Jimmy Carter: Get Lost, Stop Meddling In Venezuela!

September 21, 2012

I really take offense at Jimmy Carter coming out today, two weeks before the Venezuelan Presidential election and saying that “As a matter of fact, of the 92 elections that we’ve monitored, I would say the election process in Venezuela is the best in the world”

First of all, he is talking about a process that took place eight years ago, for which he gave his blessing when there multiple evidences of fraud and wrong doing and for which his foundation tried to railroad the accusations and technical proof of fraud by holding a sham seminar on them.

I mean this is the same Jimmy Carter that after praising Chavez, came out and said he was disappointed with him, but then proceeded to give a stupid version of the 2002 events.

And I have to question his timing, given that he and his foundation are not observing the upcoming election, have not seen the changes that have been made to the system used in 2004 and has not been in Venezuela since that time. Why now? What is his motive? What basis does he have to say what he is saying? What prompted him to make that silly and false statement?

After all, he said nothing about the fascist Tascon/Chavez list when it was used to discriminate against thousands of Venezuelans. He has said nothing abut the fact that the “best electoral system in the world” includes fingerprint machines which are only used to intimidate the population into believing that the Government may know how they voted.

Again, why now? Why try to give his blessing on the system two weeks before the election? What is his motive? Why give an opinion about something he is so out of touch with?

I suggest the former US President stop meddling with Venezuelan affairs and perhaps find sometime to read these papers or read this whole section of my blog, which shows that what he is saying is just a bunch of crap and that electoral process that he praises so much was tainted and he was partially responsible for the fact that the irregularities were not investigated right after the election, but were the effort of scientists and mathematician who did care about Venezuela and not just showing off.

Jimmy, please find something better to do and if you or any of your collaborators read this, please explain why you all of a sudden have to give an opinion without any recent contact with our electoral system. Once again, it makes you look dumb, tainted and I find it extremely fishy after your inconsistent previous record in Venezuela.

But should you want to reply, maybe you can clarify or try to clarify again if the Chavez Government ever gave the Carter foundation a donation. that was never answered properly (The denial went something like: “The Carter Center has never received a donation in connection with its role …”). But more importantly, please stop anyone from your foundation fromsaying things which are not true about Venezuela, you have played a very sad role in Venezuela, you should be ashamed.

78 Responses to “Jimmy Carter: Get Lost, Stop Meddling In Venezuela!”

  1. nobis dame Says:

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  2. Giuseppe B Says:

    hey Mrs Carter Honestly we dont need your help in this time , just get lost , thats only we want now !


  3. […] Jimmy Carter: Get Lost, Stop Meddling In Venezuela! […]

  4. Tom Says:

    No longer content to be our worst president ever, now he wants to be our worst ex-president as well.

  5. deananash Says:

    But lets be fair to Carter, his organization has done remarkable work eradicating Guinea worm disease and for this, we should all be grateful. Just goes to prove the adage Bill Clinton mentioned a couple of weeks ago: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

    • firepigette Says:


      I am not sure about that analogy 🙂

      In today’s world, clocks are not very repairable, and broken ones are often just tossed in the trash….but Carter is the” gift that keeps on giving”

  6. CharlesC Says:

    “La oposición no está en capacidad de enfrentar las bandas armadas del chavismo. Habrá que esperar la reacción de las fuerzas armadas y las policías”

    Yeah, hope so. Welcome to Hugo’s Nightmare if the military does nothing and allows the “militia”-gangs to exercise their muscle in certain areas- this I expect.

  7. deananash Says:

    Carter was – and is – a fool. He is an ‘accident’ of History, just another piece of horrible “tricky Dick” Nixon’s legacy.

  8. HalfEmpty Says:

    I just want to wave at all the Rantburgers reading this thread.


  9. Chinchilla Says:

    You guys are rih and never cared about the millions oppresed people in the barrios. The biggest crimes in the recent history of Venezuela are the Caracazo and the 2002 coup. No wonder you are a minority in Venezuela: you prefer foreign liberal ideologies to dominate the country and its wealth to benefit other countries.

    • syd Says:

      Let us know when you’re ready to roll-out the new international geopolitical reality, which gives rise to a multicentric and pluri-polar world that, in turn, allows for universal equilibrium and guarantees planetary peace.

