARC since 2002.

    Why would this matter at all? At worse it causes a trade barrier?

    Restating the obvious shouldn’t be all that big a deal. I suspect I’m missing something.

    Thing with the bones tho is insane. Look for a sudden Rooster shortage.

  32. moctavio Says:

    I am not sure the “people” really got trapped into this, people here are superstitious and it is hard to “get” why this is done. I heard too many people yesterday on the street say, that the dead should be left undisturbed, I think that is a generalized feeling.

  33. Eric Says:

    Let’s look at the context in which this exercise in necrolatria was conducted. Chavez is a paranoiac personality. He sees plots and threats to his life everywhere. He is convinced They are coming to get him. (He may well be right. They should just hurry up and get it over with, please.)

    But this week the greatest threat to his pretensions to President-for-life has finally materialized. The Colombians have been building a dossier on how the Venezuelan government and Armed Forces has been actively supporting the FARC since 2002. They’ve been presenting this evidence to the Chávez regime via discreet diplomatic channels since 2004. The Raul Reyes computer data just served to confirm what Colombia had known for years: the FARC and the Chávez regime work seamlessly together to rtry to overthrow the Colombian government, as well as collaborating on other projects (drugs trafficking, for example; all the high-profile Colombian drug traffickers recently arrested in venezuela — e.g. Renteria — were just competing with the FARC).

    Chavez knows the sand’s running out on his game. He is scared shitless. He knows that if Uribe’s initiative gets a fair hearing in the OAS, el caso Chávez could go right up to the ICC very quickly.

    So, Chávez being who he is, he’s taking his case to the Higher Powers. No doubt his babalaos have advised him thjat he needs to cloak himself in the otherworldy energy of Simón Bolívar. After all, and this is a fact that all close to him can attest to, Chávez believes himself to be SB’s reincarnation.

    There is a branch of santería called palería, where the initiates, the “paleros”, actually use pieces of a dead person or animals remains, and “activate” these remains in order to use the dead person’s energy. Paleros believe they are in direct contact with the dead, and can use the dead for their purposes. Who am I to say they can’t; maybe they do.

    So this is what Chávez is REALLY up to. The rest is all window-dressing, props, pseudo-CSI theater.

  34. loroferoz Says:

    Deanna: He will do anything to keep his audience. He knows them, that’s for sure.

    But I do not think they ate this up any more than they ate the many crises with Colombia or any other of his recent hijinks.

    Simply, because they are not eating well recently. Real salaries took a nosedive this year. The rains have produced infrastructure and housing problems of their own. Crime is providing generous rations… of hot lead, which is not edible and ruins digestion.

  35. HalfEmpty Says:

    LOL, Idea of Hugo going all Jeremey Benthem is a hoot. Still, it would be one hell of a tourist attraction. Ima twice go to see Lenin and I swear to you (it was Russian Summer) Lenin is under repair and closed both times. I was a simple tourist tho. Who knows.

  36. Roy Says:

    Kevin said, “Will Hugo have himself mounted and stuffed?”

    Interesting… What a strong positive visceral reaction, this mental image provoked…

  37. Deanna Says:

    Chavez’s announcement of building a new Pantheon Nacional to be ready sometime in 2011 is another opportunity for him to do a big extravaganza in 2012, just before presidential elections. I predict that at that time, he will move the “remains” of Bolivar and the container of dirt which supposedly symbolic of Manuelita’s remains to the new Pantheon, with a thousand orchestra’s playing the national anthem. Of course, similar to Tito’s tomb in Belgrade (before the former Yugoslavia broke up), there will be thousands of Venezuelans who will visit the Pantheon daily just to honor the two “proceres”. The best part of it is that Esteban has a place of honor (between them) that is reserved for the time when it’s time for him to go!!!!

    As for the DNA study being done, don’t be surprised if in a month or so, an announcement will be made by the government that Esteban is actually a direct descendant from Simon Bolivar (it was not uncommon in those days for men to have natural children with their slaves).

    What a waste of money and “ridiculez”, but not surprisingly Venezuelans seem to enjoy Chavez’s ridiculous activities.

  38. deananash Says:

    Chavez knows his audience and plays to them perfectly. I’ve said it many times before, his audience isn’t us, the Europeans, the “educated” elite (mostly leftists), et al. No, his audience is the undereducated of Venezuela. And they surely ate this up. Chavez is the perfect clown for them. Indeed, one of them.

  39. Kevin Says:

    What is it with the commies that they keep relics of their saints just like the Church?

    I guess that Chavez got to Bolivar too late to mummify him the way that the Russians pickled Lenin and Stalin. (BTW, What are they doing with those guys now? — Maybe Hugo could ask for them to be shipped to Venezuela.)

    Will Hugo have himself mounted and stuffed?

    But more immediately, I’m sure that he would love to bring Fidel to Caracas for viewing! He’s almost ready! God willing!

  40. Rep Base Says:

    The procedure of cover removal was practised several times to the point almost no bones move…but this was not totally achieved because loose bones move a lot due to its shape unless the edges are linked with wire or hinghes. Again, this is a hypothesis.

    S.E. Don Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar Palacios, haga que mas nunca nos gobierne un tirano como el que vuestra excelencia describió en el Discurso de Angostura.

  41. Rep Base Says:

    The skeletron was perfectly assembled and aligned?, there is one detail captured my attention: at the rigth of the video there is a lady with blue hair cover (seems to be the one comanding the folks before removing the black woven)…she claps the hands and has a pen in the hands already (but that does not look like a pen. What is?)…something extrange, she moves the head like saying YES. Then, second thing which is the other part of the puzzle is that one of the folks (center one – top screen) is removing the black cover and at some point he takes the pen (that does not look a pen) at the left, passes it over the body to the right and gives it to the lady (same blue hair cover). When going back to continue removing the black cover he moves the rigth leg bones and even a small piece of material fells apart. My theory is that the video was edited so the first part I described happened after the second part, meaning the bones were aligned and or put in order…video is edited tom make this change. Then the pen is the evidence of my hypo: the lady first has the pen, then aks for the pen..does not sound the scene order is inverted?. But this for me means the bones were put in order and the claps and the YES head move of the lady means approval to the folks that this several times to avoid as much as posible to move the skeletron. The speedy claps reflects some anxiety, some scare of a person is nervious. This is just a hypothesis, not sure how to demonstrate.

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