Did Diosdado Cabello really say that?

August 3, 2011

There is no doubt that the fact that the opposition decided to go with a single voting card has instilled fear and confusion in Chavismo. Chavismo never expected it would happen, but it did. Chavez attacks it, Jaua attacks it. Then Diosdado Cabello attacks it in the video above and then says:

“They are more tangled up than we are…”

Did Diosdado really say that?

Yeap! Not once, but actually three times, with his characteristic stutter. (Minute 0:34)

Maybe Diosdado could expand further on their “enredo”, they must really be tangled up for him to get stuck on that single idea.

14 Responses to “Did Diosdado Cabello really say that?”

  1. island canuck Says:


    Inflation numbers for July just released:

    Total for the year to date: +16%

    And that’s their numbers which are highly suspect.

  2. Juan Crespo Says:


    I do not mean to defend Godgiven Hair or chavismo “verborrea” but i think what he meant was “They are more tangled up (with the card) than us (with the card)” not “they are more trangled up (with their issues) than us (with ours)”

    This is what i understand, however, i still feel like inserting a hammer into his trillionaire forehead

  3. A_Antonio Says:

    MO, Hay una ¿propaganda? al final del post en comentarios, extraña que dice “descarga ahora”, es sospechosa. ¿Qué es?. ¿Hay forma de controlar el tipo de propaganda de tu blog?

    • moctavio Says:

      No la veo, me la puedes mandar por mail para ver como se ve?

      • A_Antonio Says:

        Desapareció, si vuelve aparecer bajo la imagen y te la envío. Sólo era el letrero: “Descarga ahora” con una flecha. Le pasaba por encima el puntero y no identificaba la fuente en la parte inferior. Muy sospechoso

  4. CharlesC Says:

    O/T –
    “New doze of Chemotherapy given to “Shavez” will be administered, rectally, in order to reach the brain rapidly.” per Hans Deldrucker.

  5. Cal Says:

    Link worked fine for me.

  6. moctavio Says:

    I dont know hot to fix that.

    I said 0:34 not 0:45

    • captainccs Says:

      Yes, you said 0:34 but if you look at the link I posted, it ends on “#at=45”

      I cleaned up the link and used it and could not hear the quote because it started at 0:45. Ask the guys at WordPress how to fix the link. All the YouTube links in the emails are broken.

  7. captainccs Says:


    The link to the video in the email does not work because it has some extra stuff at the beginning:


    Second, the quote is at 32 not at 45 seconds.

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