      “Cháchara y coba!” dijo Capriles, hoy en La Paragua, Edo. Bolívar.
      Mostró el programa del gobierno, que dice: “Contribuir al desarrollo de una nueva geopolitica internacional, en la cual tome cuerpo un mundo multicéntrico y pluripolar, que permita lograr el equilibrio del universo y garantizar la paz planetaria.”

      “Y la luz? y el agua? y las carreteras? y el empleo? y los alimentos?” preguntó Capriles. “Adonde está la seguridad?”

      Bien dicho, Capriles!

      • moctavio Says:

        Chinchilla, the subject is the elctoral system but as a good PSF you go off the tangent, you said something which is not true, so you come out blasting the wrong side. Yada Yada Yada, PSF bullshit.

    • Roy Says:


      Your “Socialism” was born in England, took root in Russia, and was finally abandoned there as a failed experiment. Liberal democracy was born in the Americas, in the wake of the revolutions against European colonialism and adopted by most of the rest of the world as it was proved to be a very successful model.

      Now tell me again, whose ideology is “imported”?

    • Kepler Says:

      The Caracazo? Most of the murderers there were military friends of Chávez, that’s why he never has accepted to carry out an independent inquiry. He prefers to feed a story to the useful idiots abroad.

      Do you know also about the war crimes of El Amparo and the Cantaura Massacres? Chavismo has said that is why it came to power.
      The curious thing is that two of the military-murderers that took part in those actions are key Chavista honchos: Ramirez Chacin, who was in one of the teams planning those actions and Roger Corder, currently deputy for the PSUV, who was one of the officials killing civilians in one of them.
      Bernal was one of the key officers in one of the most disgusting police units during the IV Republic. All of them are Chavista honchos and all of them are telling now people who were children at that time that the old Chavistas are the revolutionaries for the New Venezuela.
      Give me a break.

  10. CharlesC Says:

    Too many big-time crooks and criminals have gotten away with their evil in Venezuela over many years- including big dufus Chavez who should have been rotting in prison about now…

  11. Alex Says:

    Jimmy Carter, same opportunist shit as Rafael Caldera.

  12. CharlesC Says:

    Explain to me this-how does/did Chavez like Iran AND Iraq. I remember first time Chavez went to Iraq to meet Saddam Hussein. Chavez ran off the plane, jumped into the arms of Hussein and kissing him.
    (Hussein had just finished killing about a million Iranians and including some of his own people -Iraqi Kurds)
    Anyway- why is Chavez not friends with the new government of Iraq -which happens to be pro-Iranian?
    So many questions- I wish there were a series of debates- and one whole debate about “foreign relations” -just try to explain that to the Venezuelan
    people- but it is easy – they don’t know anything, right?

    • CharlesC Says:

      For that matter, why would Iran want to be friends with someone who was friends with Hussein…

    • Roy Says:

      If you try to find logic and consistency in Chavismo, you will only make yourself crazy. The only common thread is that Chavez likes anyone who doesn’t like the U.S. Commonality of interests have nothing to do with it.

  13. Will Says:

    Mr. Carter is at best a stooge of dictators. At worst he is a doddering old turd that needs to stop pretending that he is relevant in current events.

  14. Judith Scott Says:

    Find out how much he was paid by the Venezuelan government (Chavez) in 2002. He and his foundation are probably looking for another pay-off!

  15. Ronaldo Says:

    Jimmy Carter was the worst president and now he has exclusive title to “The Worst Ex-President”. He has hit bottom but that does not stop him from digging further.

    Honestly, how could an American citizen like Carter, sell out the U.S. and its friends? Carter’s credibility is so low, respectable people do not want to associate with him and he has trouble hiring for his center. Scumbag, and peanut brain.

    I have met Jimmy Carter twice, once when he was in office. Even decades later, I still wash my hands many times each to get his germs off of me.

  16. Carolina Says:

    As I always say, one of the things that marks a big difference between Venezuela and Canada is the voting system.

    The venezuelan voting system is complicated, full of check points, registration days are closed 8 months before the elections, long waiting periods on a sunday so there is no traffic, schools closed for two weeks to ‘prepare’ them for that day, with machines that check finger prints, more machines to press buttons for a computer that will give you a little printout, one has to vote with an specific ID (cedula) that cannot be expired, plus signatures here and there and a hideous purple ink in the pinky at the end.

