Smoking Egg Rolls in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

August 21, 2011

“Fumarse una lumpia” or smoking an egg roll is a Venezuelan way of saying someone had to smoke something really weird in order to have said something so silly or absurd. Aristobulo Isturiz used that sentence to refer to Hugo Chavez a long time ago, but soon after that he rejoined his Government and even was Minister of Education, which showed his ideological consistency.

But in the video above, Hector Navarro, who has been Minister of a variety of things with Chavez, appears to have smoked a gold dusted egg roll when in min. 4.35 or so he says “It is crazy to pay someone else to custody our gold without getting any interest”

Jeez, a gold bugs dream! You not only speculate with the gold but get interest on it!

I wonder where Minister Navarro thinks this “interest” would be coming from? From the dust that comes off the gold bars?

There are other pearls in the video (Sorry, it is a little long!) like when he says there will be a financial crash because of the money printing by the Obama administration. I wonder if he has noticed that Giordani’s money printing since Chavez took power has been 17 times larger than that of the US in the same period (Factor of 2 for the US, factor of 35 for Venezuela). I guess in that case Venezuela will not suffer a financial crash, but a financial avalanche…

Navarro is the same guy who said the gold report had been leaked by the CIA. I always wonder why these guys never seem to worry about how the CIA obtained the documents.

It must be the gold dust in the egg rolls that limits the thinking…

(Kudos to reader JMA for noting this jewel by Navarro and captainccs for providing the link!)


30 Responses to “Smoking Egg Rolls in Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution”

  1. captainccs Says:

    Kudos for spotting it go to reader “JMA.”

    Una “¡Lumpia piche!” indeed!

  2. Carlos Says:

    This is the same guy that had the brilliant idea and technical explanation to move Venezuela official time by 30 minutes.

    • Kepler Says:

      I am deeply offended.
      Dr Evil is not very bright when it comes to maths and he may be a little bit out of touch sometimes but he is a sage and crafty man compared to any Chávez honcho.

  3. loroferoz Says:

    Just another hint of the willful ignorance of economics under which anything related to Socialism operates.

    Capital accrues interest because it is loaned itself by the banks that take deposits, at a higher interest rate. There’s also monetary inflation on whatever monetary sign the deposit is in. Banks generally offer an interest rate that is higher than inflation. None of this happens with gold or precious metals deposited in escrow. In fact, in a not-so-distant past, and in certain circles, gold was/is considered the genuine yardstick of monetary value. In fact, in certain circles it’s said that gold does not really go up except because of fiat currencies: Currencies devalue, and some people realize it and then want gold.

  4. JMA Says:

    Guys! Another one, this time by Merentes (Noticiero Digital):

    En un foro público organizado por el BCV sobre la repatriación de las reservas de oro del país, el presidente del Banco Central de Venezuela, Nelson Merentes, aseguró que la prima que paga Venezuela por préstamos en el exterior disminuirá “muchísimo” cuando el oro se encuentre en Venezuela.

    “Nosotros para buscar un préstamo en el exterior, nos miden, hay un riesgo que a uno se lo asignan diariamente. Entonces nosotros tenemos que pagar ese riesgo más la prima de ciertos instrumentos americanos. Eso significa que en este momento nosotros teníamos que pagar como 13, 14 puntos. Si nuestras reservas y nuestros activos tuviesen bien custodiados aquí, seguramente ese costo es muchísimo menor”.

    En el foro se encuentran presentes el ministro de Planificación, Jorge Giordani, el vicepresidente de la AN, Aristóbulo Istúriz y el diputado Robert Serra (Latest economics Nobel prize winners).

    Holy cow! This one smoked a kerosene soaked egg roll. LOL!!!!

  5. JMA Says:

    Now, this one, I am definitively not laughing it out. This is extremely worrisome. Again, Merentes (Noticias24):

    Dijo que los lingotes de oro “no se traerán de una sola vez” y que se tiene estipulado ingresarlos al país por vía aérea.

    I am not an insurance expert, but I read somewhere else that it would be impossible for any big insurance company – like, AIG – to provide insurance for such an amount of gold transported by plane. Presumably, in the event that something happens, it would be impossible for them to pay its value. I hope someone here can offer a better explanation.

