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Venezuelan Military Officers are Expensively Educated in Belarus far from Billo’s Cadets

August 29, 2011

It was a famous Billo’s song, the type of music that every Venezuelan has danced to at one point in their lives:

Por la puerta de mi casa en correcta formación
van pasando los cadetes que hoy están de graduación
unos son de la marina, otros son de la aviación
otros guardias nacionales y oficial en formación
La marina tiene un barco, la aviación tiene un avión
los cadetes tienen sable y la guardia su cañon
pero lo que más me gusta y me llena de emoción
es que pasen por mi casa en correcta formación

I guess the Cadetes are no more. Or at least, the Chavez Government wants a different type of Cadete. Why do I say that? Because under line 47 of the Fonden Papers, you can read:

“Providing training services for forty (40) cadets of the Bolivarian Armed Forces of Venezuela, according to the Program of Study of the Military Academy of Belarus”

Approved for the project: US$ 9,931,928.55, yeah, about ten million bucks!

Thus, we are talking in Fonden nomenclature (down to the cent) of US$ 248,298.21 per cadet.

Definitely not your Billo’s Caracas Boys Cadets at that price. In the sixties, you could get Billo to play 10 sets for about US$ 1,100 in one evening. But I digress.

Now, I don’t know how long it takes to train a cadet, but given that they are trainees, it is hard to imagine it can take longer than three years. It just so happens, that the Belarus Embassy in Italy has a brochure for the Military Academy and it clearly says that tuition is about US$ 5,900 per year on page 124 or maybe as high as US$ 6,000 per year in page 125. Let’s be generous, let’s give each cadet US$ 2,000 per month in stipend and the total cost comes to US$ 80,000 per cadet. Thus, either the Belarussians or someone else must be pocketing some US$ 168,298.21 dollars per cadet. No?

Sounds like the Cuban health outsourcing deal once again, but this time with Belarus.

But unless the Belarus Military Academy can turn Venezuelan trainees into super human military officers, why can’t the Venezuelan Military Academy train 40 cadets per year? I am sure they could use those 9,931,928.55 bucks in their budget.

And the cadets could march to Billos’ songs to boot!

Gaddafi on being rebuffed by Hugo Chavez and other Hugo tales

August 29, 2011

Reportedly this is a conversation between Gaddafi and his son, in which he refers to our august leader in no uncertain terms:

I don’t know what  this bloated Venezuelan dog thinks. Chavez is a coward. He has  sold himself to the Zionists. Yesterday, when probed about the possibility of moving to Venezuela in case the unthinkable happens, he began to falter like the eunuch comedian that used to make my grandfather laugh. He is a dog traitor. He told me it was not convenient for me to stay in Venezuela. And all the attentions we had for this devil!  The Libyan people’s wealth at their disposal. Our revolutionary wisdom. When he learned that we had put his name to the stadium in Benghazi he began to cry, like a mourner of the desert! Treating me like this, supposedly a comrade, a universal leader, a recognized giant of world revolution. Chavez is a miserable wimp, an impostor. A lot of verbal diarrhea, but where is the help he promised? He is unable to take risks, to confront their enemies with violence. As we have done, liquidating traitors, here and abroad. And will continue to do …

That Chavez is almost as rogue as Berlusconi. Because the Venezuelan is an opportunist masquerading as a revolutionary. Instead Berlusconi behaved with us like an open cynic, a gangster in love with gold.

I love the “opportunist masquerading as a revolutionary” part, I guess it takes one to know one…

I have no clue if the above story is true, but apparently Chavez does not even believe that the scenes from Tripoli are real, believing that it was all taped in Qatar using professional actors:

And just to make the point he once again questions whether the US got to the moon, using the old: Is there wind on the moon? in reference to the American flag on the pictures. I am sure the Cabinet took notice of his wise words.