    TOO MANY THINGS that can go wrong.

    Voting here happens on a regular work and class day, people go voting early, or at lunch of after work, but they go to work. Also, if you changed residence, you can actually change your registration with a electricity bill on the spot just before voting. You can use any photo ID, and for me the best part, the vote is with a little pencil IKEA-like, on a little paper 1/4 of a letter size sheet. Simple, in and out in 10 minutes the most.

    So Mr. Carter, come and talk to me about the best system….

  17. megaescualidus Says:

    Jimmy Carter was a disgrace of a US president, and not content with that his foundation is also a disgrace. And I ask, how is it that someone can be so off par and not realize he’d do better by going fishing somewhere remote, like North Dakota, or better yet, Alaska? Maybe he’ll freeze to death over there in Winter never head from again!

  18. Isa Says:

    The “best” voting system in the world can not include intimidation factors. As for rigging, it is estimated Chavismo rigged some 200,000 votes by voting for people that did not show up to vote in tables where the opposition had no presence, so much for the best system in the world. Additionally, the number of null votes increases as you go to poorer areas because the electronic system confuses the less well educated.

  19. juan Says:

    we forget the he wAs the one that say that the smarmatic machines used in the Venezuelan elections, after prasing our election process should not be used in the US. He keeps changing his mind. I guess smarmatic did not pay him as an advisor as the Venezuelan goverment seem to do

  20. Dr. Faustus Says:

    “Double, double, toil and trouble;
    Fire burn, and cauldron bubble!”
    ― William Shakespeare, Macbeth

    Like the witches in the opening scene of Macbeth, Jimmy Carter is out there ‘stirring-up’ trouble again. After reading the above you kinda wanna grab the old guy by the shoulders and say, “Go to bed!. You’ve done enough. Just leave it.” He’s already left his lasting legacy on this earth, ….that is Iran. The Persian people are among the most honest, decent and industrious on this earth. Lovely people. For what?…32 years now an entire civilization, an entire generation has been left in the wilderness. Its young suffocated. Its economy destroyed. That’s not what the Iranian people wanted. Were the Carter Center to have a sense of decency, ‘all’ of its efforts should be directed toward giving the Iranian people, especially the young, a real choice. They should be up-in-arms about making sure that everyone has a free and equal voice in that Mullah-dominated nation. But, they’re not. Why not? Carter and his Carter Center should first, …first (!) solve the freedom/liberty issue in Iran. They’ve waited 32 years. Only then should Jimmy Carter be allowed to comment on elections and free choice in the rest of the world. My God! Can’t you guys show at least one success story in the world (say, like, Iran), before you start stirring-up trouble in places like Venezuela?

    • CharlesC Says:

      I think it was 1978-Pres.Carter and Shah standing together on a balcony in Tehran.Carter said “Iran is an island of stability in a sea of chaos.” (Middle East) A mile away were huge gathering of protestors. I think Carter did not know that. Also, Shah had fired on protesters previously with machine guns from helicopters…[I was in military and on alert to go there.]
      Point is, Carter, et al were SO OUT OF TOUCH with what really was happening.Soon, protests intensified and Shah left(Jan 1979) and Ayatollah came back from exile 2 weeks later.
      Iran had a huge number of students in US (oil for students deal with the government). The new government gave the students 1 month to return to Iran and join the army or be considered the enemy and a sentence of death.
      Several stayed in US anyway…most left.

      • Ira Says:

        Really? Most went back to Iran?

        Did most of that have to do with following visa laws, or did they go back to support their “revolution?”

        A word I find disgusting in every possible way.

        • CharlesC Says:

          No-they did not support the “revolution”[I hate that word too]
          They feared for their family and death threat against them.

    • Dr. Faustus Says:

      Yes. I had a good friend of mine who worked for Voest Alpine of Austria. During the mid-80’s, during the Iraq-Iran war, he used to tell me of his stories of flying from Vienna to Tehran. At the time the Austrians were outside of Nato and thus allowed to buy Iranian crude. Voest Alpine lost a fortune trading in crude oil. My friend used to tell me stories of looking out his plane window and seeing Iraqi fighter jets, heading in the same direction, Tehran! His comercial plane would come in for a landing. The Iraqi fighter jets, however, would bomb anything and everything they saw below. Weird stuff. One wonders if Jimmy Carter ever contemplates the tens of thousands of young Iranians who lost their lives in human wave assaults against Iraqi lines? He’s an old man now. He’s probably forgotten that which he had sown.

