Civilized “revolutionary” cops rip chairs at stadium to hit band members and spectators

November 21, 2010

Today at a soccer match in Caracas, the cops (Policia Metropolitana), began ripping off the seats off the stadium and hitting people with them. You can also see some instruments from the band flying in the air. You have to love these revolutionary cops, so gentle, so caring of “the people”. Close ups here.

Such nice esbirros!

16 Responses to “Civilized “revolutionary” cops rip chairs at stadium to hit band members and spectators”

  1. vdpsc Says:

    High quality public education and delivery of basic public services is needed to defeat populism. I am surprised at the description of leftists being considering violence against tea baggers. Tea baggers have had the most agressive posturing. Tea bag supporters were shown throwing a dangerous leftist protestor on the ground kicking her in the head and standing on her neck. Polarization of political points of view which lead to the sense that if you are not with me you are a monster which must be killed is what has lead Venezuela to the miserable state it is in. I encourage rational dialogue and respect for differing view points. I don’t see communism or facism as desirable. Thats just me.

  2. loroferoz Says:

    Even in this…

    The more the Revolucionarios say we are going forward and towards the future, the more we slip into barbarism.

  3. jen Says:

    I NEVER said it was excusable…I just wondered what happened…

    Please don’t put words in my mouth “AuvienLobo”

  4. Snake Oil Baron Says:

    All the nasty things one sees in Venezuela, Russia, Zimbabwe are not because these states are backward – they are ahead of the curve. In America we see just a few instances of voter intimidation at the poles and scattered vote tampering. Not enough to compare with places mentioned above, just enough to see what is possible. We see leftist “thinkers” in the America considering the merits of violent action against Tea Partiers. Nothing widespread. In Europe people riot to show that they prefer default to austerity. The media hides all of this while slandering their enemies – those outside the left-wing sphere of power.

    It will not happen overnight but places like Venezuela and Iran are not anomalies; they are prophecies. Through them our most likely future – the one requiring the least effort to achieve – is visible.

  5. Snake Oil Baron Says:

    Roy Says:

    “S. Gibson,

    To apply that to all of Latin America does not do justice to anyone and is uncalled for.”

    To apply that ONLY to all of Latin America does not do justice to anyone and is uncalled for.

  6. Kepler Says:

    The minister of Injustice said last year 20% of crimes were committed by the cops.
    Now, given the total size of Venezuela’s population and given the small number of cops per 1000 inhabitants I calculated the likelihood of a criminal being a cop over 100 times (don’t remember the exact figure) higher than being an average citizen.

    Creepy, ins’t it?

    “Un ser sin estudios es un PM”
    Simón Bolívar

  7. Brett Says:

    The Cuban police probably didn’t like them playing the Venezuelan National Anthem.

  8. capitankane Says:

    I was at a Leones-Tigres game not so long back in the gradas. There was one PM probably high as a kite arguing with spectators who then took someones beer and poured it on the people he was fighting with. The crowd weren’t impressed at all and pretty much booed this guy out. These guys have no respect for the public.

    Aren’t the PM supposed to be out a job in December anyway? I imagine they just don’t give a shit anymore.

  9. Lector Says:

    Here’s a summary of what I saw:
    1. Some fans were sitting or jumping near and above the light poles. The police hurt a couple of them
    2. Many fans blamed against the police
    3. Police leave the stadium, game ended.
    4. Most of fans did exit and only no more than 100 of “hooligans” were still inside chanting and blaming
    5. Almost 60 cops entered in th stadium and began beating and shooting (no bullets) them.
    6. Finally cops began to destroy stadium sits and send pieces to fans


  10. Roy Says:

    S. Gibson,

    To apply that to all of Latin America does not do justice to anyone and is uncalled for.

  11. Speed Gibson Says:

    S. America and Venz in particular reminds me of the old Superman Bizarro World comics…. a cube shaped planet named Htrae (Earth spelled backwards) where everything is opposite Earth…..ugly is beautiful,stupid is good, etc. Its vastly entertaining to watch your country fall apart before our eyes. Is so unfortunate that such a silly undeserving people would sit on so many natural resources. Imagine if only the Dutch had settled there instead of the Spanish.

  12. A_Antonio Says:

    I do not see real cops here, only fat people with uniform: I see “mucha empanada, pinchos de perro y cerveza”.

  13. AuvienLobo Says:

    Sorry to hog the forum, but I think this picture

    better expresses the reality, and the intro to the article.

    Duck and Cover!

  14. AuvienLobo Says:

    Jen does anything excuse their behavior? I guess no soldier ever merit an honor of humanity. Thats exactly the line.

    And from parting that line of finding an excuse for them, is where religions, bullshit people that we are all sinners.

    There is no conondrum, there is only observation of a dismal action, that expresses the horrible fact of why religions where made up for, some sort of humility.

    This is our planet of the apes!

  15. moctavio Says:

    I understand the fans were singing, insulting to the cops.

  16. jen Says:

    Any news on what started this tonight? What I’ve read doesn’t say much about why the PM acted this way. Yes, I know they often act aggressively…but what triggered this?

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