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Venezuelan polarization makes the X-Men comics

March 15, 2006

And the Tyromaniac has this cute story (which he saw in Blogueandito)about how the Venezuelan polarization and confrontation has now made it it into the X-Men Marvel comics, including confrontational scenes like this one:

and our own Venezuelan heroine Sofia Mantenga, alias Wind Dancer, whose mother was killed in a demonstration:


Swearing there is absolute freedom of the press

March 15, 2006

Oh yes, I almost forgot to reiterate what Government officials always say: There is absolute freedom of speech in Venezuela, Napoleon Bravo, Ibeyise Pacheco, Marianella Salazar, Patricia Poleo, Gustavo Azocar, Marta Colomina, Globovision, Venevision, Televen, RCTV etc, etc.. have never been charged, persecuted, banned, investigated or otherwise interfered with, by the Venezuelan Government or its judicial system.

Sure, I just imagined it!

EU reiterates critical report of the December elections

March 15, 2006

I am sure my colleagues will write about the report on the December elections by the European Union, Quico has already done so. In fact, there is not much difference between what is being said now and what was said by the EU in December. The difference? In December the autocrat was outraged at the conclusions, called them an intromission into the country’s affairs and said the observers were: Liars, cosnpirators and rightwing. This time around there has been nothing of the sort on the part of the autocrat. He has said absolutely nothing.

But more surprising is the take by the Minsiter of Information on the report which says the report states that there is no reason not to trust the Venezuelan automated system, which is not quite what it says, but obviates all of the rest, inlcuding the questioning of the Electoral Registry, the fact that the information on the votes was stored in the memory of the machines, that the fingerprint machines should not be used and that the CNE has to be changed. How can anyone think this was a positive evaluation of the Electoiral Board? This si simply revolutionary idiocy.

But even more remarkable is how the coreepondent of the EFE press agency Emilio Arrojo has essentially become a branch of the Minsitry of Information (MINCI), as he wrote basically a verbatim version of the MINCI. In fact, I read the EFE version in unionradio before I even saw the MINCI one. Unfortunately in the EFE website if you search for Venezuela you get a database error and I can’t find the link. This is not the first time that Arrojo has shown his partiality to the revolution, always writing pro-Government reports that do not convey a true view of what is happening in Venezuela.

But what is amazing is hwo the Government gives it the typical spin, twsiting the report to favor it and forgetting the undiplomatic criticism of December which so upset the Ambassadors from most of the EU in December.The question now is: Will the be invited back for the December elections? If the CNE is not changed, will they accept if they are invited?

We shall see…

Corruption and cover up all the way to the top in the putrid revolution

March 15, 2006

Where are the Chavistas to defend this putrid revolution when you need them?

Today we learn that the nice revolution rather than build the sugar plant for the Sabaneta agricultural workers coop with the more than US$ 277 million allocated to this “flagship” project of the revolution, did other things like build the  building below for Chavez MVR electoral campaign, well known as Comando Maisanta, the same name given to the now infamous and perverse software, both named after Chavez’ great grandfather the un-hero (more of a murderer and a traitor) Maisanta. Curiously, the Committee of the National Assembly somehow bypassed this small detail, not even including it in its final report:

The Mayor that diverted the funds was actually separated from his position by General Gomez Parra, who has been charged by the Prosecutor’s office for corruption, but, surprise, surprise, was reinstated by the then President of the Sugar Plant project Antonio Albarran, who later became Minister of Agriculture, was dismissed by Chavez, charged with corruption by the National Assembly Committee last Thursday, only to be magically exonerated on Monday by the General Prosecutor, which was ratified, get this, the next day by the Head of the same Committee of the National Assembly Pedro Carreño. Only in the revolution do they change a story in four days and get away with it!

Thus, in the revolution, there is no separation between Government and Chavez’ party and when this is pointed out to the President, he did nothing about it! As noted in today’s paper, the accused, Gral. Gomez Parra wrote to Chavze about all this only 14 months ago and the President simply ignored it. Anywhere else this would be grounds for impeachment. Moreover, the same information was also handed out to the then Minister of Defense Garcia Carneiro, who somehow, also forgot about it and did nothing!

But there is more, these nice soldiers of the corrupt revolution also did things like: A Captain bought a home for, who else, himself, and not happy with it, used a small amount of money (US$ 6,000) to help build another house for his family and Sergeant outright stole some Bs. 150 million (US$ 79,000)

What a putrid revolution!

Happy Birthday to the Gonzalez family!

March 15, 2006

Michel reminds me via email that today is a special day. It is the birthday of the amazing Gonzalez family from Zulia state,with 2002 of them being born on the same day, March 15th. 1974 according to Venezuela’s pure and perfect Electoral Registry. I imagine there will be quite a party as 1887 of them are registered to vote in Zulia state and can easily get toghether.

Happy birthday to you all!