Chavez ready to shoot the corrupt. Do we have enough bullets?

January 15, 2006

Hugo Chavez today:

“If I could shoot somebody this will be the case”, in reference to the accusation by the Editor of Ultimas Noticias of corruption in the military, when three billion bolivars slated for a sugar complex “dissapeared” in the State where Chavez was born.

Where should I start? For example, if he had said that everytime there was an accusation like that, he would be saying it almost daily. Can he remember bolivar 2000 for example, where phantom checks were found all over the place? How about the US$ 3 billion “missing” when his current Minister of Finance first held the position? Or the former Vice-Minister caught with US$ 40,000 in cash in the US? How about all of the active and former military buying property here and abroad? How about the bond transactions? Or the CADIVI corruption? Does he remember the 46 cases of corruption that his Head of the intelligence police denounced twelve months after Hugo took over and led to his resignation because nothing was ever done? It is simply endless…I just don’t think there would be enough bullets anyway.

In fact, I know a former Minister of Chavez who denounced the corruption of hisVice Minister directly to Chavez. The guy was removed, only to resurface three months later as Vice-Minsiter of Energy.

Sure Hugo, we believe you, you are serious about fighting corruption, sure…But at least, shoot them AFTER they have been found guilty, not before. it would look bad.

In Spanish this is called a bravuconada, sort of like a bunch of BS. But we are used to it anyway.

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