And on the fifth day, Chavez promoted General Rangel Silva

November 11, 2010

And on the fifth day after General Rangel Silva said the Armed Forces would not recognize an opposition victory and after national and international outcries to remove General Rangel Silva…

Chavez promoted him to General in Chief…

Drug kingpin, pro-Dictator, fanatic…perfect for the post…

The pretty revolution at work

21 Responses to “And on the fifth day, Chavez promoted General Rangel Silva”

  1. […] In this saga, I think there’s a point yet to be made. One of the individuals fingered  by Makled in his accusations of official participation in large scale drug trafficking in Venezuela is Henry Rangel Silva. The US Department of the Treasury designated Rangel Silva and two other Venezuelan officials in 2008 for “materially assisting the narcotics trafficking activities of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a narco-terrorist organisation.” Despite this, Hugo Chavez appointed Rangel Silva as Venezuela’s army chief in July this year. A few days ago, Rangel Silva said that the Venezuelan army would not accept an opposition government, statements found “unacceptable” even by Chavez’s main enabler at the OAS. Yesterday, Chavez promoted Rangel Silva to General in Chief. […]

  2. vdpsc Says:

    This is Hugo trying to make Rangel feel better. They need to stick together if Makled actually has what he claims to have. This is just a message of a united front. The fact that he made this decision indicates that they are actually scared. They are both raising the rhetoric. Has the power structure really changed? They already operate with impunity. Their fear is driving them to lash out and make these statements and decisions.

  3. geronl Says:

    Of course the Chavista’s support this crap. Just like they march in favor of nationalizing apartment complexes.

  4. Tess Hansel Says:

    What kind a shit is Hugo Chavez talking…
    Diarrhea of the mouth what an idiot
    His most closest allies will betray him

  5. tan Says:

    Does Rangel Silva have the respect he needs in the army to lead it ?
    I doubt it.
    If there really is another election, in 2012, and if Hugo is defeated but chooses to stay in office, then the charade of democracy will be finished, and both the people, and the army, will be assessing a reality which, to date, many have been able to avoid facing. What takes place then is anyone’s guess.
    Defeating Chavez in 2012 may not bring a change in government and freedom, but will, in a democratic South and Central America, leave Chavez totally discredited, and that is a major step forward.

  6. jeffry house Says:

    The threat of a coup is simply a method to try to suppress the opposition vote. But if a majority actually vote to elect a different President, it will not be sustainable over the long term. Not only will the whole lot of them end up tried as traitors, but the Army will be split in two.

    Talking about coups now is to scream out loud: We don’t think we can win re-election!

  7. HalfEmpty Says:

    I suspect Speedy’s Dad worked for United Fruit.

  8. mick Says:

    Do any Venezuelans realize that Castro is an atheist and made religion illegal for his fellow countrymen in the old days. How do they feel about giving up Christmas and Easter? Or do most believe this communist dictator will be different from all the others.

    Might be worth putting on a flyer.

  9. mick Says:

    This will certainly get the US government to put more pressure on Santos to hand over Makled.

  10. jau Says:

    I think the MAIN question out of this event is: Is Garcia Rnagel saying the truth or is he blowing smoke?

    Are the armed forces bolivarian or venezuelan?

    I guess that we will know sooner than later

  11. Daniel Olban Says:

    Please do not let Chavez manipulate your emotions. It is always interesting to see the whole context.

    Let´s suppose for a moment as though this was a theatrical play organised by Chavez. That is to say, Chavez may have instructed Rangel Silva to say “X Y and Z” on TV and then Chavez would give a price to him. The benefit out of this is to motivate soldiers within the armed forces to a) trigger hatred within the armed forces against the “oligarchy”, so to speak and b) promote “boot licking” behaviour amongst armed forces, c) make the opposition follow Chavez script, etc etc etc

    Bolivar, the great Mason master should be ashamed of such a disgusting behaviour….but any way, live goes on……..Let Chavez play with his CORTINA DE HUMO,…

  12. metodex Says:

    the sad part is that this is quite the event(thats how i see it) and then it will be forgotten like cubillas.
    And yet,everytime something like this happens i hear people say
    “the end is near”
    or “hes scared! hes got nowhere to go”

    been hearing that since about…2003

  13. speed Gibson Says:

    and all the while “they” continue to breed more and more and more uneducated peasants……lovely….

    ultimately your best hope is that we (USA) stop buying your crappy oil and watch the place so to shit in a big hurry……

  14. jau Says:

    Well, you could see this coming a mile away. What did you expect?

