When the Government fails, blame others!

August 15, 2006

And speaking of lying populists….

Tonight President Hugo Chavez threatened to re-nationalize Verizon owned telephone company CANTV because in the words of the President “CANTV has not paid them (the retired workers) what it should for their pensions…they are paying them a miser amount, despite a decision by the Supreme Court…”

Well, this is simply cheap populism…as usual. The Supreme Court did rule that CANTV had to change the pensions, but it ordered a Court to calculate how much the workers were owed. The Court in turn asked the Venezuelan Central Bank to make the calculation based on the union contracts signed by the union and CANTV since 1992. The Central Bank came up with a number for each of the workers covered by the Supreme Court, but was not clear as to exactly the Court meant, so it sent eight different scenarios to the Court for each worhker.

Meanwhile, the company offered each of the affected workers to pay them what the company thinks it should pay, based on the Supreme Court’s decision. Some workers have accepted the offer, which is not binding. Meanwhile, the Court itself has been sitting on the eight options sent by the Central Bank for over two months, without making a ruling. Typical revolutionary incompetence.

So, whose fault is it? The company for not paying or the Court’s for not deciding? My answer is: Chavez for being so irresponsible!

Words are cheap, and that is all the revolution has going for it, the empty words of a man that promises, offers, but seldom delivers, except in its populist rhethoric.

But this is Chavez’ style, whenever his Government fails to do what it has to do, he blames others. Just don’t blame him!

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