Ten million. Sure! by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

August 15, 2006

Ten million. Sure!
by Teodoro Petkoff in Tal Cual

ďItís going to cost us a lot to get those ten millions votesĒ,
it was something like that, more or less, that Chavez said the day that he registered
his candidacy for President. When he gets off from that fantasy cloud, he is
going to discover that what is becoming uphill, is whether he wins or not.

The proofs of the dissatisfaction become each day more
plentiful and more conclusive all over the country. There is not a day in which
huge traffic jams are not produced in roads and highways, protests of all sorts,
through which the people each day, more disappointed than the one before,
express their discomfort and their protest.

And they donít lack reasons. Victims of disasters that have
been waiting for years for the house promised by Chavez at those times when
Chavez called them the ďdignifiedĒ. The word has disappeared from the official
lexicon, because those same people are really pissed today. Taxi and bus
drivers stop the traffic, incensed, given the inefficiency of the Government in
the fight against crime, which each day takes the life of one of them.

The inhabitants of the popular barrios shut down traffic in
avenues and roads, demanding decent public services. On the other hand, the dry
leather of the protesting Venezuela
is rising, because each day the failure of the Government in fulfilling its
most elementary duties, such as defending the right to life or property,
providing housing and public services to the population that lacks them, is
simply more visible.

What is happening with peopleís personal security is simple terrifying.

The extremes reached by the combination of the uncontrolled underworld
and the official incompetence is such that almost 90% of Venezuelans believe that
, according to polls, the lack of personal security is the worst problem they
are facing. And the President, who almost never mentions the problem in his
verbose addresses to the nation, when he did, two weeks ago, he did it to complain
that ďhis people were getting killedĒ (that is those that support
him) and he does nothing. In a country overwhelmed by kidnappings, by homicides,
by robberies, by stolen cars, the only time he has expressed his concern was to
deepen the profound psychological divide that he himself has provoked in the
country: victims are his supporters, the rest donít matter.

But in the popular barrios the fear and the fury increase, because
criminals donít distinguish political colors and the words of the President end
up being a scorn and an insult to the pain and suffering of the thousands of
families that have lost dear ones in the unending shoot outs between gangs or
in the ineffable police executions, that just happen to be a variant of the homicidal

While the fight against crime fails or his housing policy,
he shows himself particularly threatening in his expansion for total control of
society. He canít control crime, but he nationalizes sports, he canít control
crime, but he pretends to control and nullify all organizations that defend
human rights, he canít control crime, but he wants to educate kids and adolescents
with a square mindset.

But is just so happens that you canít fool all people all
the time. That is why everyday, more people are ready to present their bill on
December 3d.

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