Contest of the week: What is Tascon doing in this picture?

April 26, 2005

This picture was taken by a photographer from El Nacional in February
of 2004. It shows Deputy Luis (alias Adolfo) Tascon leaving the
Electoral Board (CNE) carrying a box. What do you think he is doing?:

a) He was selling empanadas de cazon to the CNE Board.

b) He was carrying the dollar bills to buy the infamous list from a Sumate Executive.

c) He was carrying the copies of the opposition petition so that he
could create his list. The copies were made with the twenty
photocopiers he brought into the CNE on January 13th. as authorized by
the CNE President.

d) He was stealing some of the signatures from the opposition petition.

e) He was teaching english spelling to the reporters outside the CNE.


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