Maduro’s New Gaffe Places Raises Doubts About His Capabilities

August 4, 2013

You have to wonder about Maduro’s intellectual capabilities. He goes from gaffe to gaffe, insulting countries, showing he does not even know Venezuelan states and the like. For a man that was Foreign Minister for six years, you have to wonder how he did not even learn much in that time.

But his latest gaffe really makes you question his intellectual abilities. Maduro after all, lived in Cuba for over a year, then goes on onto this tirade praising Cuba and its supposed independence and sacrifice to be independent, getting all sentimental, grabbing the flag, joining it with the Venezuelan flag in a symbolic gesture, almost tear eyed, except…

The flag is Puerto Rico’s flag, not Cuba’s.

I know they are similar, but the colors are all inverted, Maduro should know, that flag (the Cuban one) is sadly present in too many Venezuelan Government and military facilities.

29 Responses to “Maduro’s New Gaffe Places Raises Doubts About His Capabilities”

  1. Richard Cheeseman Says:

    In fact, the video was simply edited to create the false appearance of a mistake by Maduro. In other words, this was disinformation. A falsification. Fakery. A right wing propaganda lie.

    So who is the “moron” here? President Maduro? Or the pitiable propaganda victims displaying their malice and credulity above?

  2. concerned Says:

    With every day that goes by and with every gaffe that escapes this bozo’s mouth, it just proves without a doubt that any moron can fill the position of president under this cuban mafia. And that chavez was only a simple puppet and not the savior of central and south america as he is portrayed by the coolaid drinking chavista cult.

    Bozo grabbing the wrong flag should not be the concern, but that he continues to serve up venezuela on a platter to his cuban masters. Maybe if he were actually born in venezuela, he would be more reluctant to do so.

  3. hgdam Says:

    He is a moron! First, he did not even bother to check whom was being honored. Had he done so, he would have realized the writer was Puerto Rican. Second, he gave a corny speech about Cuba during this award ceremony. So, it was not a simple error of confusing flags. He thought the writer was Cuban and he thought it would be a great idea to join both flags because as he said “after all, they are one and the same.” For fucking crying out loud, we have an idiot for president.

  4. RattInnaCage Says:

    The Cubans don’t care if Maduro kisses their flag, just as long as he kisses their butt and dances to their tune.

  5. Aristo Says:

    I can’t be too hard on Maduro for not being able to tell which flag is which. After all, a long time ago I met some Cuban-Americans in South Florida which weren’t sure either.

    But Maduro should have known that the recipient of the Rómulo Gallegos Prize is Puerto Rican, and thus the flag had to be PR’s. Also, his ignorance comes to light when he says that in the mid-1950s Cuba achieved its independence, since Batista was ousted in 1959!

    • Kepler Says:

      Yeah, that one about Cuba’s “achievement” was also remarkable.
      Bear in mind, though: ask 20 random Venezuelans in what century they live in and half of them will have problems.
      Ask them in what century, more or less, we got the Independence: half will tell you anything (but wrong). Ask them in what century the Conquista started (more or less) and they might tell you a century that is after the Independence or in the X century or whatever.

      Ask them from what language Spanish is primarily derived and some will venture Greek or Arabic.
      That happens even among lots of Venezuelans who finished secondary school. Maduro didn’t finish it.

  6. Alberto Says:

    Joany Sánchez twetted about this blunder. The word spreads worldwide and very fast…..

  7. geronl Says:

    So what is it called when a country is ruled by the incompetent?

    Besides “normal” these days

  8. Virginia Laffitte Says:

    What a dunce Nicolas Maduro is. Poor thing. He’s a PUPPET President
    being advise by those who have & will continue to line their pockets ..
    with what is rightfully for the Venezuelan PEOPLE. “People be damed” seems to be the governments motto!

  9. Antonio Says:

    The Cuban flag was designed by a Venezuelan, Narciso Lopez, in New York in 1848. The flag of Puerto Rico was also designed in the heart of the Empire at a later date. However, the CIA was created in 1947 and had nothing to do with the design of either flag (but they could have had something to do with the shifting of the flags to make Maduro look even worse than he normally is).

  10. TV Says:

    I’m going with total moron on this one, and also indicative of a deeper problem. He probably didn’t pick the flag (as in a physical flag) to be put there himself, some low ranking Chavista squire did it. That person was incompetent too, probably because the only qualification he needed was loyalty to the regime.

  11. El Ngro Says:

    La bandera es de Puerto Rico, pues el ganador del Premio Rómulo Gallegos es de esa isla. Lo sigo con mucho interés, pero no puede permitirse esos errores, su credibilidad se afecta. Un saludo!

  12. Kepler Says:

    “Bloqueo heroico”? (solo un ejemplo)
    Hombre, ¡cómo destroza el idioma español!

  13. Gerry Says:

    Its not what he does its what the people think he does.

  14. Never been to Cuba, been to PR three times, can tell the differenceno problem. He livedin Cuba!

  15. In fairness, the PR flag has a lot more red on it…easy mistake.

  16. Ira Says:

    The Americans treated the flag with a special chemical so the colors would change and embarrass him.

  17. I personally think that Venezuelans are, in general, much more advanced economically than Zimbabweans simply because of the huge wealth of crude oil which Zimbabwe does not have.

    However, I observe the same impotence of the opposition to topple an illegitimate government.


    Who can explain it?

  18. syd Says:

    Three possible answers for the gaffe (choose more than one):
    1. If Maduro is not dyslexic, then he may also be fully colour-blind.
    2. Maduro does not prepare, ahead of a speech.
    3. Maduro is a moron.

  19. Glenn Says:

    Doesn’t this guy have “handlers?”

  20. captainccs Says:

    Puerto Rico is now American. Maybe Maduro secretly yearns to be annexed by the Empire. Maybe he wants to visit Disney World to talk to Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

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