    • Ronaldo Says:

      Faustus,Excellent post. Carter’s past in foreign relations is lacking. He should shut up and go back to peanut farming. His intellect may match the peanuts.

  21. Chinchilla Says:

    Carter is right. Moreover, he is referring to the current electoral system in Venezuela – one almost impossible of being rigged.

    • moctavio Says:

      Yeah, a great system that includes taking fingerprints to intimidate voters into thinking that the Government knows how they are voting. Surely the best, you obviously know as little as Carter.

      • Chinchilla Says:

        The vote is still confodential. The fingerprints are taken to make sure the same person is not voting more than once. Are you a paranoic or something?

        • island canuck Says:

          Miguel said: “…includes taking fingerprints to intimidate voters…”
          He never said that they were for anything else. Can you read English?

        • moctavio Says:

          no, the fingerprints are not necessary, they are there to intimidate, nothing more, nothing less. The system does not communicate with the outside, there is no comparison with fingerprints from one voting center to another, your fingerprint is only compared to your fingerprint from previous elections at that particular center or your previous center. You can have two cedulas, different numbers and vote twice and the fingerprint would be identical and nothing would happen. Your two votes would count. Not paranoid, intimidation, initimidation, intimidation, polls show a significant number of people think the Government can know how you vote, they cant, but they still lead you to believe that.

          • CharlesC Says:

            Yes, and the military at the voting places intheir new uniforms-not necessary either. That is not a job for the freakin military. ANd it is not a job for the civilian militia brainwashed idiots either. Everyone with weapons should stay away from voting places-and just set up cameras there and not gangs either.

        • CharlesC Says:

          The only thing wronger than your statements is my grammer.

    • Ira Says:

      Did you read my post above, about my niece? Who won’t have a state job unless she votes for Chavez?

      Doesn’t this constitute rigging, or is your limited definition of the term only meant to serve your SELF-serving support for Chavez?

  22. Luisa Mascara Says:

    we need to start a petition banning the carter Foundation from meddling in the affairs of Venezuela.. other countries can take care of their own.
    Eight years ago after the quick exit by Jennifer McCoy and co. after our referendum, i wrote a scathing letter to Mr. Carter, of course never heard a reply, for that reason i don’t believe a simply letter will do.. they don’t care.

  23. Carter had a talk with Chavez in early September. He asked to talk to Chavez, says Jennifer McCoy, a Director of the Carter Center. After this talk Carter came out saying what he said about the Electoral System in Venezuela. Chavez said that he had promised “support” to Carter for a program in Brazil.
    In other words, Chavez gives Carter money and Carter says what Chavez can use for his campaign. In Spanish this is called palangre, in English Payola.
    Los mochos se juntan para rascarse.

    • CharlesC Says:

      “Los mochos se juntan para rascarse.”
      Thank you, Mr. Coronel for the inside scoop.

      “Chavez said that he had promised “support” to Carter for a program in Brazil.”- with whose money? Venezuela money?Another illegal act by

    • Alex Says:

      In Latin: Asinus asinum fricat

  24. Pedro Says:

    Jimmy Carter is a pathetic anti-Semite who was a terrible president and an even worse former president. A true embarrassment for humanity.

  25. NicaCat56 Says:

    @Ira, I, too, am a liberal democrat, and (I really hate to say this), I actually voted for Carter. That said (please forgive me, one and all), the things that come out of his mouth and from his foundation have truly had me cringing from regret, remorse, and from the shitstorm that follows just about anything that he says. After the debacle he went through in Iran, I really don’t understand just how he manages to put himself and his organization into countries who have NO clue as to how he/they work.

  26. Ira Says:

    On a side note, Carter was the worst, most ineffective president that we’ve had in DECADES! I’m a liberal democrat, but this shmuck gets NO respect in this country at all.

    Which is why, I guess, he feels the need to leave it to feel relevant.

    But on a strictly Sophist basis, arguing for argument’s sake, how in the world can he tell anyone not to meddle in VZ elections–which is exactly what his organization is doing in the first place?


