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Scanning Chavista News

March 2, 2006

Those that have read my ghost posts know that my favorite sources of
news are the official sites. I personally think that the MINCI is hard
to beat, but lately I have had a great time reading ABN, VTV and RNV.
Aporrea is also a must read.

So let’s see what were the official news today (March 1’st , 2006):

The big news today at the MINCI and VTV was that the school of Samba
Vila Isabel, the one that got the financial backing from PDVSA, was
nominated as the Champion of the Rio Carnival (see here and here)

The name of the “comparsa” was “Soy loco por ti”, which I do not know if it is
Portuguese or bad Spanish for “I am crazy about you”(in Spanish it
should be said “Estoy loco por ti”). They had a huge (12 meters) and
very tacky Bolivar image holding a heart in his right hand.

Funny that Bolivar’s face is, with time, progressively looking more and
more like Chavez’.

But a descendant of Simon Bolívar, a witty 89 year old, was not amused
at all by the way the image of her great great uncle was being deployed.
She said she wanted to complain about it, but does not know exactly to
whom because all the official Bolivarian (in the original sense)
entities are being taken over by the Chavistas (see Tal Cual, March 1^st
, page A6).

From Aporrea today we learned that,
according to a North American Polling company called “North American
Opinion Research Inc.”, 6 out of 10 Venezuelans are going to vote for
Mr. Chavez. Aporrea specifies that the company has its headquarters in
Pennsylvania and has been installed in Venezuela since 1997.

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? After seven years of Chavismo, 60% of
Venezuelans are still willing to vote for Chavez again!

It is, indeed, pretty impressive, unless of course you happen to be a
frequent reader of Vcrisis

Surprise, surprise, this is the same polling firm that says that 78% of
Venezuelans trust the CNE! . And this
also happens to be the company that accurately predicted the 2004
Referendum Results!… Only that in 2004 it
was not a Pennsylvania based but a Delaware based company.

Interestingly, cyber sleuth Alek Boyd, discovered that no company with
that name was registered in Pennsylvania or Delaware but that a company
with that name was instead registered in Florida.

Surprise, surprise again, Alek also discovers that the company’s Miami
address is shared with a Venezuelan based company, called Petrotulsa,
that is related to the oil business. By one of those amazing chances,
Petrotulsa also shares office in Venezuela with the North America
Opinion Research Inc. company we were first talking about. The story
gets more and more convoluted and Alek tracks the directors of the firm
and finds some interesting connections that point to a Maracaibo family.
A real Boyd thriller. Read all about it here.

And all this amazing information just by reviewing some Chavista news.

Who said the official sites were boring?

Reporting from Cyberspace,

Jorge Arena
Distinguished ghost blogger