    Thus, the only alternative would be by sea, a Somali pirate’s wet dream.

    Asimismo, el Presidente del Banco Central de Venezuela se comprometió traer el oro lo más rápido posible a Venezuela. “Tenemos que actuar rápido”.

    Why the rush? Is a governmental coup d’état coming, and they want to avoid sanctions? Are the leader and his revolution doomed, and they want to safeguard the gold in … Cuba?

  6. island canuck Says:

    For 98% of the membership of the PSUV this is pure Greek.

    Like all the other things happening lately the pronouncements are solely for the believers They know the cultists have no understanding of this but it answers any questions they may have if they accidentally see El Universal or Globovision or this foro.

    It is becoming obvious that they are repatriating the gold for more nefarious reasons. You can’t tell me that these pronouncements by supposedly educated & informed members of our government are being made unwittingly. They know what they are saying is dribble.

    By the by, have you seen the latest photos of Chavez? He’s really become Mr. Potato Head.

    • JMA Says:

      Even though I am still not 100% convinced about the so called cancer, the changes in his face may be due to the steroids in the chemotherapy regime. It is a well known side effect: moon facies. And if he is really so sick, well, that would be the least of his worries. However, I have never seen a cancer patient that fat. They ALL lose a lot of weight because cancers produce chemicals that suppress the appetite, and also they feed on the patient’s body to grow. It is all very strange, but if he really has cancer (which would be in the advanced stages, judging by the treatment), then he is not going to last long.

    • JMA Says:

      This is why I am not convinced. Does this guy look like he has a malignancy?

  7. A_Antonio Says:

    Me parece que los ministros están probando que causa más efecto, fumarse una limpia o ó fumarse un kilo de estopa con cera usada.

  8. a guerrero Says:

    In spanish, “como dijera un cummanes (from Cumana, Venezuela),la lumpia estaba piche y se la fumo con la candela pa’dentro”.

  9. CharlesC Says:

    Check Babalu for latest news from Cuba-Raul considering
    “pimping” top Cuban atheletes-for example, beisbol, soccer
    players,etc. can CAN play for money in Venezuela, Mexico,
    Japan, etc- (not US)..Must pay Cuba-type of agreement..

  10. CharlesC Says:

    This gold repatriation serves a major propaganda purpose. That being-
    “el pueblo” sees and believes Venezuela is not broke. THeir minds
    do not compute -the billions borrowed from China and Russia-no.
    They “believe what they see”-ie. show me the money..
    Blind to reality that Chavez has bankrupted Venezuela.

  11. Roy Says:

    The vehemence of the justifications for this move strikes me as a case of “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    My best guess is that gold will go into making golden parachutes for the inner and next to inner circles.

    • Ira Says:

      What would have happened if a young, dying girl from the opposition gave him that flag?

      But of course, we all know that he’s full of SHIT! That never happened:

      The a-hole is simply incapable of telling the truth–ever.

      I smile today in the delight that after his buddy Hussein was overthrown and hung from the gallows, one of his other buddies, Ghaddafi, is soon to meet the same fate.

      Iran’s Ahmedinijad is probably the next to go, and with that, goes Syria’s Assad.

      Jesus–it’s almost getting IMPOSSIBLE to be a despotic dictator these days!!!

  12. island canuck Says:

    Buster that is just really creepy.

    Here’s the key point of the article for us:
    “The Venezuelan president defended his practice of providing the public with updates on his medical condition rather than having one of his doctors release reports.

    He said his political opponents “are crazy to find out who my doctors are.”

    “I’m not going to expose my doctors to the ridicule,” Chavez said, adding that his opponents “would be capable of anything.””

  13. An Interested Observer Says:

    What do you mean, crazy? Just like you “sembrar petroleo,” someone else is “sembrando” Venezuela’s gold. That means cultivating more, right? (Of course, if he takes the word of the people spouting that crap at face value, he’s crazy on that count.)

    • pol47 Says:

      Just think, if the people of Venezuela had any self respect or balls they too could be a free people as those in Libya are today. Yet they sit around and believe the BS that Chavez is spouting about his support for the former thug in Libya and do nothing.

      What a waste when the people lose respect for themselves as those in Venezuela have.

      Sit back, have a Polar and cry in it.

  14. That’s some scholarly writing!!

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