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The Chavistas are in Washington and the dissidents send their views.

March 4, 2006

A group of Chavista personalities are having a three day meeting this
weekend in Washington to coordinate a national solidarity network
with Chavez’s goverment in the US. The news about the event can be
found here.

and the program can be found here.

There will be two days of conference and the last day will be dedicated
to the Chavistas lobbying of members of Congress.

As a protest for the Chavez’s sponsored event, The Standup for Venezuela
Democracy Project is organizing a signature campaign to send a letter
to your member of congress so that he/she gets the other view of what
is happening in Venezuela.

If you are a US resident, a US citizen or a Venezuelan currently living
in the US , you can sign a petition here.

It is important that you know what is your US Congressional district. To
get the information, access this link.

Jorge Arena
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*Why being a journalist in **Venezuela** is becoming a dangerous line of work. *

March 4, 2006

Marcel Granier, the director of RCTV had a hearing yesterday in front of
a National Assembly Committee. You can know more about it reading
Daniel’s latest post.

However, there is one detail that I have not seen anywhere except in
today’s El Nacional that shows the dangers of being a member of the
non-official Press in Venezuela. Here is the link:

According to El Nacional, after the hearing, Granier had to be escorted
out of the building by the National Guard because a Chavista crowd was
waiting for him outside. The reason being his recent declarations
questioning President Chavez. The majority of the crowd were middle age
women that were chanting slogans and menacing to burn all private media.

Even though Granier was able to get unharmed out of the ambush, other
journalists were not so lucky. Yaradis Adrián of Televen and Francia
Sánchez of RCTV were KICKED by the crowd and their technicians were
pushed. The team of Globovision was luckier. Journalist Ruth Villalba
commented that one of the cameraman was told what was happening outside
and they decided to get out of the building through the basement that
communicates with another building.

Meanwhile the journalists of VTV (official media) were applauded when
they got out of the building.

Reporting from cyberspace where the angry ladies cannot kick me,

Jorge Arena

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