Chavez Freezes Venezuela’s Non-Existing Nuclear Program

March 15, 2011

Today, President Hugo Chavez ordered that Venezuela’s non-existing Nuclear program be frozen because of the problems in Japan.

This is good news, nobody will lose their job, no project is being stopped, nothing is happening, some money may even be saved in trips to sign useless agreements with Russia, Iran and Vietnam.

Who should I quote? Myself? It is in bad taste, but here it is:

“I can not take Chavez’ nuclear program very seriously, beyond the exhibitionist aspects of it”


“To do anything in the nuclear field, you need people and very simply, Venezuela does not have them. It would take years for Venezuela to put together a group of nuclear scientists to perform a small project whether peaceful or not. Unfortunately, educating high level people like that has not been and is not a priority right now and there is no local talent available to even begin doing it locally. The Venezuelan science establishment is getting old and in nuclear physics in particular, the people I know of are mostly retired or in the process of retiring and there are few people coming up below them.”


“The only thing that would change my mind on this was to learn that the country was importing huge numbers of experts from other countries for such a project.”

There you have it, mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo. (The Devil knows more because he is old, than because he is the Devil)

52 Responses to “Chavez Freezes Venezuela’s Non-Existing Nuclear Program”

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  2. “I will not address the points you make.”

    You never do

  3. Pygmalion Says:

    Carolina – I’m just pointing you to a possible site on Vensat1. Just Google a little, that’s all. In any case, if it were man “official site” you still would not beleive the information. 🙂

    Kepler – from what you write everyone who does not agree with you is a “chavista”. So be it if it makes you feel justified in your opinions.

    BTW the way your last post was just a mix of arbitrary ramblings and personal attacks ( as usual) so I will not address the points you make.

  4. A_Antonio Says:

    So, Yemen’s Government decide to use “Puente Llaguno” strategy.

  5. A_Antonio Says:

    Today I would like to recommend to read the article writen by Francisco Rivero Valera in, “Chavez: The tsunami that arrived to Venezuela”. It is a Jewel. The tsunami arrived 12 years ago and it is continuing destroying.

  6. A_Antonio Says:

    News: Venezuelan scientific discovery Cold Black Fusion, with the Black Mass, The Nuclear plant is in construction, to get Black Energy, to impulse the revolution to a Black Future. The energy can already felled by the people in the “blackouts”.

  7. Bill near Slidell Says:

    The ‘cold fusion with tap water & an ipod charger’ line is a classic. I did lol when I read that one.

  8. Bill near Slidell Says:

    Dammit Miguel, you scared me. Quit clowning around with the sensationalist graphics. For a second there, with that picture of Stalin up there in the corner, I thought Hugo had gotten the bomb from Putin in exchange for some tropical fruit, or something! Give us ignorant Yankees, who can’t read Spanish, a break. I interpreted that red lettering as, “no more pacifism”. Almost dropped the laptop. Thankfully, Google Translate works amazingly well. I can, once again, rest well tonight confident that Russian made nukes from Venezuela won’t rain down on my freshly cut, small town, suburban lawn.

  9. Gordo Says:

    You all might be interested in this… a thorium reactor developed by Hector Dauvergne, an engineer from Chile. Check out this site:

    By the way, Hector is a friend of mine.

  10. Carolina Says:

    BM – you are absolutely correct in your apprecaiation of government and trust (or versus?), but hey, we had to start somewhere even if it’s utopic!
    My point was that not everything you read on the net are facts, most specially on blogs, and that is what I wanted to point out to the pyg. The satellite thing is so bad that not even the government, with all their media show, has a web page for it.

  11. Kepler Says:


    Isn’t there some part of you that tries to warn you to shup up?

    What do you do for a living? Is it really economics? Did you study economics? Ni esa vaina pareces comprender. Verga, si tú puedes ganarte la vida como economista sin entender las cosas más simples que todo el mundo entiendo en el resto del mundo.

    And that stupid satellite Venezuela means for Venezuela the same the satellite NigComSat-1 meant for Nigeria (Nigeria just had worst luck, just so much and it had to be put down). That has NOTHING to do with technology creation or promotion.

    I work in the IT sector and I find it disgusting how those Chavistas like you praise the opening of Internet “centres” and the installation of Linux…hell, even the distribution of those computers.

    Maths skills are worse now than they were 12 years ago. I have lots of friends who are teachers and they tell me how levels have been going down down, down. I know of some of the efforts the alternative forces have been trying to do to bring transparency to education in Venezuela.

