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How to lie with a straight face for the revolution

March 13, 2006

General Isaias Rodriguez said in his testimony in the National Assembly at the
end of February that he had a witness that would certify the charge made by the
super witness in the Anderson case, ratifying the involvement by Patricia
Poleo. Well, is
yesterday’s El Nacional
Rodriguez “revealed” that this person exists only
in rumor. Reporter: Have you been able to talk with that person that knows as
much or more that Geovanny Vasquez? Rodriguez: It is a person of Colombian
nationality. The name and last name has not been given to me (!), they gave me
his telephone and a keyword with which he would use to tell us whether he would
in touch with us, where and when. We have tried to make the contact, but have
been unable to get it.

Thus, this
“uberwitness” has not even been contacted, interviewed or found, but they
already know what he is going to say, they believe him and he is better witness
than the liar they already have (Which gave them the useless keyword). Some

the December elections, the Head of the CNE would always tell us not worry
about the audits not being live, because in “only” five weeks he would present
the results of the audit to the nation. The opposition always argued that it could
be done that same day. Today, three months and a few days after the elections, he presented the
promised results that were supposed to give us confidence in the system.

I guess,
it is not easy to fudge so many races at once!

I was saying that there were many unanswered questions in the corruption case
of the sugar plant. One of them was why Chavez removed Minister of Agriculture
Albarran for his involvement in the case, but he never said it was because the Minister
was corrupt. This inconsistency has been magically fixed by the Prosecutor
General who, despite the conclusion by the Comptrolling Committee of the
National Assembly that Albarrran was guilty, in only two days has reached the
opposite conclusion and stated
with a very straight face “Albarrran does not appear to be penally compromised”.

Chavez’ perfect record of no corruption within his Cabinet has been preserved
by the Prosecutor’s intervention!

–The Secretary General of Chavez’
MVR party, soon to be Minsiter of Information (?), 
the possibility of the CNE handing over the electoral registry including street
addresses for an audit, because this would “violate the Constitutional rights of the voters”.

He must be
autistic, where was he (and those same Constitutional rights!) when his party and supporters got exactly that same
information from the same CNE and compiled it into the so called Tascon/Chavez
fascist list
, later evolving it into the perverse Maisanta software?