Chavez Presidential Honor Guard, Not so Honorable

August 3, 2011

How about this “Generalito” in charge of Chavez’ Honor Guard who tells Chavez in no uncertain terms:

“You will always be our Commander, for now, forever. And there is no doubt we will never accept another Commander”

Some Democrat and ignorant fool this not so honorable General, who clearly does not understand democracy or the Venezuelan Constitution. Hopefully, there will not be a “Commander” to pay full respect and devotion to in Miraflores Palace after December 2012.

This is simply an attempt to suck up to Chavez and at the same time intimidate the opposition. But here it is, for the record and for the trial…

And yes, I am trying to intimidate too.

32 Responses to “Chavez Presidential Honor Guard, Not so Honorable”

  1. Buster Hymen Says:

    I love it when I see all these latin american military types with tons of metal and lettuce on their uniforms for all those non-existent wars they have fought….unless of course you count killing your own people as wars

    • m_astera Says:

      They are a whole useless parasite class all to themselves, never having provided a benefit it any country of South America over the last 150 years, as far as I can tell. The only reason that I can see that they are still around is that they have taken the arms away from the people and kept them for themselves. Unarmed people dare not complain too much about the only people allowed to shoot them.

    • m_astera Says:

      Should be a benefit “to” any country.

  2. deananash Says:

    Miguel, I LOVE your comment about one of the reasons for this post being documentation for the “General’s” trial. Now, from your keyboard to God’s ears.

    • captainccs Says:

      If you want to use a YouTube video as evidence then better make a copy of it as they tend to disappear from YouTube. I had links to the Rausseo (Er Conde) Globovision election campaign videos and they have been removed from YouTube because “the account was terminated.”

  3. m_astera Says:

    Breaking news? I went to send a letter via UPS today and was told that there was no UPS service from Margarita because the ferry was not operating and might not be operating again until September.

    Anyone else have any news on this?

    • island canuck Says:

      There’s nothing in Reporte Confidencial which is usually pretty current with local news.

      Wouldn’t UPS be using air cargo?

      • m_astera Says:

        I didn’t find anything in the news either.

        I was told the UPS shipments go from Margarita to Caracas on the ferry, then from Caracas by air. All I know is that I wanted to send a letter via UPS express to Australia, they wouldn’t take it and told me UPS wasn’t shipping because the only ferry to the isla was roto. I hope it’s not true, but why would the counterperson make up something like that, emphasizing that it is the only ferry and may not be running again until September?

    • island canuck Says:

      OK, here is what probably happened.

      You went into the local office and asked the attendant to send an envelope to Australia. He/she/they probably have never heard of Australia but, in the way of things here in Margarita, didn’t want to tell you that they didn’t know how do do the paperwork.
      So they told you something that they thought you would believe – the ferry isn’t running. LOL!
      It’s happened to me many times here – illogical excuses because of a lack of knowledge.

      Try DHL on Calle El Hambre (in front of the DirecTV office). I use them regularly to send documents to the US & Canada.

      • m_astera Says:

        I had been in there getting the price to send the letter (to Tasmania, actually) a couple of weeks before and talked to the same person, who had no problem looking up a couple of different addresses in different countries and quoting the cost. DHL was my next choice but I haven’t gotten there yet.

        We shall see, but if the ferry really is down things will get interesting.

  4. BETO Says:

    @Miguel; Totally off topic, please dedicate a post to the unbelievable picture of Bolibanana Republic VTV presented yesterday. By way of Government hacking personal phone lines of an opposition party during a presidential campaign, and publishes a personal conversation between two opposition activists, such conversation is totally irrelevant, meaning it is not a threat to the state, or person, or organization. However this scene paint exactly what is wrong in Venezuela, they are being recorded, surveyed while they try to democratically remove an un democratic and totalitarian regime. I give ZERO chance to the opposition in an electoral battle against this government, unless Chavez presence is required in hell before election time here in earth.

  5. Mar21 Says:

    Perhaps the General should get “Death Heads” to wear on his collar and hat.

    Would fit right in with the way Chavez runs the country.

  6. Pol47 Says:

    Perhaps on day the people of Venezuela will awake and place Chavez and his thugs in a cage as the people have done to Mubarak and his kind.