    Most Chavistas can’t write a single sentence in our language without spelling erros. Even Venezuelan passports show Venezuelans don’t know the use of a comma (no, it is not a matter of taste).

    Yeah, now Chavismo is distributing degree certificates to anyone so that everybody can call himself a graduate. What a shameless farce…how much wasted time and energy.

    And you don’t see that. How mediocre can you be?

  12. Gordo Says:

    I’m sitting on a science advisory board of a major university right now. I’m telling you, there’s no money! Grants are drying up, and there are lots of very good and important research that’s going unfunded. So, Venezuela is not falling behind that much… the country just needs to shake off this ridiculous revolution and get its footing back on track.

  13. Bloody Mary Says:


    Do you really believe that “government” and “trustworthy” can be use in the same sentence?

    That’s funny honey. “Blog” or “Official” is the same, you consume it at your own risk.

    But actually this web page gave me a awful impression of the satellite (U$400mm: ummmmmm?)…. So probably came from an independent source.

    I can imaging some Chinese laughing (and some Venezuelans too) with the pockets full of “verdes”)…

  14. Eduardo Says:

    There is a very interesting book on the matter:
    “Nuclear Power”, by Walter Patterson (Español: “La energía nuclear”, colección “Muy Interesante”).

    This book mentions that you need ALSO a lot of ENERGY to build and maintain a Nuclear Power plant. There is another shortage that Venezuela has now.

    If we regard human resources control (follow up) that Venezuelan government has right now, this idea is totally crazy.

  15. There are sites where you can see the transponders, but I let him wallow in his ignorance.

  16. Carolina Says:

    Pygmallion –
    Is there an official web page of the satellite, i mean, from the government?
    That one you sent is a Blog, that can be run by anyone anywhere, the information posted is the personal opinion of the blogger and therefore, in my opinion, not 100% trustworthy.

  17. Gordo Says:

    The world is producing lots of graduates with PhD’s, but there are no jobs for them! Once the Chavistas are gone, the Universities can recover fast with world-class technologies and world-class scientists. The flight of investment capital will return, and Venezuela will regain its strength and will rise as a world-class country. I, for one, am saving my capital for that great day to come!

  18. A_Antonio Says:

    “And please don’t tell me he’s also canceling the Güigüe Dark Matter Multi-dimensional Black Hole Simulator too or I’ll start crying like a baby.”

    Venezuela do not need them, The country will discover soon the black matter and black energy, is the future of the country with Chavez. And all will cry.

  19. Bloody Mary Says:

    Thanks for the link Pygmallion,

    It helped me to find some additional info, and to reinforce an objective conclusion (I try to work every day on this objective perspective). I have spent much of my time researching about the alternative recipes for the society development (Note: as a hobby). Objectively, I think that is very catastrophic what is happening in Venezuela, finding that all decisions and the results of those decision are contrary to the interests and progress of the country… and this satellite program is not an exception (unless you consider a U$400MM progress to learn how to put a nut, which looks like all what the “scientific” are able to do in the pictures @ your link ……….. very graphic, by the way)…. Sorry, this project is only the result of another psychopathic hallucination of the person who ordered it, and the moral lack of the people around him.

  20. loroferoz Says:

    “Does this mean Hugo is going to cancel the Tucupita Ultralarge Hadron Collider too?

    And please don’t tell me he’s also canceling the Güigüe Dark Matter Multi-dimensional Black Hole Simulator too or I’ll start crying like a baby.”

    A comment fitting the seriousness of Huguito’s Nukular Program (on TV live).

  21. And once again, I juts checked the transponders only two are working, learn about satellites before defending that stupid project which ahs nothing to do about learning, technology and sovereignty but was the same as buying a tomography machine and knowing how to use it.

    Except it does not work.

  22. Pygmallion, this Government has done NOTHING about educating people at high levels, on the contrary, it has destroyed and is destroying waht was there, think INTEVEP, but given your knowldge you may not know what that was or how Chavez destroyed it.

    I spent 25 years of my life educating people, I know what has happened to human resources in Venezuela. I have a Ph.D. in Physics, I know very well Venezuela’s scientific system (what is left of it). So, you continue to speak about what you have no clue, if you dont like my blog, dont come. I dont respect your opinions because you lie, mislead and say things that are absurd and yes, you defend Chavez at every point, so I am not going to believe you are not a rabid Chavista.

    I know each and everyone of the Nuclear Scientists in Venezuela, they are very few almost all of them over 60 years old and retired, you cant start a nuclear project that way. It was idiocy to create it, it was the same idiocy to stop it, ut makes no scientific engenieering and economic sense exceptt in the ignorant mind of your idol and his supporters like you.