    What you can also see coming is jail time for the new General en Jefe. Chavez will trow him in jail whenever he needs to.

  15. loroferoz Says:

    Of course, Hugo is right. The OAS, like the UN is (almost) useless for the defense of civil liberties. Maybe when a number of members of this Presidents’ Lounge want Chavez out and he does something really bad, they will begin to move. If ever they moved (wrongly, and so fast) against Honduras, it was because Hugo Chavez and money that stood behind Zelaya.

    Expect little “institutional” help from abroad, until Hugo is already on his way out. The other kind of help, coming from NGOs, journalists, private sources and members of parliaments (that raise a ruckus on their country and occasionally visit here) will however continue.

    Then, this will be another nail in the coffin. But still it will be the economy (or rather the disintegration of Venezuela as we know it) that throws Chavez out. The Rangel Silvas of this Revolution are headed for ignominy. But not anytime soon.

  16. Roy Says:

    Chavez has come out of the closet. He no longer feels like he has to pretend to be a democrat. He just did a tour to visit all of his dictator buddies in the world. They don’t worry about the label of “dictator”, so why should he?

    The only constituency Chavez is playing to, is the 3MM or so cool aid drinkers that he can mobilize on a moment’s notice to wreak havoc anywhere in the country he chooses. So, the only remaining question is how long will 12% of the population bully the remainder? As far as I can see, the answer is “for as long as Chavez keeps the cool aid drinkers fed with lies.” The Venezuelan population is simply too passive. They will not rebel even in the face of this proof of their enslavement. Instead, they continue say, “Wait for 2012” even though they know in their hearts that Chavez will not permit a fair election nor respect the results of one.

    In fact, the majority of the “buzz” on the street is not about Henry Rangel Silva, but instead about Makled’s pending extradition from Colombia. To me, this means that most Venezuelans are still hoping for and waiting for an outside intervention, a la Noriega y Panama. Such hope is misplaced, because Venezuela just isn’t that important to anyone else in the world.

  17. island canuck Says:

    There is a good overview of the promotion in English here:

    Some choice comments:
    “The imperialist oligarchs will never have an Armed Forces subordinated in the shadows to their gross interests,” Chavez said yesterday in announcing the appointment.

    “Now Insulza is saying that he’s calling for a coup,” Chavez said. “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re irresponsible, unworthy. Get the facts first.”

  18. ErneX Says:

    Everything is going on according to the plan. Huyendo hacia adelante. The end is near.

  19. island canuck Says:

    Just incredible. Only in Venezuela could this ridiculous charade continue.

    Metodex said: “Do they really REALLY support this shit?”

    If you know any Chavistas personally they not only support it (if they understand it) but they have all the quick answers if you point out the errors or misunderstandings in their thinking.

    Hours of VTV assists in this.

    If you are not a Chavista you can’t possibly appreciate all the outlandish statements coming from Government mouths. They are not aimed at us but to reinforce the lies to the faithful.

  20. metodex Says:

    i also have a feeling that, this new commander in chief guy will lead any military uprising in case of an opposition takeover.
    He was actually promoted for that sole objective,
    His new job is legally shooting and killing anybody who opposes his Chavez.
    My god.Democracy in venezuela is dying like the soviet union.Capital V is obsolete.
    How do you fight against the ARMED forces Miguel???
    it seems like what you said in posts after the 26-s are true.La revolucion avanza a paso de dictadores.

  21. metodex Says:

    i would like to know what a chavista thinks,back at home,right before going to sleep, about things like these.Do they really REALLY support this shit? i would like to fast forward to 2012 elections to find out what happens once and for all,cause things like these get lost in time and people don’t remember them.

    Since 26-s i haven’t heard and opposition “leader” talk about crime.
    Its all a joke.
    This has been the most corrupt government we have ever had,even more than that bald man no one remembers. CAP

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