Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters?

May 25, 2012

This morning a couple of bridges of Avenida Libertador in Caracas, had two of these posters each with a picture of the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly Diosdado Cabello and saying “Diosdado Presidente”. Of course, it is verbotten to talk about a candidate different than Chavez in public.

Of course, it would be dumb for Diosdado to have these posters made up. He denied authorship and blamed the opposition via Twitter. But Nelson Bocranda via Twitter (below) suggested the posters came out of the Ministry of Foreign Relations, where wannabe aspiring President Nicola Maduro resides. Definitely more juicy and interesting.

But who knows?

The question lingering in Caracas today still is: Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters?

26 Responses to “Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters?”

  1. […] And the question remains, Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters? […]

  2. […] And the question remains, Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters? […]

  3. Roger Says:

    Im waiting for the Bumper Stickers to show up.

  4. Venezuelans are already facing financial & political collapse.
    Criollo petain & his snivelling vichy hanger-ons will soon
    be in the dustbin.
    Power vacuums don’t last, hucha notwithstanding.

  5. CharlesC Says:

    “El Consejo de Estado”=hand of Castro.

  6. Wanley Says:

    We’ll have the slogan ready!


  7. CharlesC Says:

    Many people say Diosdado Cabello is not in favor of or loyal to Castro.
    I mentioned before- if that is the case- then why is he loyal to Chavez?
    In order to reach the top now in Venezuela-it seems that the person
    must be approved by Castro..just saying..
    And, I would like to ask each PSUV memeber if they support Castro?

  8. For what’s it worth –
    DiCab is no fidel-bootlicker.
    The man has business smarts,
    he consolidated enormous power already,
    and CháFrí dislikes him heartily.
    The posters were a stone-throw from
    PDVSA headquarters.
    Address: PDVSA Av. Libertador La Campiña, torre Este, Edificio Petróleos de Venezuela
    Phone: 58-212-7081111 | 58-212-7084111

    [ On April 13, 2002, he, DiCab, took on the duties of the presidency on a temporary basis, replacing Pedro Carmona, head of the Venezuelan Chamber of Commerce, as interim president after the coup d’état when Chávez was kept prisoner and was consequently absent from office. Upon taking office, Cabello said that “I, Diosdado Cabello, am assuming the presidency until such time as the president of the republic, Hugo Chávez Frías, appears.” A few hours later, Chávez was back in office. This made Cabello’s presidency the world’s second briefest, after that of Mexican President Pedro Lascuráin.]

  9. VJ Says:

    The group “Los Caballeros de Rangel” ( LCR) a.k.a. “El Consejo de Estado” is responsible for the posters, with Roy Chaderton, not Maduro, in charge of this assignment. The reason is that the civil wing of Psuv is very upset with the prominent role of Diosdado in resolving La Planta crisis.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Chavez claimed his phone calls directly to the prisoners helped resolve La Planta.
      I think your idea makes sense VJ- re. LCR and Roy Chaderton..

  10. Kepler Says:

    El informe? I don’t get it. What report is he talking about?

  11. […] And the question remains, Who Ordered The “Diosdado For President” Posters? […]

  12. Alek Boyd Says:

    …This morning a couple of bridges of Avenida Libertador in Caracas…

    I guess the place where the posters appeared is the give away, no Miguel?

  13. Bruni Says:

    Easy: Chávez.

    He is the only one that can stand a thorough investigation. He does not like DC and wants to pick his successor. He calls Bocaranda, tells it was Maduro and by doing that insures that the two major contenders fight each other and blame the opposition at the same time.

  14. Dr. Faustus Says:

    It can be argued from both the pro and anti Chavez political spectrums that Nelson Bocranda has assumed an enormous amount of credibility as a result of his accurate reporting on the illness of Hugo Chavez. He appear to have some very good sources within the Chavez circle. The fact that he tweeted that it might have been Madura who in fact printed-up those posters, even if he knew this to be false (!), will cause an enormous ruckus within the Chavistas. It’s actually quite funny. He might have been the first guy who had the courage to cry: ‘abandon ship!’ aboard the SS PSUV, and now its every man, woman and child for him/herself.

  15. Jeffry house Says:

    My theory: The posters have been printed up already by Diosdado, so he could use them for effect on “death day.” But someone who didn’t like the presumption stole a few to embarass him.

  16. syd Says:

    Strategy by JVR the scorpion. Not one to embrace openness and transparency, JVR chooses the little door to introduce a replacement candidate, by way of a trial balloon, making the placement of posters look like the job of pranksters.

    Maduro doesn’t have what it takes to engineer … much of anything. But it would be logical to suppose that the posters were made in his department of “social communications”.

  17. Dr. Faustus Says:

    This is great!

    Here’s what should happen next. The streets of Caracas should be filled with posters of all the leading PSUV heirarchy, each and everyone one of them running for President. All of em. Just imagine seeing a poster of satanic-eyed Iris Varela staring back at you from a wall in downtown Caracas. Varela for President! You betcha. Wouldn’t that be great?

  18. George Best Says:

    Definitely by himself to TEST the people, Nation and his own idiots…

  19. island canuck Says:

    I think it’s a brilliant move no matter who did it.

    It has the top candidates in the PSUV totally off balance. If it turns out to be a move from Maduro it will increase the infighting to new levels.

    One thing that occurred to me is that it may have been an employee in a PSUV print shop that just lifted a few that are in the process of being printed for distribution throughout the country for the July 1 start of the campaign.

    The decision may have already been made as to who the candidate is however they are waiting until Chavez somehow makes it to the CNE before June 11 to register so it will be his photo on the ballot.

    Interesting days ahead.

    • CharlesC Says:

      Mr Island Canuck, I am with you on this speculation! I think this testrun
      for Cabello and it may surprise everyone when they announce Cabello as candidate for President.(Maduro-VP). Anyway, Chavez- weakened will still
      be in power-behind the scenes until his death.

  20. Glenn Says:

    Diosdado is just participating in the democratic process of course 🙂 No kidding, those guys know Chavez is going to croak. Maybe it’s a fishing expedition by the PSUV

  21. deananash Says:

    If it wasn’t the oppo, it should have been. This is exactly the type of thing that will drive a narcissist like Chavez nuts. (It’s a form of mocking, which I’ve long advocated.)

  22. NicaCat56 Says:

    This is fantastic! I absolutely love it! Hopefully, this will cause the “rank and file” chavistas to think again. Well, at least we can hope, right?

  23. Marilu Gruber Says:

    Hilarious! Fantastic!

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