    Let’s look at some of your idiotic statements:

    Praise for Simon Bolivar satellite.
    Quote over and over the wrong GDP in dollars and defended his point of view, showing complete ignorance about it.
    Claimed that Caracas Bolsa Index was doing great.
    Claimed Cantv and Electricidad were no longer part of the index.
    Defended the crooks at PDVSA, which have shown over and over they are crooks and the Illaramendi case is another example of that, you minimized the loss of “only” 275 million dollars
    You defended Illaramendi as being innocent until proven guilty and immediately said that the Casas de Bolsa and constructores had stolen money. The first ones are not accused of stealing money and have not been convicted. The second one has not been convicted.

    So, who is the fool here?

    I only speak about what I know and yes, I believe Chavez is destroying Venezuela

  23. Pygmalion Says:

    B. Mary – here is a link to answer some of your questions.

    GeorgeS – show me where I am defending Chavez?

    Miguel – I mentioned the Vensat 1 since your argument about no human resources lacked any basis for arbitrary criticism. Accept other arguments, please, instead of being hysterical and using offending words. No one wants to read that stuff as it really lacks credibility and does not promote your cause. Reflect a little.

  24. GeorgeS Says:

    Jeez, Pygmallion, in Aporrea they don’t defend Chavez as much as you do.

  25. moctavio Says:

    If you are not a supporter you are a shameless cheerleader, to bring up the Simon Bolivar satellite is as stupid as it gets, beyond the nuclear stuff of course. .

  26. Pygmalion Says:

    And I am no supporter of this government but refuse to adopt a radical / over-the-top stance since this has prevented us from progressing with the voters until last September.

  27. moctavio Says:

    Sorry, the report today is that a third transponder is up and being used to transmit “PDVSA info”, that must be like 10-6 bandwitdh

  28. moctavio Says:

    Bloody Mary: Only two transponders work and erratically, at 200 million per transponder it is one of the biggest boondoggles around.

  29. Bloody Mary Says:

    Finally, I find someone who knows something about the Simon Bolivar satellite. This is very helpful for me. Can you please explain how we are using it and for what purposes? Seriously, because I have been searching info about it and I haven’t found it. I think that after a so huge investment Chaves should try to make available that information (I’m honestly open to your answer).

  30. moctavio Says:

    The satellite is as stupid as the Nuclear program. You dont build a country like that. To start with it was over priced, second it does not work well, they are very simple technicians incapable of doing much more than what they were trained for. Those 400 million dollars in a program to start from scratch would have been better invested, not six month technicians.

    Your ignorance and adoration never cease to amaze.

    You dont cancel a virtual program because there was an accident. You review designs. Chavez is acting out of his absolute ignorance on this matters. The same ignorance used to start the program was used to end it. People will continue building nuclear plants, no other country has canceled its nuclear program. If the problem is that there can be an accident, why start a program? Venezuela has other priorities, including the stupid satellite.

  31. Pygmalion Says:

    May I suggest that you check how many reactors have been built worldwide after Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? I guess that there are at least 20 governments as ignorant as the current Venezuelan one who have built reactors and have plans to build jore – example in Italy and Poland where plans have not been shelevd according to news reports today.

    Reagrding “no human resources” – there were no human respources for the Simon Boliva satellite but now there are Venezuelan technicians running it from a base in Guarico. Your arguemtns do not hold much water sometimes, Miguel, and this is because your write things impulsed by a radical hate for Chavez which borde3rs on the irrational.

  32. moctavio Says:

    Pygmallion: as usual you add nothing to the discussion. The Three Mile island and Chernobyl accidents had occurred before this, but because ignorant Hugo Chavez likes the world nuclear, he started an impossible nuclear program in a country with no human resources ready for it. And now he cancels it with the same ignorance.

    Yes, almost everything he does is irresponsible and idiotic, and only fools like you love him like Jesus Christ.

  33. Roberto N Says:


    What would any reasonable person say when they look at the condition of our country’s infrastructure and then consider that in that same country they want to install “nuclear power”?

    Given the track record of Venezuela in these last 12 years, no reasonable person should think seriously about Nuclear anything.

    THe way this government is going, this is where “Nuclear power” is going:

  34. Pygmalion Says:

    The message of this post is true despite the agressive and hypercritical tone in which it is written. On the other hand, if Chavez had said that the nuclear program would continue to be investigated, you would have criticized him for being “irresponsible” or “stupid”.
    So, in your case it is a no lose situation. These are great media tactics, Miguel.

