No lese majesty for Chief Justice Mora

May 28, 2005

One could only watch the sorry spectacle in awe. The Supreme head of injustice in Venezuela, denouncing the loss of his Mickey Mouse rights, outraged at the insult to the majesty of the institution he claims to represent. Decrying the fact that the dignity of his institution had been attempted against. Asking for explanations for what is essentially irrelevant for the affairs of state. Talking about morals and ethics and calling himself an honorable person.

But where was selfless and immoral Mora when the rights of thousands of Venezuelans were being violated by the same unethical and amoral Government, which he supports with adoration, was destroying the lives of truly honorable citizens and their families, eliminating the only livelihood or destroying the civil service careers of normal citizens whose only crime was to exercise their constitutional right to request the recall of the President? Or why didn’t he hold a press conference to denounce how the rights of dozens of poor citizens of the state of Guarico had been violated, as they were violemtly exterminated and eliminated, under orders of the Governor of that state, who is still backed and supported by his adored leader? These were truly members of the “pueblo” he and his leader claim to love and work for and it is a political party, rather than the Justice system who is deciding the fate of the case. More Venezuelans than Posada Carriles ever killed in his lifetime have been killed in the state of Guarico by its own Government, but has Mr. Mora signed any order against the Governor of that state, or anyone for that matter?


Is a simple email grave enough to upset him, but the daily death of a Venezuelan in prison goes by unnoticed by him? This, while various Government offices and the same judicial system he presides over forgets the thousands of men and women without sentencing, without lawyers, sometimes even without formal charges, who live in infrahuman conditions in Venezuelan prisons, without anyone taking responsibility for it? And what of the immoral removal of judges at all levels anytime a decision is made by one of them, which goes against the whims, moods and wishes of the supreme leader?


Mr. Mora wants the US Embassy to treat him with courtesy. I want Mr. Mora as the impersonator of the Chief of Justice in Venezuela to have that same courtesy and respect he demands for our beleaguered and battered Constitution. I want him to go out and hold a press conference with the same outrage, intensity and passion, every time the basic and fundamental principles that are supposed to be guaranteed by our Constitution are trampled over and violated by this fake revolutionary Government.


Morals, ethics and majesty are big words. They should be handled with care. Particularly by those who have the power, who have the ability to affect the course of events. When the highest Court of the land is simply placed at the service of a man and his ideas and not of the Constitution, there is no morality or ethics to defend. As for Majesty with a capital M, a Court that has had no respect for the Majesty of the Law, has no majesty that can be respected. There has not been lese majesty in the case of Justice Mora and the Court he represents; only when dignity is restored to that body, could such a crime be committed.


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