Truth is stranger than fiction in Venezuela these days

August 25, 2006

Truth is stranger than fiction these days around Venezuela and its travelling salesman:

–Chavez gives the Chinese one dollar discount per barrel more than it wants to give its own refinery.
–Chavez thinks it is the President of a country that sits in the Security Council.
–Venezuela has been a member of the Security Council of the UN four times in history. The previous times it did not cost so much.
–Chavez says the communist revolution in China is feeding the population, that revolution was thus more imporant than landing on the moon, according to Huguito who ahs never been to Guandong.
–All high ranking telecom Executives from the Government are in China, despite the fact that they have failed to meet any of the first year goals for CVG-Telecom.
–The Government will help subsidize trips for Chinese tourists to Venezuela.
–All but one of the opposition candidates now backs Manuel Rosales, after Roberto Smith joined the unified candidacy today. That is about half a dozen fewer candiadtes than we thought possible only a month ago.
–El Conde del Guacharo, donkey and pretty lady in hand, said he will join Manuel Rosales if Rosales leads him near election time.
–Mari Pili says Chavez is too overconfident
–Rosales is excited about his Government having a seat in the Security Council
–The Mayors, the union leaders and the youth of AD now back Rosales, who would have thought AD had so many members left.
–Barreto did not insult anyone today.
–Bernal was not at the infamous meeting with Barreto, because he was helping Nicaraguan Mayors run their towns.
–The US diplomatic pouch was full of twinkies for the Veneuzuelan Armed Forces, or was it jelly beans?.
–And yes, the opposition has a unity candidacy!


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