  35. A_Antonio Says:

    Another confirmation of the suspension of Venezuelan Nuclear Program: The Bart Simpson’s contract to administer the future Venezuelan nuclear plant is suspended until further notices.

  36. moctavio Says:

    GB: Less traffic, more relaxed, more direct contributions direct from the top!

  37. A_Antonio Says:

    This comment is out of subject, but I am embarrassed about how Occidental Countries and Europe are very inoperative in dealing to stop Khadafy and permit the present butchery; and future butcheries.

    As in the past, due to diplomatic hypocrisy and now due to wait that “humanitarians countries” like China and Russia permit to take actions against the criminal. They all have part of the responsibility of the death of Libyan civilians, I hope this will be a lesson to no support more criminals and terrorist because “state interest reasons”.

    What I hate most, is that Chavez is happy with the present course of the Libyan History.

  38. GB Says:

    Seems the only increased productivity coming out of Venezuela is the number of your posts …. Which, ironically, is once you came out of Venezuela!

    Keep it up.

  39. Roy Says:

    We should send Chavez to Mars… Worth whatever it costs… Of course, since he will be in Cadena for the whole trip, he will use up all the oxygen on the trip there.

  40. A_Antonio Says:

    I do not think trip to Mars will be delayed, because it is red the first footprints in the planet should be make it by Bolivanautas.

  41. RWG Says:

    What about Hugo Chavez’ trip to Mars? Canceled or just delayed?

  42. A_Antonio Says:

    What about ALBA’s Space Orbital Station? Was It canceled too?.

  43. Bloody Mary Says:

    On one hand Venezuela is suffering a energy crisis which requires huge investment and a lot of sophisticated equipment, on the other developed countries (which coincidently are those who produce that equipment) are thinking about stopping all projects related to new nuclear plants and the closing of some functional plants that could be unsafe under the new standards based on the Japanese disaster (Probably it is a little naive to think that they actually will close a lot a plants but, for sure governments will need to use other energy sources to cover new demand) So, there will be a worldwide demand of energy technology which I suppose will make even more difficult for Venezuela to develop all the plants that we require to cover the current energy deficit…… not to mention the increase of demand based in the grow of the population. I hope that the coming 2.000.000 new houses will use solar energy…. or at least that they implement “Mission Shinning Candles” (distribution of free candles around the country).
    The good news for the nincompoop at Miraflores is that he will be able to blame the Japanese for his next fiasco.

  44. Carolina Says:

    Kepler, a little something off topic: la Abadia es proyecto del Arq. Jesus Tenreiro, uno de los grandes maestros de la arquitectura venezolana.
    Aqui una foto aerea, mas bonita.

  45. GeorgeS Says:

    Maybe Hugo will cancel his non-existing housing program out of respect for the Japanese who lost their homes.

    Just think, a gold mine in announcements of cancellations, cadena for each one.

  46. Roberto N Says:

    “Puedes comprar miel, los monjes trabajan también en agricultura, pero no sé cómo esté la cosa ahora con las invasiones. Last time I was there professional squatters were spreading all along the Southern Valencia Lake coast towards Güigüe.”

    I guess the squatters are counting on this:

  47. Kepler Says:

    Hihi…I twitted to your friend Eva Golinger with cc to BBC yesterday asking what she thought about Hugo’s progress on the nuclear programme. La maluca no respondió.

    I am afraid to tell you the Güigüe project is over. About 231 Venezuelan nuclear scientists that had recently returned from France on Fundayacucho and who had recently settled in Güigüe and Belen will have to be relocated.

    What’s going to happen? It’s not like we can train nuclear scientists to become experts in aeronautics to help in the launching of Bolívar II or at least in cleaning the computer’s screens at the Bolivarian space centre.

    Queda la abadía, muy bonita.
    Puedes comprar miel, los monjes trabajan también en agricultura, pero no sé cómo esté la cosa ahora con las invasiones. Last time I was there professional squatters were spreading all along the Southern Valencia Lake coast towards Güigüe.

  48. Groucho Marxist Says:

    Does this mean Hugo is going to cancel the Tucupita Ultralarge Hadron Collider too?

    And please don’t tell me he’s also canceling the Güigüe Dark Matter Multi-dimensional Black Hole Simulator too or I’ll start crying like a baby.

  49. geronl Says:


    Hugo is a funny guy sometimes. Next he will cancel the space program to save money.

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