Four Species from my house with a little cheating

September 24, 2006

Last week, one of my Cattleya Jenmanii’s won second place at the Miranda Orchid Society meeting, but I failed to take a picture of it. As I was taking pictures around the exhibit and was ready to take the picture of my plant, someone asked me a question and took me over to see something at another stand. Off I went with camera, tripod and all and I forgot my flower.

But I like to keep a record, so that below you will find the flower, somewhat wilted, but you can still se the nice shape that earned it the second place. (Judges disagreed, they actually took a vote in order to decide which plant would take first place. Mine had better shape, the other was larger, I was so pleased that I could not get as excited as they did with the whole argument)

Top left, Catlleya Jenmanii that won second place last week, note that it was wilting when I took the picture yesterday morning. On the right, another Cattleya Jenmanii, both are flowering for the first time. This one is a little thinner than the other one, but the color is fabulous. Note the whitish edge on, that is real! This one was not open for the exhibit. Cattleya Jenmanii is a Venezuelan species.

Above left, Cattleya Walkeriana semi-alba, which I got from a Japanese collector. This is a Brazilian species, but Japanese collectors have cornered the market for the best plants. This one is a cross of two good semi-albas’, the lip is a bit small, maybe next time it will do better. On the right, Encyclia Plicata which I actually purchased last weekend at the exhibit. Typically at these exhibits there are very few species for sale, mostly hybrids, thus when I see something like this Encyclia, I don’t miss it! This is a Cuban species.

One Response to “Four Species from my house with a little cheating”

  1. Amory Says:

    Now we know who the sebnslie one is here. Great post!

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