    • NorskeDiv Says:

      Carter is even disappointing as a nuclear engineer. He helped build the US nuclear navy, and then as president put the nuclear power industry into a thirty year stasis, resulting in countless new coal power plants and untold damage to the environment. He’s a failure as a president, as an environmentalist and as an election monitor.

      I wish he would stick to Habitat for Humanity.

      • Roy Says:

        I wouldn’t even trust him with Habitat for Humanity. I don’t agree with all their goals, but they are a serious and credible charitable organization, not deserving of Carter’s poor leadership and moral ambiguity.

        Maybe Habitat for Hamsters is more appropriate and innocuous.

        • Coriolis Effect Says:

          As bad a Carter was…GWB was far worse. GWB not only destroyed the US’s good name, but came very close to destroying the world’s economy. However, contrary to what Roy says, he has done well with Habitat for HUmanity.

          • Noel Says:

            No US president has been worse than Carter. Even if GWB had his failures, there never was any ambiguity as to his character or his determination to protect his country.

            • Ira Says:

              This is true:

              When us Democrats feel really, really embarrassed about our party, and when Republicans attack us using him as an example, there’s nothing we can do but admit it:

              The guy was the WORST!

              I am no GWB fan (what a surprise), but unless you lived in the U.S. and experienced the INFLATION under Carter…not to mention the degradation of the U.S. in world affairs…plus the total hopelessness…people have no idea.

              His failures are well on par with Herbert Hoover’s–who was the WORST president in U.S. history.

              When Carter leaves this world, his eulogies will about him donning a hammer and screwdriver building houses, but as far as helping the U.S.?

              There’s not a single positive thing to say about him.

  27. Ira Says:

    Does the following happen in “clean” elections?

    As some of you may recall, my niece is a geriatric social worker in Caracas, and although anti-Chavez, she has had to lie about her political leanings in order to keep her job in the Chavista hierarchy.

    This week, the administrative offices for The Institute of Geriatrics in Sabana Grande held an election “drill” for all employees. Part of this “drill” was a lecture that each employee was expected to bring 10 people to the polls to vote for Chavez. The implied threat was that you lose your job if you don’t.

    But more disturbing?

    The administrator of this agency, the big cheese, the big honcho, told everyone that if Chavez loses, they are to DESTROY the office. Wreck the computers, furniture, phones, records, EVERYTHING.

    This is not bullshit– I am not making this up–and I trust my niece 100% to say the truth.

    Equally disturbing to me is when asking my wife the exact name of the boss…the proper name of the agency’s office…its exact address…etcetera etcetera…she wouldn’t tell me because she fears for my niece’s job, and her safety.

    Just because I want to post about this on Miguel’s blog.

    And people still have problems making the analogy between Hugo and Hitler?

    • Roy Says:

      I have taken it as a given that the Chavistas will leave the entire federal government in the same state that they left the Miranda state government: i.e.: Completely destroyed.

      Let us hope that the Opposition has spies in all of the various offices making copies of all the computer files and records, so that the government can be reconstructed more quickly.

  28. syd Says:

    Frankly, that photo you chose, Miguel, makes Carter look somewhat demented.

    When I first made inroads into the (Ven) left in Toronto, back in 2003, a Sociology prof (Ma. Páez Victor) heading up a local Bolivarian Circle, spoke to a group of under 50, at York University, about the wonders of Chávez. (http://www.yorku.ca/cerlac/bulletins/2-1_Victor.pdf)

    At the end of MPV’s cheerleading session, some airhead in the audience mentioned the coming referendum. I didn’t get it then, but MPV practically genuflected as she clasped her hands and said: “Thank God for Jimmy Carter.”

    Me olió a fo.

    • moctavio Says:

      Syd: Of course, I picked the photo to fit the story.

    • Alex Says:

      It’s not a matter of picking the right or wrong pix to post in this topic. The individual has already shown signs of mild senility and in my opinion, along with George W., he has been the WORST president the US ever had. I’m sure he may be a nice guy to have as a neighbor and ask him for a cup of sugar or peanuts and take care of your pet if you are out of town but, for God’s sake, Jimmy, stay out of Venezuela please.

