The slow pace of the revolution

January 15, 2006

Above a picture taken yesterday of the tower that burnt in Parque Central in October 2004. In November of that year Chavez said it would take twelve months to fix it. But this is not so bad only two months late so far, but on November 14th. 2004, the Vice-President said the Government would announce in 40 days a plan to fight poverty, I wonder if it is the one that Chavez announced yesterday, it was only one year and fifteen days late. not bad for this administration.

By the way, whatever happened to the election results from December? It’s been 45 days and no final results yet. I guess it wasn’t as easy to fudge this time around even with all the technology. So much for the efficiency of the US$ 300 million electronic voting system!

I guess that is why Laureano Marquez suggested to the unmentionable girl the turtle for the Coat of Arms of Venezuela, it would better reflect the pace of the revolution.

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