Polar and Chavez clash, Chavez plays dumb

September 28, 2005

Yesterday the Head of the Polar Group outright rejected the expropriation of its plant in Barinas state. Lorenzo Mendoza said
that the act was unfair, baffling and unconstitutional and he had no
plans to negotiate but simply defend the groups’ rights in the Courts.
He stated that as deterrmined by the National Assembly, the plant was
operational and the Government had gone back on the agreements that had
been reached.

Later, the cynical Minister of Agriculture, who had been part of the
agreements mentioned by Mendoza and had said the expropriation was an
“indepndent” act on the part of the Governor of Barinas stare, who
happens to be Chavez’ father, described the future plans for the plant,
proving that the action was in concert with the Central Government, no
matter what these liars try to say.

But the best performance award had to be given to Chavez himself,
who gave his assurances that the State would not tarmple the rights of
the Polar Group, as if an illegal intervention, followed by an
agreement which was violated within a week and an unheard of
expropriation by a Governor of the Polar plant was not trampling
enough. To make the performance even more cynical and threatical Chavez
told Mendoza that they could not break the links, that they could not
throw stones at each other, as if the man with the daily multiple
catapult was not Chavez himself. Chavez’ performance was so incredible,
that I watched it in disbelief wondering if this guy was manic
depressive or what. How can he posibly talk about links when it is his
Government that has acted in its best autocratic style, with total
disregard for the law and the use of military force? The Constitution,
the law and procedures established by it have been bypassed, using a
style calling for negotiations and acting like bullies trying to see
how far down they can push and abuse the other side.

The whole episode is certainly one of the most ominous and threatening
ones in recent Chavez autocratic history. Private property rights seem
to be defined at will by the President himself, without the
judicial power providing the required defense of the Constitution and
the people. The President of the Supreme Court was more concerned
yesterday with criticizing Human Rughts Watch, than with saying
anything about how the law in Venezuela is non-existent, how the rights
of Venezuelans, of all levels, are trampled daily and he stands there
like a mute-deaf-Chavez-puppet allowing the Bolivarian Constitution to
be trampled with, bypassed and ignored by the dictatorial designs of
the only authority he recognizes: Hugo Chavez.

The only saving grace is that Mendoza did not bidge, much like Azpurua
on Sunday. It is time to take a stand before we lose all rights, before
this fake democrats decide they are tired of acting. Who is next? You?

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