  29. NicaCat56 Says:

    @jessica wabbit, keep on dreaming, girlfriend. I believe that you are the sad one. Obama will win loud and clear.

  30. Jeffry house Says:

    I spent time monitoring the Presidential election in Nicaragua, and saw Jimmy Carter up close. His questioning of Rosa Marina Zelaya, the head of the electoral commission there, was incisive and pointed in the days before the vote.

    And when the Opposition won, and his observers reported that the polling had been fair, Jimmy Carter’s report made any shenanigans impossible.

  31. Luis Miguel Segovia Aular Says:

    Mr. Carter came forseaking the the Peace Nobel Price.
    He care non for this country, his people.
    He made no coment during the elections but a few days latter remarks of aspects, very important, that were important faults in the process.
    He is now is acting like physician that makes a diagnosis without talking or examinig the patient and having no consideration of auxiliary exams. Pathetic!

  32. jessica wabbit Says:

    no no no…youre stuck with him !!! WE DONT WANT HIM BACK !!! the sad thing is that when Obozo loses in Nov we’ll have him hanging around like Carter and Clinton for the next 30 years passing judgement on everyone else and meddling……

  33. justsayin Says:

    I think he is widely rejected by republicans as being incompetent. I viewed him as a guy who cared and was very intelligent but not cut out for the presidency. America found itself with a serious identity crisis after the failed Iran hostage rescue and all would have been forgiven if his rescue proved successful in my view. But he is too far removed from Venezuela to even comment about the fairness of the elections and should stick with his good deeds. This is not one of them.

  34. extorres Says:

    The same goes for Jennifer McCoy.

  35. firepigette Says:

    He made Venezuela pay didn’t he ?

    Widely recognized as, and rejected for being, the most incompetent President in American history, Carter is determined to make America pay and there is no depth of bitterness, treachery, or treason he is unwilling to plumb. It’s sort of a reverse Peter Principle: he’s sinking to the level of his only real competencies.

  36. Chiguire Says:

    Why is he meddling now? Simple, just wait and watch the money trail. My guess is that the Carter Center was/is/will be the beneficiary of a significant “limosna”

  37. CharlesC Says:

    “Hugo Chávez está adiestrando a células de «militantes revolucionarios », en parte procedentes de los llamados « colectivos » ( bandas callejeras armadas), para controlar una eventual votación adversa en las presidenciales del 7 de octubre.”(-ABC Espana.)Hey Jimbo, get your glasses on and read this!
    Or, get Rosalyn to read it to you.


  38. Kika Says:


    “President CARTER had raised with President Chavez and other Andean
    leaders the idea of an Andean Forum to establish unofficial
    channels of communication between and among the Andean countries
    and the United States.”

    “Because of the polarization in Venezuela, the
    CARTER CENTER decided it would only consider Chavistas for
    membership in Venezuela’s delegation since they believed the
    inclusion of “opposition” representatives would prevent Chavistas
    interested in dialogue from participating. The Embassy has
    consistently urged the CARTER CENTER to include non-Chavistas in
    the Venezuelan delegation. ”

    “The Embassy is concerned that the CARTER CENTER’s Andean Forum
    could burnish the reputation of the Chavista “project” and
    undermine the democratic opposition and regional partners”

    “Embassy believes that official U.S. participants
    in the February 23-24 event should encourage a more balanced
    Venezuelan delegation that better reflects the range of views
    within Venezuela.”

    Is Centro Carter truly democratic? ME THINKS NOT!!!

  39. Ken Price Says:

    I regret to say that I knew Jimmy Carter, and that my Attorney headed his election campaign in South Carolina. Ol Jimmah turned out to be a major disappointment to nearly everyone in the South, and I doubt he could be elected dogcatcher in this area today. I truly think he makes these statements to remind everyone he’s still alive, more than anything else. Frankly, everyone here would much rather forget!

    • Noel Says:

      Carter found a great way to occupy himself after he left office, and that was Habitat for Humanity. Unfortunately, it was not enough to satisfy his huge ego.

  40. geronl Says:

    Jimmy Carter never met a dictator or tyrant he didn’t take a liking to. I trust Carters’ opinion like I’d put a fox in charge of chicken farm security

  41. jc Says:

    I don’t mind it because when Capriles wins we can say “HEy, Carter said the elections were clean.” 😀

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