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Did Diosdado Cabello really say that?

August 3, 2011

There is no doubt that the fact that the opposition decided to go with a single voting card has instilled fear and confusion in Chavismo. Chavismo never expected it would happen, but it did. Chavez attacks it, Jaua attacks it. Then Diosdado Cabello attacks it in the video above and then says:

“They are more tangled up than we are…”

Did Diosdado really say that?

Yeap! Not once, but actually three times, with his characteristic stutter. (Minute 0:34)

Maybe Diosdado could expand further on their “enredo”, they must really be tangled up for him to get stuck on that single idea.

Chavez Presidential Honor Guard, Not so Honorable

August 3, 2011

How about this “Generalito” in charge of Chavez’ Honor Guard who tells Chavez in no uncertain terms:

“You will always be our Commander, for now, forever. And there is no doubt we will never accept another Commander”

Some Democrat and ignorant fool this not so honorable General, who clearly does not understand democracy or the Venezuelan Constitution. Hopefully, there will not be a “Commander” to pay full respect and devotion to in Miraflores Palace after December 2012.

This is simply an attempt to suck up to Chavez and at the same time intimidate the opposition. But here it is, for the record and for the trial…

And yes, I am trying to intimidate too.