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Chavez’ New Look: More Than Just a Bald Head

August 2, 2011

So, everyone looked at Chavez’ bald head when he talked about his “New Look”, but everything about Chavez’ image is carefully calculated and designed. From left to right:

1) Flag behind him, not always present.

2) Glasses, more likely due to the chemotherapy, which means he used to wear contact lenses for vanity reasons, but now can’t.

3) Nice, businessman-like new suit. Gone is the red shirt, only the red tie remains true to form.

4) Well appointed guard behind him, making him look Presidential.

5) Bald head, some spots begin to show up, particularly on the right side of the head. Cut before it becomes noticeable.

6) Little Venezuelan flag substitutes jackets and other implements.

7) Nice gold non-socialist Patek Phillipe watch, model 5119J, retails for close to $20,000 but you can get it for about 15K if you are a careful shopper. I wonder who coughed up the money for this present. And where did the Panerai go?

So, we are back to the soft, serious image. The lovable Hugo, I just wonder how long it will last. We have seen “new” looks before.