While Chavez’ campaign says Rosales abuses position, Government continues massive abuse.

August 29, 2006

I was away due to family matters and there is quite a bit of interest to write about later. The most obnoxious thing I saw was how he headlines were filled with Chavistas denouncing that Rosales was taking adavantge of his position as Governor to advertise and advertise “subliminally”. I don’t quite get the silnece by both Rosales, the opposition and the media on how much Chavez is taking advantage of his position, including the dozens of ads that are published daily by Government offices and isntitutions, without anyone noticing it or reporting it. I certainly hope that some reading this that has contacts with the media or the Rosales campaign  will let them know about Bruni’s “Hall of Shame” compilation of all illegal ads published day after day since the camapign began. That is enough to give the term unfair advantage a new meaning.

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