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Huge cave explored in Venezuela

March 11, 2006

Venezuela is not only a spectacularly beautiful country, but it is remarkable how varied its geography is despite its relatively small size. It has a spectacular coast, beautiful mountains, thick jungle, peaks with permanent snow in the Andes, desert in Falcon, huge plains and in the Guayana region the “Gran Sabana” with mysterious looking mesas called Tepuys, which give rise to the world’s tallest water fall and have become a laboratory for exploration because the top of these mesas is essentially isolated from the bottom part, leading to different species.

Recently a group explored the so called “Cuevas del Fantasma” as reported in Live Science in the Aprada Tepuy in the Guayana area. While the article makes it sound as if the cave is a recent discovery, it has been known for years, but this was the first formal exploration of the inside, which led to the discovery of a new type of frog. The cave is so huge as seen in the picture below, that two helicopters can fly side by side into it. In fact, at the bottom of the picture you can barely distinguish two helicopters at rest on the floor of the cave.