Law of the Jungle part III: Shoot the cops!

September 28, 2005

Well, the Law of the Jungle continued en force in Venezuela, this time in my own municipality.
The story is quite simple and this time there are videos to prove it. A
guy in a Motorcycle, wearing no helmet is stopped by the police of the
Chacao municipality. The guy has a gun which is not of police issue,
identifies himself as a metropolitan cop, but when he is going to be
arrested, escapes. He actually goes in a one way a street in the wrong

(On the right and left you see the armed “cops”,
brought in by Eduardo Semtei to rescue the cop that the Chacao police had detained. You
can see Semtei, the guy with the Lacoste shirt in the middle picture,
giving orders and you can hear him ordering his cops to shoot the
Chacao cops in the video)

local police (Polichacao) pursues him and captures him and they take
him to the headquarters of Polichacao. As they are booking him a
contingent of 60 cops from the metropolitan police shows up, well
armed, led by the Secretary General of the Metropolitan District, the
former infamous former Head of the CNE Eduardo Semtei. They attempt to
take the guy, who is supposed to be a cop by force, when the Chacao
cops refuse to Semtei i.e. heard on the video telling the metropolitan
cops to shoot! Fortunately, they had better sense and did not obey this
nuts commands. (All of this, from the time the cops arrived in
Polichacao was shown in video).

As Lopez told it, this could have created a tragedy and fortunately nothing else happened. Lopez said he would sue
Semtei. Lopez added that had nothing else happened and the cops not
arrived led by Semtei, the Metropolitan cop would have left with a fine
for not wearing a helmet and driving the wrong way in a one way street.

also said that he was sure that if he had done something like that, the
Government would intervene his municipality and make a big scandal of
it. Instead, the Minister of Interior and Justice questions what
Polichacao did, for not releasing the cop when he showed the ID from
the Metropolitan Police. Of course, he fails to mention why he escaped,
why he was armed with a non-issue weapon and the fact that he was in
violation of the law for not wearing a helmet. But you see, this is the
law of the jungle, if you are with the Lion King, you do what you

You can see parts of the viedo here.

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