Pop quiz on Venezuelan politics

September 25, 2006

After four years of blogging about Venezuelan politics, I think it is about time I give my readers a pop quiz to check whether you are paying attention or not:

Only question (ten points):

After a long weekend of protests, murders and abuses, who did the People’s Ombudsman (Called the People’s Defender in Spanish) came out and express his concern for first:

a) The voters whose rights are being violated by the fingerprint machines
b) The miners massacred in La Paragua, apparently by the military
c) Minister of Foreign Relations Nicolas Maduro
d) The more than one hundred killed in homicides in Caracas this weekend
e) The housing protesters

Well, all of your who said c) got it right. Greman Mundarain was quick to defend Maduro and even went as far as talk about Maduro’s human rights as if he would recognize one. Fortunately, he did not mention Maduros’ “wife”

One Response to “Pop quiz on Venezuelan politics”

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