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An open threat to silence anti-Government Venezuelan blogs and webpages

March 9, 2006

Today I
learn via full page ads in local paper Ultimas Noticias that somehow I am related/connected
or affiliated to some sort of group called “The Anglo Venezuelan Connection”
(TAC) which apparently encompasses any blog/webpage that writes against the
Chavista Government and its collaborators.

The ad,
which apparently is meant to be a threat. What else is new? Calls for an
investigation by the National Assembly and the country’s security forces, against some of the supposed members of
this non-existing group for vilifying and defaming the President, Deputies. Governors and
for instigating hate among the inhabitants of Venezuela. (The latter is clearly
an outright victory for Hugo Chavez, no public or private figure in the history of this
country has created so much hate among Venezuelans, but he has never been charged for this)

The origin
of this ad are some articles by vcrisis,
as well as a TV program Grado 33 in which some research revealed some remarkable coincidences between the Government’s favorite pollster, curiously named North American Opinion Research, and a cooperative named
Petrotulsa which has Government contracts. While I was away, ghost blogger Jorge Arena, mentioned these
articles by vcrisis
in a post (but was not included or mentioned in the ad, which is
unjust, discriminatory and unfair to our distinguished ghost blogger), which
apparently guaranteed our automatic membership into the TAC fellowship.

The ad
describes who the idenical owners of Petrotulsa and North American Opinion Research are
and their political/professional history (not mentioning some interesting investigations of their activities by Congress in their recent past). Curiously, they never explain that
un-Bolivarian name for a pollster who clearly has a remarkable bias in favor of Chavez’ Government, based on
the text of the ads, which does nothing but praise this fake revolution and its achievements.
Why was such a gringo name chosen if not to make believe that this was a bonafide foreign pollster? At the
end, the ad also involves some local bankers as being defamed, in a way that is not quite clear to me how it occured.

These expensive two-full pages ad
in the Government’s favorite newspaper are nothing but an attempt to intimidate these blogs and their authors, webpages
(including Noticiero Digital) and anyone who in the virtuality of the Internet
attempts to criticize Chavez, his corrupt Government and those that are
profiting from it. They pretend to extend the fascist media muzzle bill to a
medium that they do not control or can’t control like they have been able to
largely silence other media. Using one of my favorite sentences: What else is
new? When you have seen one fascist, you have seen them all.

My blog is
US based and US hosted, so it would be interesting to see any attempt to block
it or ban it. It would certainly be interesting to see what arguments would be
used to ask to stop it.

What is
clear to me is that this disjoint and disconnected group of bloggers and
writers, who have no funding (This blog costs US$ 40 per year), like the
millions of dollars devoted by the Venezuelan Government to spread
disinformation like the Venezuelan Information Office (VIO) and the like, also
revealed, documented and exposed by vcrisis
, and with no resources other than their intellect and their time, have exposed
too many truths which offend the revolution and its leaders. Thus, it is time
to threaten us and attempt to silence our voices.

(Note: Alek Boyd in vcrisis, separately has written a response to the full page ads here as well as the texts of those ads. For those that do not speak Spanish the ad concludes by using this very strong language:


-1. We respectufully exhort the President of the Republic that he order, without exception, all of the security forces of the State and the Superintendent of Banks (?) that they open the corresponding investigations about the grave conspirative and illicit acts pointed out here.

-2. We respectfully exhort the Board of the honorable National Assembly that it order the Interior Policy Committee to open the coressponding investigation about the rave conspirative and illicit acts pointe out here.

3. We respectfully exhort the Board of the National Assembly that it appoint a Special Committee to begin the corresponing steps to design, as it exists in other countries, a law agaisnt villifyng, defaming and offense)