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Hugo Chavez’ Physical Evolution part II, July 17th. to August 28th.

August 30, 2011

On July 16th. I showed the evolution of Hugo Chavez’ physical appearance during the time before and after his cancer was revealed. In this post, I show the evolution since then, using the same method of cropping his face from the front page of Correo del Orinoco. The order of the pictures is: From top left on: July 17th., July 22nd., July 25th. and Aug 6th. for the first square of four. The second one is Aug. 7th., Aug. 15th. , Aug. 22nd.and  Aug. 23,  and the last one is Aug. 24th., Aug 25th., Aug. 26th. and Aug. 28th.

Anyone that says he looks good, or has not changed, better take a look this carefully, it is after all, a 42 day span.

And BTW, what’s with the glasses? From none to high correction? Can anyone explain this?