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Smoking Egg Rolls in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

August 21, 2011

“Fumarse una lumpia” or smoking an egg roll is a Venezuelan way of saying someone had to smoke something really weird in order to have said something so silly or absurd. Aristobulo Isturiz used that sentence to refer to Hugo Chavez a long time ago, but soon after that he rejoined his Government and even was Minister of Education, which showed his ideological consistency.

But in the video above, Hector Navarro, who has been Minister of a variety of things with Chavez, appears to have smoked a gold dusted egg roll when in min. 4.35 or so he says “It is crazy to pay someone else to custody our gold without getting any interest”

Jeez, a gold bugs dream! You not only speculate with the gold but get interest on it!

I wonder where Minister Navarro thinks this “interest” would be coming from? From the dust that comes off the gold bars?

There are other pearls in the video (Sorry, it is a little long!) like when he says there will be a financial crash because of the money printing by the Obama administration. I wonder if he has noticed that Giordani’s money printing since Chavez took power has been 17 times larger than that of the US in the same period (Factor of 2 for the US, factor of 35 for Venezuela). I guess in that case Venezuela will not suffer a financial crash, but a financial avalanche…

Navarro is the same guy who said the gold report had been leaked by the CIA. I always wonder why these guys never seem to worry about how the CIA obtained the documents.

It must be the gold dust in the egg rolls that limits the thinking…

(Kudos to reader JMA for noting this jewel by Navarro and captainccs for providing the link!)