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I am back, missed only some incredible displays of bad taste

March 5, 2006

I am back after a very restful vacation where interent access was not easy thus keeping me away from the realities of the world. I guess I did not miss very much, except for the two incredible displays of bad taste below.

Venezuelans.- The proudest people on earth?

March 5, 2006

The National Opinion Research Center of the University of Chicago
published the results of a global survey about pride in 33 countries in
the latest edition of the International Journal of Public Research.
Surprisingly, Venezuelans scored the highest in general pride, Americans
were second. In the domain specific pride questions though, the
Americans beat the Venezuelans, that were second this time.

I have not yet downloaded and read the paper, I am planning to do so in
between Miguel’s vacations.

Meanwhile, you can read the details in the University of Chicago Chronicle.

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