Give Omar Mora his visa back

May 27, 2005

And yet another editorial by Petkoff: Give Omar Mora his visa back

Omar Mora Diaz, who won the Presidency of the Venezuelan Supreme Court in a box of detergent, has thrown a terrible tantrum because the gringos voided his visa. He is not the first an only Venezuelan victim of the Patriot’s Act, in whose name, according to the recent report by Amnesty International, the US has turned into the country in which the largest human rights abuses are committed. In fact, the Director of this paper also had his visa voided last year, which shows the absolute irrationality of that paranoid policy that is being backed by the gringo neocons. But one does not understand these “revolutionaries” of ours. Weren’t we going to “revise” diplomatic relations with the US?  Isn’t it like it would be good to know what good it does us to have an embassy in Washington? One would have expected of Omar Mora a vibrant statement telling the gringos that they can stick their visa you know where…in their pocket because soon we are going to show how tough we are as a country when our commander in chief sends them to hell. But no way. Return his visa to poor Omar, that man is no “threat” to the security of the empire. He does not want to go there to put a bomb in New York but to sped the dollars from his big salary in Disneyland and the Miami stores, like any ta’ barato* squalid.


*ta’ barato: Name used to describe Venezuelans who went to Miami in the 70’s when the Bolivar was overvalued and they would supposedly say: “Ta’ barato, dame dos” (It is cheap, give me too. It was later shortened to the first part.

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