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No room for being astonished in the Chavez revolution

August 23, 2011

-Remember the “Arepera Socialista”? That outfit that was going to make the Venezuelan staple cheaply and accessible to everyone and compete with the private sector? Well, they have been turned into “franchises” and thus privatized and the heroic workers that joined the experiment, one of dozens of Chavez’ costly ocurrences, were simply fired. Of course, in Chavista doublespeak, they were not fired, they were “let go”, a euphemism for a massive firing which is prohibited to the private sector under the current eight year hiring freeze.

-And weekly “Sexto Poder” was shut down and its owner/reporter Leocenis Garcia is being sought, its Chief reporter jailed, because they wrote an article about the powerful women of Chavismo. The crime? The article was accompanied by a composition of these powerful women faces, dressed as Cabaret dancers. The article itself said little. In bad taste? yes, but hardly noticeable given the obscurity of the magazine. But certainly incredible how fast the action took place to shut down a magazine in a country where there is freedom of expression. Meanwhile Mario Silva, Chavez’ official voice in VTV, continues ridiculing, insulting and disparaging anyone he wants night after night. Mr. Garcia was already jailed once under Chavez in this country where there is no”censorship”, but lots of persecution of the Government’s enemies.

Chavez goes on national TV, nationalizes the gold industry for the second time in a week and third in twenty years, says the gold is not being moved to pay debts, because “Venezuela has no debts” and ratifies that every single bar of the country’s gold will be returned to the country very soon.  Oh yeah! And Venezuela is the only country left that will recognize Qaddafi as the legitimate ruler of Lybia.

-An Iranian website writes this report up, video included, Bloomberg news aggregator picks it up and investors in New York thought there was an ongoing coup in Caracas, sending Venezuelan bond prices plunging as much as 3%, before people realized there were no shots in Caracas.

Simply no room for astonishment and the rate seems to be increasing…