    It is a known fact that Chavez and his party have also killed just as Mubarak and his party did.

    Perhap one day.

  7. BETO Says:

    I’m amazed by the level of education these Military Officials Show, this guy have not ever presented anything to more than 2 people in a room. In a “Normal” country he would still be cleaning the Letrinas at the barracks. No offence to the cleaning personnel, but this guy could be of great help on that kind of activity.

    This general does not even pass an employment interview in a “Normal Country” I’ll send him back to School to learn how to organize words in his mind before daring to speak. Would this Guy pass a 4th grade exam? I don’t think so.

    I can tell you this much, a rooky player at the NBA after just 1 year of college have better presentation skills than this “KFC General” my apologies to the Fast food Giant.

    • HalfEmpty Says:

      Heh heh… Are you speaking of Harlan Sanders? He was a mere Colonel before the Cows Got Guns and forced capitalist America to embrace the fried chicken. The rest is our shame.

      The Revolutionary Veal can of course be seen here:

  8. LD Says:

    At least TalCualDigital (Petkoff) has a good article on this:

    • Kepler Says:

      Thanks, Juan.
      Yeah, that’s basically right. Now, he seems to be talking about “our adversary”…things are fuzzier than that…it is a lot of governments and private organisations against each other, basically; And it is not just in the ways he describes there.

  9. Carolina Says:

    In a truly democratic country, this video should be enough to take him to military court for treason.
    I think all these guys know that, but the $payment$ for these public expressions of loyalty to their commander is greater than their respect for the constitution, the one they use as toilet paper so well.

    Los esperamos en la bajadita.

  10. jose Says:

    poor kiss ass

  11. Juan Says:

    OT: Kepler check this out, it’s big news. Reality much worse…due to national security and corporate security, true extent cannot be revealed

  12. Cesar Says:

    Well, it seems to me he really isn’t saying anything we don’t already know. I mean, when Chavez leaves office and somebody else becomes president, this “General Ball-tugger” will certainly not hang around to greet the new one.

  13. la_roche Says:

    It seems to be part of the general culture of catering to Chavez’ narcissism to say idiotic things such as this. We have seen far more of it recently than is typical (and typical is already quite excessive). For example:

    – cadets “kneeling” to Chavez (quotes unnecessary because that is literally what they were doing)
    – Isturiz (civilian flunkie who was also Caracas mayor) calling Chavez a “moral beacon”
    – Giordani (finance minister & major idiot) praising his “guidance”.
    – etc., etc., etc.

    Clearly, in Venezuela, the sun revolves around Chavez and his ego. His latest bout of megalomania characterized by the “mr nice guy look” is only different in that reminds of the saying “my humility reminds me that I am better than all of you”. Yes, I doubt he would see the irony in that phrase.

  14. captainccs Says:

    El general Jala Bola de Ofico.

    Como tartamudea hasta que llega la jalabolismo donde se dispara el discurso bién preparado. ¿Acaso no se acuerda que juró lealdad a la patria y no al caudillito de turno?

  15. dianuevo Says:

    Speaking of scenarios for 2012. I just made a post of some possible outcomes for the elections in 2012. This guy fits exactly in the first scenario. It might be worth a read and I would be happy with any comments you have.

  16. megaescualidus Says:

    This “generalito” will probably be one of the first ones to flee if/when HC’s term’s up. In the best double speech/behavior that characterizes the “robolucionarios”, he may already have his “retirement” condo setup in Florida and an account in Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. In the mean time he will keep “jalando mecate”.

  17. sapitosetty Says:

    One of the few things I like a lot in Chilean political culture is that commentators routinely refer to the government as “el gobierno de turno.” This distinguishes it from “el estado.” There is a clear distinction between political interests and state interests, at least among educated people and opposition politicians. Hence, state television is supposed to be apolitical, and political campaigns have little state involvement. I wonder if any opposition types in Venezuela will commit to keeping political and state interests separate in their government, or if they will just want their turn at the trough.

    • Kepler Says:

      I have also seen that, not just in Chilean politics but in many other places. And I have discussed about “gobierno de turno” in posts about Venezuela and it seems this term puzzles Chavistas.

      It would be a good idea the alternative parties used this form.

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