If you want to understand why Fondur can’t finish housing, look at its website

November 10, 2010

In the previous post I showed unfinished buildings by Fondur, the Government’s urban fund. Reader AIO tried to find information about Fondur on the Internet and found this image on its site which is simply hilarious:


20 Responses to “If you want to understand why Fondur can’t finish housing, look at its website”

  1. L-chan Says:

    Oh, my, Octavio-sempai…
    Funny thing is, I know a chavista boy that used to work in the web-management of several websites of the government, among other tech support responsibilities in several cultural institutions, and to my knowledge he did a damn fine work. I say “used” because, if his cryptic comments in Facebook are some clue, the poor man has been either lay off or in the middle of such intestine war he is jobless anyway. Pero eso sí, resteado con el proceso no joda!

  2. An Interested Observer Says:

    J Deer: “One should recognize the excellence in communication of this government”

    In quantity, yes. Quality is a different story.

  3. Ira Says:

    Miguel, it’s blogs like this which make you my hero.

    And the totally incorrect posts by the Chavistas are HYSTERICAL!!!

  4. Kepler Says:

    It is incredible. You could have in a matter of hours (actually minutes) and a couple of hundred euros a very simple website if just one person with some knowledge were put to the task.

    But it is all like that in Venezuela
    The only places where they put some “un-information” are the sites to promote their red-shirted satraps, like http://portal.falcon.gob.ve/

    I was looking for information on a couple of tiny municipalities in Norway.
    Take a look at this:
    and this:

    that second one is in the middle of nowhere and less than 10 000 people live there.
    Of course, Norway is rich. Venezuela is not. And yet: it does not take money to put up some information in the general site the government has for each municipio.

    Now take a look at the site of Los Guayos, a municipality where I studied as a child. There are over 70000 voters now there, over 150000 inhabitants and it is in in one of the most central regions of Venezuela:

    It is definitely not about money.

    But Chavistas do have time for this crap:

  5. Johnny Says:


  6. deananash Says:

    Johnny, you are one hilarious dude. Next you’re gonna tell us that it takes competence to get oil out of the ground, connect to the internet and other such capitalistic endeavors.

  7. mick Says:

    Someone should make a flyer with an image of these gob.ve web sites on one side and pictures of these abandoned projects on the other. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, even in a society as literate as the Bull-ivarian Republic claims to be.

    A few thousand copies of these could be slipped into newspapers at the news stands, maybe put under windshield wipers on parked cars, perhaps even attached to doorknobs with rubber bands at night. This would make a very big controversy, and more importantly piss a lot of people off.

  8. jau Says:

    I am sure that Fondur had a gazillion dollar budget for the web page and then a feeding frenzy started and all the web designer got was ten bucks, and all he could afford was a traffic cone 😉

  9. Brett Says:

    I can picture Hugo wearing the cone as a hat and having to stand in a corner.

  10. geronl Says:

    You would think they could at least link it to a blogspot or something

  11. Impartial Says:

    You are right J Deer. Follow the link and see the great stuff this government has done:


  12. Sorry you are absolutely wrong. Fontur and Fondur are different organizations. Fontur is the fund for Transporation, Fondur is the Urban Development fund, so please read before you post.

    As for the 30%, you can buy about 20% of the vote with direct offerings.

    The housing record of the Chavez Government is abysmal, Caldera with 10-12 dollar a barrel oil, built more housing units in each of his five years than Chavez in any of his eleven years.

  13. J Deer Says:

    Venezuelan government is using the .gob.ve extension for their websites. It seems reasonable to use a Spanish abbreviation instead of an English one.
    The proper website address is http://www.fontur.gob.ve/www/

    One should recognize the excellence in communication of this government. Having 50% support in elections after 11 years of poor performing government is probably the greatest political achievement and really the only one that really counts.

  14. island canuck Says:


    You really didn’t have to explain that.
    I got MO’s point

  15. An Interested Observer Says:

    canuck, the point is not that there is a GOV website under construction. It’s about the irony of this particular site. Did you see the picture on the last post? That’s the Fondur legacy.

    You see, Fondur is the Fondo de Desarollo Urbano, which exists – and before Chavez, actually – to build houses. See http://www.bnamericas.com/news/infrastructure/Fondur_to_Build_17,840_Houses_1998 or example. It IS extra pathetic, though, to think the agency has been around that long and still hasn’t managed to slap up even a little bit of Chavista jingoism. If they can’t even pay for something non-productive like propaganda, they’re not putting money into much of anything at all – except pockets.

  16. Gringo Says:

    The official lie made into a motif. Like they actually built something…

    But they are building dreams..:)

  17. loroferoz Says:

    The official lie made into a motif.

    Like they actually built something…

  18. Johnny Says:

    They use “open source” software but believe it just works like magic. It takes people with knowledge and innovation to tailor software to each need, but of course they are great believers in things and not people, if they were they would let “a thousand flowers bloom” instead of trying one size fits all socialism/communism.

  19. Roberto N Says:

    Man, that is just so proper!

    If I didn’t trust you, MO, I would swear you made the post and website up.

    WEll, it’s what we can all expect from this government after all, isn’t it?

  20. island canuck Says:

    Actually this is about the state of most government websites.

    We have been fighting for months with Seguros Social over supposed debts that don’t exist. We have an employee that went on maternity leave over 1 year ago & still has not received her benefits.

    I believe they are trying to use “open source” software & no one knows how to support it.

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