Lonely at the top for Hugo Chavez

March 1, 2011

8 Responses to “Lonely at the top for Hugo Chavez”

  1. OW Says:

    Personally I hate high oil prices – they do me no favors. But they sure do help bail out Chavez.

    The U.S. now has to find someway to get Gadaffi out. Obama, Clinton and Cameroon are all on record saying that he MUST leave. So do you really think they can let him stay?

    Obviously, when they said that they thought he would be chased out in a matter of hours or days by the revolt. But now it appears that may not happen so easily. Therefore they can either help get him out via bombings and other actions or Obama can watch his credibility go down the drain and sink whatever chances he has left in 2012.

  2. jsb Says:

    High oil prices always did give you a tingle in your leg, OW. There will be no invasion of Libya.

  3. OW Says:

    People can make all the cartoons they like but Chavez is getting the last laugh. The price of oil is back over $100/barrel and climbing. With the presidential election a year and a half away the timing couldn’t be more fortuitous for him. Plus Obama and Cameroon have totally painted themselves into a corner on Libya so that they may ultimately have to invade it (won’t that do lots for their image!).

    If Chavez didnt’ invent the Libyan crisis he should have.

  4. lo cal Says:

    Gaddafi was flush with cash,
    ran a roaring business in oil, and
    uses mercenaries against all comers.

    Of course, …
    if our President had cash,
    and a juicy oil business, …
    But for now who needs more hot air and a Venezuela in alpargatas?

  5. HalfEmpty Says:

    The situation is completely different. The only liability Chevez has in the mess is in the grouping with the losers. But structurally he is in a much more defendable position. (sadly) He will be somewhat more dipolmatically isolated, but then again, there’s not much to lose in Libya. Iran and Syria might be a slightly different story.

  6. geha714 Says:

    He’s closer to be FOREVER ALONE!

  7. OldSouth Says:

    One can only hope, for the sake of so many millions throughout the world.

  8. tleon Says:

    Perhaps the UN, US and EU should offer Chevez exile in Cuba or Iran or better yet arrest Chevez and his thugs for Crimes against humanity.

    During a recent Gadhafi interview with American and British reporters in which he denied his forces are attacking protesters and maintained the Libyan people love him; while he “slaughters” his own people — show how unfit he is to lead his country.

    Replace Gadhafi with Chevez and Libyan with Venezuela and you have it in a nutshell.

    Have a wonderful day in paradice Venezuela.

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