How the people’s money is spent by Caracas’ Mayor Barreto

August 25, 2006

This is what the revolution spends money on, they hate private property, but love to travel and fund activities with Venezuelan’s money abroad, as Venezuelans struggle to survive at home. Whose mind is really in a putrid state in Venezuela? (Thanks Alek!):
Caracas Londres


Free music festival

London Caracas: Caracas Londres is a free music
festival featuring bands from Latin American countries. It is being
organised by the Mayor of London and the Mayor of Caracas, to highlight
the growing links between the two cities and with Latin America more

London Caracas: Caracas Londres takes place on 1
September in Trafalgar
from 6pm to 10pm. The event will be opened by Ken
, Mayor of London and Juan Barreto,
Mayor of Caracas. Acts appearing include:

  • Bersuit Vergarabat
  • El Gran Silencio (Mexico)
  • Desorden Publico (Venezuela)
  • Os Paralamas do Sucesso

information about this event

Plan your journey using Transport for London’s

Media partner

Caracas Mayor of London


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