Merry Chistmas to all and Thanks for Reading the Devil

December 24, 2010

Even the Devil celebrates Christmas. Soon my family will arrive, we will have some nice drinks and then we will dig into our hallacas and pernil like most Venezuelans do. The group is getting smaller, as not only people leave for Christmas, but they also leave the country all together. We even know who will be next. At this rate, Christmas will soon be celebrated elsewhere.

But it will be a fine night, we will exchange presents, we will talk, laugh and we will try to ignore our surroundings for a few hours, we will stay up late, watch the impromptu fireworks and go to bed late for no other reason that we are happy to be together and we are all healthy.

And to you all, I wish that you have as much fun as I plan to have and get all your wishes tonight or tomorrow whichever you celebrate in your family.

Thanks for reading!

24 Responses to “Merry Chistmas to all and Thanks for Reading the Devil”

  1. Manuel Valera Says:

    Feliz navidad para usted profesor, gracias por el blog
    Manuel Valera
    (Estudiante de fisica en la USB en los 80)

  2. Ira Says:

    Sorry I’m late with this, but God bless you Miguel, and hope you have wonderful day. The best of the holidays to everyone!

    For thousands of years, us Jews had an expression of hope:

    “Next year…in JERUSALEM!”

    May I please offer this up to my Venezuelan heroes, all of you guys?

    “Next year, in MIRAFLORES!”

  3. Balvant Rajani Says:

    Hola Miguel y Kathy,

    Feliz navidad y un prospero año nuevo 2011 para los dos. Gracias por informarnos con los acontecimientos día a día en Venezuela. Espero que 2011 será un mejor año para todo el país.

    Reciban un abrazo caluroso desde Canada,

    Balvant y Sonia

  4. ErneX Says:

    Merry Christmas Miguel! may the Devil keeps being awesome as usual.

  5. NicaCat Says:

    Merry Christmas, feliz navidad, etc., to all of you, but especially to you, Miguel. Thank you so much for having this blog.

  6. Douglas Says:

    Merry Christmas Miguel!!

  7. m_astera Says:

    Merry Christmas Miguel and all!

    Michael A

  8. PB Says:

    Merry Christmas MO and all.
    A time for families and a time to reflect.
    Take care and keep safe.

  9. Roy Says:

    Undeterred by the Venezuelan passion for hallacas and pernil, my roast turkey is stuffed and in the oven. It is already golden and it smells “to die for”.

    Merry Christmas, Miguel and all of my friends and acquaintances whom frequent this blog/community. May we all know at least a small moment of peace and joy these season.

  10. firepigette Says:

    Have a nice Xmas Miguel and thanks for all your efforts

  11. metodex Says:

    Merry christmas and thank you for writing this blog Miguel.
    I had the regular christmas dinner yesterday and today im having a barbecue with friends.tomorrow my arteries will clog.

  12. bjohns15 Says:

    Merry Christmas, Miguel, and thanks for writing!

  13. Maria Gonzalez Says:

    Miguel, te deseo Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Nuevo. Muchas gracias por tu blog, me ayuda a estar informada sobre mi queirda Venezuela. Tambien muchos de tus articulos me ayudan a explicarle la complicada situacion venezolana a mis amigos en USA.

    Un abrazo

  14. Nunne Says:

    Feliz Navidad everyone!

    I’m still confused to why Chávez has not renamed christmas to Simón Bolívarmas yet.

  15. Juancho Says:

    The scattering of mi familia is probably the worst part of the Chavez debacle. I’ve spent the last twenty New Years in Margarita. Now we’re scattered all over, and no Margarita. Que lastima.

    At least I can log in here and get a dose from the chamos.

    Feliz Nav. amigos.


  16. marypuchy Says:

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all your valuable insight………… Keep up the fight Miguel!

  17. espadachin Says:

    Feliz Navidad y gracias por el esfuerzo que pones en mantenernos al tanto de todo lo que ocurre en Venezuela.

  18. gustavo coronel Says:

    Just came back from my own family Christmas reunion. We were all together, we, the parents, the son, two daughters, daughter in law, sons in law and grandsons. All under one roof. This is what happiness is all about. Merry holidays to you, Miguel, and thanks for your lucid work,

  19. Ma.Elisa Mellior Says:

    Feliz Navidad a ti y a toda tu bella familia! Gracias por ser tan Venezolano

  20. Jose Marcos Says:

    Merry XMAS to you Miguel and thanks for sharing your blog.
    Keep up the good work

  21. liz Says:

    Feliz navidad Diablillo!

  22. Kolya Says:

    Merry Christmas to Miguel and everyone else.

    Miguel, thank you for your informative and valuable posts!

  23. cal Says:

    … and thank you, Devil, for writing it.

  24. Roger Says:

    Merry Christmas Miguel

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